I Help Optimize & Scale Sales Funnels
For Alternative Health Brands
Here are a few clients I've generated $100MM+ in results for...
  • Craig Collins & Danette May
  •  Jesse Cannone
  •  Chad Tackett
  •  Mike Lovitch
  •  Dr. Al Sears
  •  Neil Patel
  • Marc Stockman & Jeff Radich
  •  Daniel Toh
  •  Ian Clark
  •  Peep Laja
  •  Lori Taylor
  •  Tom Venuto
  • Jason Ferrugia
  •  Loral Langamaier
  •  Robert G. Allen
  •  Mark Victor Hansen
  •  Viva Labs
  •  Biscayne Labs
What We Do...
I'm not going to try and convince you that you need to be testing your funnel. If you're the kind of client I'm looking for, you already know that. It's just too much of a pain in the ass to actually do on a consistent basis.

So let me tell you a little about how we can help...

We split-test and optimize each step of your funnel to maximize both conversions AND average order value. 

That includes optin pages... salesletters... VSL's... checkout pages... upsells... EVERYTHING. Sometimes even thank you pages if that's where the opportunity is.

In short, we do tests that move the needle, in a way that's 95% hands-off for you. You can focus on the other 80 bazillion things you need to do. Let us handle your funnel optimization. Some of the types of tests we do include...
  • New leads for your salesletter or VSL to increase conversions...
  • New pricing and offers to boost initial order value...
  • Layout and structure changes, including text vs video and checkout page tests...
  • Upsell tests so every buyer becomes more valuable for you...
  • And SO much more!
Who We Help
I'm extremely picky with who I work with. 

Before accepting a client, I need to know with at least 90% certainty (anybody who has ever conducted split-tests knows that nothing is 100% certain) that I can provide a major win for you. 

Here are the criteria you should fit...
  • You're in the health industry, selling information products and/or physical products such as supplements (I DO make exceptions sometimes)...
  • You're generating at least 7-figures annually...
  • You're doing 1,500+ conversions each month (either one product or multiple)...
  • Your product is LEGIT and you have proof backing the results it produces...
  •  You're cool and aren't a pain in the ass to work with :) 
8 Great Reasons To Work With Us...
I’ve been working in the health industry for almost a decade. I work and hang out with the biggest names in the industry, as you can tell from my client list. I know what works and what doesn’t in this industry.
I’ve delivered well over $100MM for my clients over the years. At this point I’ve stopped trying to count. The results I get are repeatable and reliable. I’ve developed enough systems that it’s RARE to not see positive results.
I'm A Massive Nerd
Split-testing is LIFE. It’s why my company name is “kaizen” marketing. I believe in never-ending improvement. My wife can attest to the fact that I test EVERYTHING… not just business stuff! 
Duplicatable Results
Many of the tests we run can be duplicated onto other funnels, other products, and other traffic sources. This typically more than pays for my fees by itself.
No Drama
I can’t stand drama. It wastes time, creates confusion and distraction, and hurts results. I also don’t tolerate clients who are in love with drama. So if you tend to fight with a lot of people... we won’t be a good fit :)

My #1 Goal Is Making You Money
I’m a huge fan of long term relationships. It saves both of us time, money and energy. Since your #1 goal in working with me is to get a high return on investment, I do everything in my power to make that happen.

I Do This Myself
I actually run my own businesses. I spend a ton of my own money on masterminds, training, my own paid traffic, etc to see what else is working in the industry which I can then apply to your business. Being "in the trenches" with you makes a massive difference in results.
Guaranteed ROI
Very few other companies have the balls to give a guaranteed ROI, but I do. It's because I'm confident in my ability to produce results. And in the rare case I can't deliver... I'll simply uncover untapped profit centers within your business to cover my fees.
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My Secret Weapon For Driving 
$100MM+ In Results...
I specialize in combining what I believe are the three essential components for scaling and competition-bulletproofing ANY online business. Those three components make up my "CPM" framework for scaling companies. It consists of...
Connection is key to building an audience of raving fans that allow you to sell more with less effort, decrease your media costs, and build a loyal following. 
Psychology, when strategically placed in your sales copy and offers, increases your profitability and allows you to sell at higher prices AND higher conversion rates!
Boosting your growth metrics allows you to scale your campaigns across multiple traffic channels so you can grow profitably, sustainably, and predictably.
We Optimize Conversions AND Revenue
In Your Funnel So You Can...
Scale Exponentially
Improving both conversions AND average order value helps you achieve exponential growth with paid media. Each win compounds the rest. A 20% increase can sometimes equal 50%, 100% or even more new customers!
Combat Rising Media Costs
Paid media costs are skyrocketing. This will be the death of those who can't afford paid media anymore, and a massive advantage to those who can afford to spend more! We help you stay in the game while competitors fail.
Gain The Ultimate 
Competitive Advantage
Competition is fierce these days. If you want to grow, you MUST win at paid media. The most reliable way of making that work is through intimate connection, world class copy & offers, and spending more than your competitors.
Tap Into New Markets 
And Traffic Channels
Most people rely solely on Facebook traffic, but exponential growth comes from a multi-channel approach, where you can 2-3x what you can do on Facebook! The key to making this work comes down to making the metrics work in your favor.
$100MM+ In Client Results...
I've delivered $100MM+ in revenue for my clients. 
Here's what they have to say...

