3 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Over the years, I’ve made a lot of observations about entrepreneurs are who are and aren’t successful.

Below I’d like to give you 3 observations I made. These 3 characteristics are what I’ve found to be deeply imbedded in every successful business owner I know…

1) Being A True Entrepreneur – Most people (especially online marketers) are afraid to take ANY sort of risk at all. All they want is “free” traffic. They want to do everything as cheap as possible. These are all traits of what I call “The IM’er Syndrome”.

If you want to be successful, do the OPPOSITE of what most people are doing.

True entrepreneurs take calculated risks… don’t care where the traffic comes from or how much it costs if it’s making a profit… and are willing to do the work necessary to make their business a success.

2) Information Overload Isn’t An Issue  – For some reason, people are addicted to filling their brains with more and more information. That’s normally a good thing, except for the fact that 95%+ of people never ACT on that information.

(Here’s a tip: If you suffer from information overload at the expense of doing “real” work, it’s a hint that you’re afraid of success. Think about it)

3) They Take Action – Successful business owners take action the moment they need to. Instead of talking with friends, they’re doing what’s most important for business growth. Instead of sleeping in, they’re working.

If they get a new idea, they implement it… they don’t think about it for weeks or months before doing anything about it.

That’s why I created The Conversion Cheat Sheet like I did.

Instead of writing 300 pages of fluff, it’s only around 100 pages, but you can take ACTION on each of the tips, typically within the same day you read it.

Many times within 5-10 minutes.

Check it out. I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

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