SFM Ep14 – How To Get A 25% Conversion Rate

This latest edition of the Sales Funnel Mastery podcast takes you step-by-step through my newest product launch which netted me a 25% conversion. In it you’ll see the behind the scenes psychology on the sales page itself, offering unique insights you can use and apply in your own business.

I think you’ll find this fascinating.

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Hey guys, Jeremy Reeves here and today, I want to show you something really cool. I just launched a new product of mine called ‘The 9 Growth Hacks To Double Your Sales In 90 Days’. It’s a really cool, little report that I’m doing. I’m testing out a low-end offer to see how that converts with my list and paid traffic.

If you’re listening to this on the Sales Funnel Mastery Podcast, what I want you to do is look in the show notes. I’m actually going to have the video of this on the show notes page so just look in the description, whatever you’re watching on, and find that URL and go to that URL and you’ll actually be able to see the video of this.

It will be a lot better of an experience for you. So you could actually see what I’m talking about because I’m doing all kinds of split-test on this page so what I’m talking might not coincide with you’re looking at if you go to the URL.

So I’m going to show you how to essentially get a 25% conversion rate on products that you’re coming up with and selling. I’m going to take you through the page and show the psychology, the thinking that went into this page. Obviously, I’m not guaranteeing you’re going to get a 25% conversion rate like I did. That’s to my list, by the way, that’s not the cold traffic. That’s pretty impossible to get the cold traffic.

So that’s to my list, just to throw that disclaimer in there.

But I just want to show you what went into this page and show you what you can do to increase your own conversion rates and hopefully, you get a 25% conversion rate. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you get 10 or 15 or whatever the case maybe. But hopefully, this helps.

For starters, you’ll see that as you go on, this page is extremely easy to read. Let me pull  this up so I can go down. So it’s extremely easy to read. It’s really clean. Just very, very plain and that was done on purpose because I’m essentially testing this funnel. Instead of doing everything all at once, sometimes I like to do that for the funnel formula. I did that because I knew that was going to be my flagship sales funnel product, my main course.

This one isn’t going to be my flagship product because it’s a low-end report. I’m going to have a couple of these that I might be coming out with. So I just want to throw it up there really quick, to see how it did. If it did good, which it is doing good. Actually, right now, for one of the Facebook campaigns I’m running, it’s actually converting a 10% to completely cold traffic on Facebook. It’s converting really well.

So I will be building out the funnel, it’s not done yet, though. So I did this in Optimize Press which I’ll have a link as well in the show notes to get that if you want to look for a way to do this easily. I used Optimize Press. I probably built this page, in 30-45 minutes. I did it myself. It was just really, really quick and simple as you can see. It looks really nice.

Number 1 is it’s really easy to read. Number 2 is this video so I have a video, you come to the page. I’m actually split-testing it without the video but I think the video’s going to win. What happens is you click it but let me just actually refresh it so we can go back to it. So I made this place holder, “Would you like me to pay you $250?”, so that really gets your attention. When you come this page, and you see that, you see the headline ‘Steal My Top 9 Growth Hacking Strategies’, ‘Double Your Sales In The Next 90 Days’.

So that has all kinds of different little psychology tricks in there. ‘Growth Hacking Strategies’, growth hacking is kind of a big buzz word right now. ‘Double Your Sales’, ‘Double It In 90 Days’, sounds specific. ‘Steal’, “so these are my top 9 growth hacking strategies”, and I go on to talk about how I use these with my clients that pay me 4, 5, sometimes 6-figures to implement some of these tactics and strategies in there.

So there’s a lot going on with the headline. Then you come to the video and you see this really gets your attention. The place holder for this video says “Would you like me to pay you $250?”. You see that and that really grabs your attention. I could even try to have that with testing it in the headline instead of what I have there. I could just put “Would you like me to pay you $250?”

I probably won’t do that because whenever you’re using curiosity, typically, you want to back that up with some type of benefit. I think that pretty well with ‘Top 9 Growth Hacking Strategies’, ‘Double Your Sales In 90 Days’, and then there’s the curiosity factor.

If you’re trying to use curiosity in your headlines and if you’re marketing in your subject client’s emails or whatever it is, make sure that if you have curiosity, you also include some type of benefit to the end reader.

So those are the 2 top things and then they add the ‘Cart’ button if they can watch the video a couple minutes. The video actually goes into a lot more explanation than the text says. So can add the ‘Cart’and they go to the order form. I also put in here for the ‘Cart’, double guarantee, which again, curiosity, you want to get them to keep reading the whole page. Because of they see a price point and they’re not sold, then they’re not going to buy.

I do double guarantee, “Pay you $250” to get them to read the page, to watch the video, to get engaged, and find out what’s going on. Obviously, it worked really, really well. So it’s just $7 for instant access.

