This is a page full of all the resources I have personally bought and/or used. Some will be free, some are paid. However, they’re all incredibly useful. This page will be updated any time I try out something new or remember something I use that I forgot to put on here, so check back every once in awhile!

Autoresponders And CRM’s

Regular Autoresponder – Sendpepper: Sendpepper is very similar to Aweber as an autoresponder. The reason I like them is because you can split-test your emails to achieve maximum open rates and clickthrough rates.

Automated CRM – Office Autopilot – This is what I personally use to gather leads, put them through VERY personalized autoresponder campaigns, sell my products via a shopping cart, have an affiliate program, and so much more. This is typically meant for people with businesses already making a decent amount of money and comes VERY highly recommend from me.

In short, the best way to describe Office Autopilot is “An Infusionsoft that’s more powerful and actually WORKS”.

Automated Webinars

Evergreen Business System – I did A LOT of research before buying this. This is a simple, easy to use way to create automated, “evergreen” webinars which convert like crazy. They even have a very good training section, just in case you’re not sure how to create high-converting webinars.

Very powerful. Very easy. And considering what kind of profits you can make from it… very cheap :)

Split-Testing Tools And Analytics

Visual Website Optimizer – I’ve tried them all, and the only one I can recommend as of right now is Visual Website Optimizer. There are so many incredible features it’s not even worth trying to explain them all. You can take a look at their features page instead.

Google Analytics – Absolutely 100% free software to track your conversions, visitors, and pretty much anything else you want. I personally use this for everything I do –

Clicktale – I clicktale. This amazing tool allows you to literally watch people as they browse around your website. I personally use this for both my client-getting salesletter, my own side-projects, as well as client salesletters.


RescueTime – I LOVE this tool. For some ridiculously low price like $10 per month it tracks your computer and shows you exactly where you’re spending the bulk of your time. When I first started with it – I was about as productive as the average business professional. Since I started using it… I’ve DOUBLED my productivity by using this alone. Is it worth $10 per month to double your productivity? Well, as long as you’re making more than $5 per year right now… I’d say so :)

Social Media Marketing

Twitter – Twitter is a great resource to use for networking. In essence, you send sentences of text (under 140 characters) and anybody who follows you can see what you’re up to. My recommended resource for using twitter is TweetDeck – which has so many options I can’t even describe…just check it out, it’s completely free and very fun!

You can also follow me by going to

Facebook – Connect with your friends, network with business partners and just have a little fun in your spare time. I’m sure you know what Facebook is so I won’t get into it.

You can “like” and join my Facebook Fan Page here

LinkedIn – This is a group where business professionals gather to chat and connect. Almost like a Facebook strictly for professionals :) You can checkout my profile and add me as a connection at my Linkedin page.


Audacity – Audacity is probably THE BEST audio editing program out it’s completely 100% free!

This is the same program I use to personally edit, create, and publish anything I do that’s audio. I also use it to put marketing/copywriting MP3’s from other copywriters and marketers onto audio CD’s so I can listen to it in my car.

Plus, it can speed up or slow down audios so if it only holds 80 minutes and your audio is 88 minutes, you can speed it up 10% and shave 8 minutes off your time.

Grab this at

Blue Yeti Microphone – My absolute, 100% FAVORITE microphone on Earth. It’s expensive, but well-worth it if you ever talk to clients, do interviews, record any kind of audio, etc. with a microphone.

I did an actual test comparing this microphone to an older one I bought which was around $30… and the Blue Yeti absolutely crushed it in terms of quality and richness.

It also took away a horrible “raspy” sound the other microphone gave me.

I recommend getting the blue yeti microphone from Amazon.