Jesse Cannone

"I've hired a LOT of "gurus" over the years and nobody has given me such consistent, BIG wins. He reworked nearly all of my funnels, increasing each by between 40% - 60% each!"

Pat Rigsby

"Jeremy created a custom segmented email marketing campaign that boosted my results by 270%! He's my go-to guy any time I want to increase results in my business."

Nav Thakur

"I hired Jeremy to help me acquire more leads through my main traffic method - direct mail. After it went out, we had to turn off the campaign immediately, because it did so well I couldn't take on any more business!"

Aaron Samsonoff

"Jeremy built a sales funnel in my latest business from the ground up, in an industry neither of us had ever been in before. We went live, and within 2 weeks we were already hugely profitable to PAID traffic!"
Melyssa Griffin
Results: Melyssa ended up growing from low 6-figures to $2MM in about a year due to the funnel I helped build for her!
Dustin Briley
Results: I was able to help Dustin scale his lead gen campaign about 7x + put together several 6-figure launches!
Then There Was That Time I Took
A Company 
From $0 To Almost $8MM
In The First Year…
For most of 2017 and 2018, I tried something new and ran ALL the marketing for a multi-8 figure company founded by Craig Collins & Danette May.

Here’s what I helped them with while I was there (and still work with them to this day)…
  • Took their very first supplement from $0 to nearly $8MM in the first year alone…
  • Several 7-figure launches...
  • Boosted average order value of one product by 143%, helping scale it from about 15 sales per day to 300-600 per day…
  • Boosted net cart value by 20% - 50% for various products... 
  • Launched a 3-day internal promotion that sold out our inventory in 8 hours… generating $146k in revenue by 2 p.m. EST on the first day - from a single email - before we had to shut the page down because we’d oversold!
  • Launched our FIRST live event that brought in nearly a million in revenue (most people in the industry didn’t believe me when I told them the numbers we hit)...
Me winning MVP of the year...
several drinks into the night :oP

You Want A Few More You Say?
Your Wish Is My Command...
A sales letter I wrote converted at 8.3% with an upsell of roughly 30% on a $197 product
I constructed a sales funnel that generated $4.32 EPC on a front-end product selling for $27!
One client hired me to re-do his salesletter and I doubled his conversions within 3 days
Several promotions I've created in multiple industries brought in $30+ EPC...
An upsell I created sold 38% of people on an additional product, increasing overall profits 20%+ in mere days
A long-term client of mine got 10x the investment he made in my copy back within a week!
Another client was ecstatic to see that ONE single change I made to his funnel cut his cost per lead in half!
One funnel I created for a client ended up giving him a whopping $10.25 earnings-per-visitor
... and a bunch more :)

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Growth Coaching
For: Anyone doing $250k - 8 figures/year
Fee Structure: One-time fee with guaranteed ROI
The Gist: I'll teach you my EXACT 8-step framework that's produced $100MM+ in revenue for my clients. It's a mix of detailed training, checklists, templates, and coaching calls with me personally, to oversee your execution on my strategies.
Launching New Products
For: Varies, but NOT for beginners
Fee Structure: Varies
Have a new product and want to scale it to an existing audience? Have a successful Amazon business and want to scale it off Amazon through your own channels? I can help.
Digital CMO
For: 7-8 figure ballers with a team to execute strategies
Fee Structure: Monthly retainer + % of increased revenue
The Gist: I’ll lead your team to execute on the most impactful, highly leveraged, most profitable opportunities that exist within your business. This goes far beyond coaching. 
Scaling Existing Products
For: Specific products already making $250k+ per year
Fee Structure: One-time fee + % of increased revenue
The Gist: I'll take a deep dive into the product(s) you're trying to scale and maximize your net cart value + work with your traffic agency to take your revenue to the next level of scale.
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