I think the traditional style of consulting is outdated. You pay me $X, I’ll talk to you on the phone for one hour, and send you on your way.

That simply isn’t effective.

Instead, mine works like this.

You buy as many hours of my time as you like. It’s $300 per hour. Then, I’m yours for that amount of time. What I can do for you includes…

  • Phone consultations
  • Email consultations
  • Verbal critiques of any page or funnel in your business
  • Actual REAL edits of any page or funnel in your business (in other words, I rewrite the page for you)
  • … and whatever else you can think of.

During the hours you buy, I use an egg timer. I work in 6o minute increments. At the beginning, I set the egg timer. Then I start working on whatever you need. I do NOT work on anything else during this time (for example, I don’t check my email, go on Facebook, talk on Skype, etc.)

What I Can Help You With

Due to my pretty unique background of working as a copywriter, split-testing expert, as well as a marketing strategist with many of the most successful online marketers today, I bring a bring a full plate of tricks and strategies to the table that I can help you with.


  • Creating advanced marketing funnels (I’ll create a mindmap for you) <— One of my favorites
  • Critiquing ANY piece of sales copy (salesletters, emails, landing pages, upsell/downsell pages, etc.)
  • Reviewing a product launch
  • Suggesting future growth strategies
  • Finding “holes” in your marketing funnel
  • … And basically fixing ANY area of your business you don’t think is 100% maximized (even if you do, I guarantee you it’s not)

My Guarantee

I’ll make it simple.

If you’re not satisfied, tell me. I’ll refund your money. Pretty simple :)

Your 2 Choices…

Either buy a set amount of hours now… or buy a set amount of hours on a monthly basis.

One-Time: This is good for people who are about to launch a product/business but would love some help making sure it’s as good as it can be before going live or making any significant changes.

Ongoing: This is perfect for the business owner who already has an established website and wants someone to look at the business with a fresh, unbiased set of eyes to uncover hidden profit centers. Or to simply tell you what you need to be doing each month. Or to keep you accountable. Or whatever else will help grow your business!

What to do next…

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