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I Build And Scale Funnels For 7-8 Figure Businesses

Here are a few clients I’ve generated $100MM+ in results for…

  • Craig Collins/Danette May
  • Jesse Cannone
  • Chad Tackett
  • Mike Lovitch
  • Dr. Al Sears
  • Neil Patel
  • JT Foxx
  • CrazyEgg
  • Clicktale
  • Natural Health Sherpa
  • Patriot Greens
  • Ian Clark
  • Peep Laja
  • Lori Taylor
  • Jake Carney/Alt Daily
  • Than Merrill
  • Rocket Languages
  • Daniel Toh
  • Mike Geary
  • Ryan Daniel Moran
  • Jason Ferrugia
  • Loral Langamaier
  • Robert G. Allen
  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Viva Labs
  • Jimmi Sparling
  • Garrett Sutton

… to name a few 🙂

What I Do

You know all those tests you KNOW you should be running… because you know the impact they can make on your revenue… but you aren’t because you don’t have the bandwidth or team to do them?We’re that team.I write copy for EVERY main area of your sales funnel, and (in most cases) optimize and maximize that funnel to help you maximize conversions AND average order value. Here are some of the types of copy I can help you with… 

  • New leads for your salesletter or VSL to increase conversions…
  • New pricing and offers to boost initial order value…
  • Layout and structure changes, including text vs video and checkout page tests…
  • Upsell tests so every buyer becomes more valuable for you…
  • And SO much more!

$100MM+ In Client Results

I’ve delivered WELL over $100MM for my clients. Here’s what they have to say…

Jesse Cannone

“I’ve hired a LOT of “gurus” over the years and nobody has given me such consistent, BIG wins. He reworked nearly all of my funnels, increasing each by between 40% – 60%!”

Nav Thakur

“I hired Jeremy to help me acquire more leads through direct mail. We had to turn off the campaign immediately, because it did so well I couldn’t take any more business!”

Melyssa Griffin

Results: Melyssa ended up growing from low 6-figures to $2MM in about a year due to the funnel I helped build for her!

Pat Rigsby

“Jeremy created a custom segmented email marketing campaign that boosted my results by 270%! He’s my go-to guy when I want to increase my revenue.”

Aaron Samsonoff

“Jeremy built a sales funnel from the ground up, in an industry neither of us had ever been in before. We went live, and within 2 weeks we were already hugely profitable to PAID traffic!”

Dustin Briley

Results: I was able to help Dustin scale his lead gen campaign about 7x plus put together several 6-figure launches!

Then There Was That Time I Took A Company From $0 to $8MM Within 12 Months…

A few years ago, I tried something new and ran ALL the marketing for a multi-8 figure company (name kept out for client confidentiality).Here’s what I helped them with while I was there (and still work with them to this day)…

  • Took their very first supplement from $0 to nearly $8MM in the first year alone…
  • Several 7-figure launches…
  • Boosted average order value of one product by 143%, helping scale it from about 15 sales per day to 300-600 per day…
  • Boosted net cart value by 20% – 50% for various products… 
  • Launched a 3-day internal promotion that sold out our inventory in 8 hours… generating $146k in revenue by 2 p.m. EST on the first day – from a single email – before we had to shut the page down because we’d oversold!
  • Launched our FIRST live event that brought in nearly a million in revenue (most people in the industry didn’t believe me when I told them the numbers we hit)…

Me winning “MVP of the year”… several drinks into the night :oP

There are many more, but this gives you an idea of why we’re so successful. Every single thing we do is very strategic and thought out, with the goal of maximum results in minimum time .

Who I Can Help Most

I’m extremely picky with who I work with. Before accepting a client, I need to know with at least 95% certainty that I can provide a major win for you. Here are the criteria you should fit…

  • You sell a physical and/or information products through a sales funnel…
  • You’re generating at least 7-figures annually…
  • You’re doing 1,500+ total conversions per month (either one product or multiple)…
  • Your product is LEGIT and you have proof backing the results it produces…
  • You’re cool and fun to work with…

Why My Clients Choose Me 

I’ve been in this game a LONG time and have worked with literally hundreds of clients. In that time I’ve learned a few things that allow me to provide more value to clients like you.

They include…


Simply put, when I say something will get done, it will. When I give a deadline, that deadline is hit. 


I’ve delivered well over $100MM for my clients over the years. At this point I’ve stopped trying to count. The results I get are repeatable and reliable. I’ve developed enough systems that it’s RARE to not see positive results.


We specialize in optimizing sales funnel revenue specifically for 7-8 figure companies selling physical and/or information products. Health is my favorite, but I’ve worked in ALL sorts of industries with amazing results.


Most writers take WAY too long to get you new copy. I write copy blazingly fast so you can test and scale faster.


I’m WELL aware of the compliance requirements for the FDA, FTC, Facebook, and all that pain-in-the-ass-but-necessary stuff you need to stay compliant. I write client copy based on your comfort level, sometimes doing several versions for different channels.

I Run My Own Businesses

I actually run my own businesses. I spend a ton of my own money on masterminds, training, my own paid traffic, etc to see what’s working NOW, which I then apply to your business.

There are many more, but this gives you an idea of why we’re so successful. Every single thing we do is very strategic and thought out, with the goal of maximum results in minimum time .

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