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The Myth Of Video Salesletters

Video salesletters are something of a hot topic today… as I’m sure you’re aware. And honestly – they should be. I’ve seen them dramatically boost conversions in some of my clients salesletters, as well as other friends who’ve tested them as well. They keep people on the page longer, skyrocket conversions, etc. etc. However there […]

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3 Sales Closing Techniques You Need To Know

In yesterdays post we talked about how nobody wants the “hard” sell anymore and that the “ABC” philosophy of “always be closing the sale”… can easily be taken the wrong way and lead to some huge frustrations. So before I get into the 3 sales closing techniques you need to know… (more…)

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Increasing Your Sales Closing Ratio The Easy Way

If you’re a reader of this blog, there’s no doubt that you want to increase your sales closing ratio. Whether you’re a copywriter trying to increase your sales closing ratio for clients… or a business trying to close more prospects walking into your online or offline business… closing more sales will give you an immediate […]

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