Then go down, “Don’t want to watch the video? Here’s a quick summary”. I usually do this for information products. It’s a good, little thing to do. You put a little introduction, show an image of what you’re selling, and then bullet points of what’s inside. There’s a bunch of really good bullet points right here, I won’t go through each one of them.

One of the things that I’m going to test before I go any more, this probably will not be the winning page. I’m going to be testing all kinds of things. So this is kind of like hybrid version. It has the video plus the text. I’m going to be testing having the video and then the text pops down, maybe as they’re going to leave the page. I’m going to be testing just the video, just text, all kinds of different things.

So take this as what it is. This probably will not be the final version after a couple months of testing to figure out what works the best because you never know. That’s what  always drill on my clients heads, just be continually testing because you never what’s going to be working the best.

So in this sentence, it’s roughly 50 pages of actual content. If you’re busy, you can skim and pluck out the actual items in 20-30 minutes. This paragraph is actually very important for my audience. This isn’t going to be as important for every audience, depending on who you’re selling to, but I’m selling to business owners.

And as you know, as a business owner, your time is extremely valuable. So I found over the years, one of the biggest objections that I get from people interested in my products is, “Hey, I don’t really have a lot of time, how long is this going to take me. How long are the videos? How long is the PDF? Do you have it in a better format for me, like audio for example?”. I actually might do this book in audio. We’ll see.

So that’s one of the objections in my market. So the next step there is to really understand your market because a lot of people would skip over this. But it’s really, really, really important. It’s one of the big pain points in this market, the lack of time. You know that because you’re a business owner and you’re probably a good person to be buying my product. So that’s why I put that in there.

Now, the guarantee, “My! Only Jeremy is crazy enough to make a guarantee like this…”, guarantee. So why only $7 in my guarantee? What I wanted to do with this was make sure that people weren’t overlooking the $7 price point.

Because I don’t know how long you’ve been following me or I don’t know how long you’ve been looking at services, products that I offer, whatever, but if you’ve looked around my website, which most people do, you probably know that my services are really expensive. They go from really small projects in the low 4-figures, couple thousand dollars. The average project is $7-13,000, something in that range.

And then I have a couple of clients, I’m working on one now, while I’m building a $100,000 sales funnel for a client. So in the price point or even my products, most of them are expensive. Most of the people, especially the warm market, the warm visitors that are seeing this, they know they’re going to see $7 and be like, “Oh, God, not another one of these $7 reports that has no content in it, it’s going to be a waste of my time”.

Because people value whatever monetary value you put on something, they kind of link that in their head. If you price this at $997, they’re going to say, “Oh, it must be valuable!”, if you price it at $7, they’re going to be thinking, “Oh, God. This is going to be worthless. It’s going to be garbage. It’s not even going to be worth my time.”

I wanted to make sure the $7 price point was thoroughly explained because that’s a huge objection that people are going to have, it’s a huge block that I know people are going to have so I wanted to overcome it. So what I did was number 1, the guarantee. I gave the typical guarantee, “For any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund you. This is any time. There’s no 30 days, 90 days crap. It’s any time you want, just tell me.”

And then guarantee number 2, “If you read through and you can prove to me that you have all 9 of these growth hacks already implemented in your business, I’ll not just refund you the $7, I’ll send you a check for $250 for wasting your time.”, then I put, “That’s a 3,471% ROI.”

That’s the first thing I did to overcome that fear of the whole $7 thing. Like this isn’t going to be worth my time because if you think about it, somebody’s reading this page and they come down here and it’s like, “Oh, God. It’s $7.”, and then they see, “Wow, he’s offering $250 if I don;t already all these in place”, essentially, guaranteeing they’re going to get really valuable content out of this and then that completely, in my mind at least, demolishes that whole objection.

That’s why I did it. The point with guarantees, I really push probably 90% of my clients, I have to really hammer home that hey need better guarantees. I feel like if you;re too scared to put a guarantee, you’re scared that your product isn’t going to work, and if you don’t think that your product is going to work, you might want to think about not selling it.

It’s funny people are like, “What happens if they return it? Oh my God, I’m going to go broke!”, it’s like, “Well, does your product work?” “Well, yeah, it works.” “Well, then why would they return it?”.

I always harp by clients to get better guarantees. I did the same thing for the last two client. Actually two current clients that are just finishing a project for now, pretty similar to this. They have the unconditional guarantee. The one is 60 days, it’s a supplement and it has good ingredients and stuff. It has a lot of scientific research and all the kind of stuff that goes along with it and case studies and all that. It’s a good supplement.

So the one is 60 days for whatever reason, if you decide you don’t want to use anymore, whatever. Any reason, send it back.

