I Help Entrepreneurs Profitably Scale Their Business

($150MM+ In Results Says I'm Pretty Good At It)

My name is Jeremy Reeves and I’ve been helping people scale their business for about 15 years now.

In that time I’ve generated $150MM+ for my clients and my own businesses, which went from $0 > $1MM per month in just 3 months.

I do this in a very predictable, step-by-step process that works for any business in any industry. It's a unique method that combines world-class copy + innovative marketing strategy + financial levers.

Plus everything I do comes with guaranteed results. I've personally wasted around $1MM on agencies & vendors that talked a good game but couldn't back it up. I hated how that felt, so now I guarantee everything I do.

To read my weird, crazy story of how I did all this…

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Profit Predictor Calculator

Learn How To Double Your Profits With A Few Simple Tweaks To Your Business Model

I've put together a short 16 minute video showing you how to more than double your profits using my "profit predictor calculator". This is the same tool I use for myself and my private clients.

It's the most reliable, easiest, fastest way I've found to scale your business profitably and I'll show you how to do it for free!

A Few Of My Clients

Who've Trusted Me To Get Them Results

Although I’ve worked with dozens of different types of businesses, my main clients are direct response companies in health, information, and physical products/ecomm.

My typical clients are between $1MM - $30MM.

Below is a small sample of the clients who trust me to help them scale…

  • ​Robert G. Allen
  • ​Mark Victor Hansen
  • Al Sears
  • Natural Health Sherpa
  • ​Loral Langamaier
  • Cody Bramlett
  • Than Merrill
  • ​JT Foxx
  • Primal Health
  • ​VivaLabs
  • ​Mike Geary
  • ​Tom Venuto
  • ​Chad Tackett
  • ​Caleb O'Dowd
  • ​Jesse Cannone
  • ​Mike Lovitch
  • ​Craig Collins
  • ​Danette May
  • Jimmi Sparling
  • ​Peep Laja
  • ​Several Inc. 500 companies
  • ​Alvin Huang / Trugenics
  • ​Jay Deibolt​
  • ​CrazyEgg
  • ​Clicktale
  • ​Garrett Sutton
  • ​Pat Rigsby
  • ​Emily Lark
  • ​Ryan Daniel Moran
  • ​Lori Taylor

Here Are The Types Of

Results I Get Clients...

All in all, I’ve delivered $150MM+ in results for my clients.

Here's a small set of examples of what I've done for them...

  • Jesse Cannone: Created a marketing campaign for him and sold his $77 product with a 5.92% conversion rate. And then went on to implement several other marketing strategies, boosting his profits for those products by 40% and 60%.
  • Pat Rigsby: Who I helped increase the results he was getting from his email marketing campaign by 270%.
  • Nav Thakur: Who I created a 3-step offline campaign for and got him so much business from the FIRST mailing that he had to cancel the 2nd and 3rd mailings because he couldn’t even handle the first round of business he got. By the way, that’s a VERY good problem to have.
  • Grant Carson - I rewrote a magazine ad getting leads for his dry cleaning business and DOUBLED his leads with my first attempt
  • ​Rusty Luhring - I added one piece into his existing sales funnel which created a cash windfall of $27 PER CLICK with almost zero extra work!

And A Few More Just For Fun...

  • One landing page I created got a 75.73% conversion rate...
  • ​A sales letter I wrote converted at 8.3% with an upsell of 30% on a $197 product...
  • ​Another sales letter I wrote in 3 hours converted at 5%... 
  • One client hired me to redo his sales letter and I doubled his conversions in 3 days...
  • ​One funnel I created for a client ended up giving him a whopping $10.25 EPC...
  • One client enjoyed a 20% boost in profit in under a week just by making 1 small tweak to their upsell flow...
  • ​Another client was ecstatic when one small tweak to his funnel cut his cost per lead in HALF...
  • ​A long-term client of mine got a 10x ROI on my services within a week...

Plus A Few Of My
Countless Split-Test Winners...

Just to name a few.

Then I Took A Company

From $0 To $8MM In 1 Year...

For most of 2017 and 2018, I ran the marketing department for a multi-8 figure company. If you’re in the health industry, I’m sure you know them… Craig Collins and Danette May.

Here’s what I helped them with while I was there…

  • Took their very first supplement from $0 to $8MM in the FIRST YEAR alone...
  • SEVERAL 7-figure product launches...
  • ​Boosted average order value of one of their products by 143%, helping scale it from about 15 sales per day to 300-600 per day…
  • ​​Managed tens of thousands of dollars in ad spend per day…
  • ​Boosted average order value of other products by anywhere from 20% - 50%...
  • ​Wrote one campaign that brought in nearly $50k PER email sent (to a health list!)...
  • ​Launched another 3-day internal promotion that sold out our inventory in 6 hours… generating $146k in revenue by 2 p.m. EST - from a single email - before we had to shut the page down because we’d oversold!
  • ​Launched our FIRST live event that brought in nearly a million in revenue (most people in the industry didn’t believe me when I told them the numbers we hit)...

Honestly it was super fun.

But after 2 years, the entrepreneurial itch came back and I knew I had to leave.

So in 2019…

Then I Left Them

And Scaled My OWN Business
To $1MM Per Month Within 3 Months...

Ever scale a business from nothing to $1MM per month within 3 months?

I have, and it’s quite an insane experience.

Here are just a FEW things I did while in this business that I now help my clients do in theirs as well…

  • Launched an automated campaign that pulled in $90.74 PER CLICK (to a health offer)...
  • Another campaign gets about a 7x ROI and has been automated for nearly 3 years now...
  • ​Yet another campaign we added grew our top-line about 15% at roughly 70% profit margin...
  • ​​Added a little-known trick to our upsell flow that boosted profit about 20% (takes ~15 minutes to setup)
  • ​And about a million more like these...

It also taught me countless lessons in how to manage that level of scale, mistakes to avoid, what you need in place to maximize your profit, and a billion other lessons that are insanely valuable to ANY entrepreneur, regardless of what stage you’re in.

Sound Interesting?

Let's See If I Can Help You

There are a couple ways we might work together. I’ve listed out a quick description of each below, along with the type of person who might see the most impact from each.

Take a look and see which one sounds interesting to you. Then fill out the form that will pop up, and we can get to know each other via email.

Funnel Critique

I’ll comb through your ENTIRE funnel (everything from the ad to thank you page), giving you detailed insights into exactly what to change and why. Most people get between 10-25+ needle-moving ideas to test.

Profit Services

Want more profit so you can scale faster (or keep it)? Want me to do it ALL for you so you can stay focused while I implement everything? Click for more details on how this works and who it’s for.

Growth Day

We’ll get together either in-person or virtual so I can get to know your business at a deep, intimate level. I’ll show you EXACTLY what you’re missing and what’s needed to scale your business to the next level.

Call Center

I'll hire, train and manage reps to call your existing buyers to skyrocket your lifetime value, improve reputation, lower refunds, and add an additional revenue stream to your business - all hands free!

Or if you’re not sure what you need…

Or have another question or idea you wanna run by me…

Or need a different service you want to see if I can help with…

Feel free to fill out the form below and we can chat via email.

(Note: I’m extremely busy and I will only respond if it’s a legitimate question / opportunity.)