And then the other one is a conditional guarantee where if they don’t get a specific result and we lay it out, “You will achieve 1, 2, 3, x, x. If you don’t, not only will we refund your money, we’ll double your money back.” So if they pay $97, then we’ll give them 97×2, whatever that is. 194, I think that is. I don’t know if I did that Math right.

And then the other client is number 1. It’s a lifetime guarantee. It’s for an information product. I’m working with one of the top fitness trainers in the entire world on this product and with their last product, they had over a 100,000 members and all that kind of stuff.

So we’re revamping the current offer that they have and re-tweaking it. I said, “Let’s make the guarantee a lot better”. So it’s like, “If it’s not for you, any time, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.”

Number 2 is “If it’s not working for you and you’re giving an honest try, you can actually can get in touch with the owner of the product. And you can get a one-on-one consultation with the owner of the product”, and I actually did that for another client, Scott that was a really, really guy and he also sold an information product, essentially finding your passion space and that’s working out really, really well.

I think the last time I talked to him, his conversions were up to 50% after we redid his page. So it really works.

And then 3rd guarantee is, “If it doesn’t work for you, if you do this one-on-one, private consultation with the founder of the product and it still isn’t working for you, then double your money back.”, so there’s a triple guarantee. It really concurs any price objection. Any objection of “Is this going to work for me?”

So the last thing I do. So I want to really, really hammer on this. “So why $7? Don’t be fooled by the price, it’s worth thousands”. My thing with this, and this is very true my(inaudible 16:17) is extremely actionable based on improvements (inaudible 16:19-16:20) some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, but if you’ve never purchased something of mine before, you don’t know that.

As you’re listening to this, think about that. Obviously, I don’t know if you’ve purchased any of my products or worked with me in person or anything like that, but if you haven’t dealt directly with me, you have no idea. I could be talking here and you’re like, “Oh. Jeremy sounds like he knows what he’s talking about.”

And then you buy a product and it’s terrible, it’s garbage. You don’t know that until you buy the product. This is what I’m going to be doing. Essentially, I’m going to be using this product as a really low-risk way of seeing if I’m the kind of person that you like to listen to. Listening to this podcast, you can probably tell if I give good information or not.

So this $7 report gives people a very easy way t know if they resonate with me, with my personality, my business growth philosophy, that kind of stuff.

And then the last thing it gives someone you can trust to help grow your business. When you’re building you persona, what you have to do is think of a couple traits that you and then you want to essentially enlarge them.

So me, I’m a very, very down-to-earth, extremely trustworthy family guy. My tombstone, that’s what it’s going to say. He was down-to-earth, he was a very trustworthy guy, and he absolutely loved his family, he would do everything for his family. So those are my 3 things that I’m really harping on and bringing out in my persona.

I usually put something about trust in most of my business communication to really ingrain that in people’s minds because that’s who I am, that’s what I am, and that’s what I want people to know me as. So I put that right at the end there.

So that’s pretty much it. I hope that helps. I also would like to say that the people that after this I only had one upsell. I’m going to be testing different upsells. I’m going to be testing low-end upsells, high-end upsells. This one went from as of right now, it goes from the $7 up to $197 for copy templates which are usually 297 on my site.

It’s funny that it worked out this way, but I sold 25%, again, this is my list. So the numbers are going to be higher. They’re going to be a little inflated than if you’re doing cold. Like I said to the one group, my conversion was 10% to cold traffic which is really fantastic. It’s phenomenal. Most people are getting 2% the products, the warm list. And I got 10% to a cold list and that’s completely cold.

Facebook is one of the worst. They’re so cold, they’re practically frozen in ice. So what happened was I did this and 25% of my audience bought this product and then 25% of people bought the upsell or another product. I actually had a couple people who didn’t take the actual upsell but I have follow-up communications like when you buy, you go into a buyer’s auto-responder sequence.

And it says, “Hey, you might as well check out some of my other products that maybe you didn’t know about.” Actually, a shockingly high amount of people that will buy product, they’ll say no the upsells, but then they’ll go and say, “Hey, I like this other product.”, and then they do a whole other order on other products because they just found out about them.

So that’s another really cool thing you could do too. I hope enjoyed this video. Again, if you’re listening to the podcast, I really hope that you’ll go on the show notes, find the link where I’m going to have this video on my blog.

If you’re watching this on video and you’re not a podcast subscriber, make sure that you are subscribed to the Sales Funnel Mastery Podcast and I hope this really helps you. Let me know if it helped you, if it helped bring some valuable insights to your business. Make sure you’re sharing this with your friends, colleagues, business partners, whoever you think would benefit from this. I really put a lot of thinking time into this podcast.

So I hope it’s really helping. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and I will talk to you soon.

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