3 Crucial Questions To Help Focus Your Growth Efforts

In today’s episode, I walk you through the 3 crucial steps I ask myself and my clients when we’re thinking of the fastest, easiest path to grow. Very important to know as you put together your 2017 plan. Enjoy!

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Jeremy Reeves: Hey what is going on guys and girls. Jeremy Reeves here with another episode of The Sales Funnel Mastery Podcast.

Today, I want to talk about something that — I have been thinking about actually since yesterday.

So I have a phone call with someone yesterday, David. Hi David, if you are listening to this. I do not know if you are listening to podcast or not.

But David and I are going to do a funnel day together. It turns out he actually lives like an hour from me which is kind of awesome. I do not really you know, find too many people who also live in Pennsylvania and especially close to me. So that is kind of cool.

And you know one of the things that we kind of talked about and will figure out during the funnel day is kind of where to start, right because he has a lot of things going on, they are already doing really, really well in business, but they do not really have good sales funnel in place. So we are going to work on this kind of you know, taking them from doing well to doing you know, really well you know, from great to extraordinary that kind of thing.

And so I have been thinking since I talked to him yesterday about you know, when you have a lot of things going on or even if you do not have that many things going on but you are you know, you are looking to grow you know, it is December 1st as I am recording this and you know, if you are looking to grow for next year like you know, a lot of you guys and girls are probably thinking about 2017 now and it is like alright well you know, I am making my plan for next year and where do I start? Like you know, what are the things to focus on because there is a billion different things that you can do, but there is only one of you, you know, and even if you have a team there is only 1 team. There is only a certain finite amount of people on your team that have a finite amount of time. So you have to figure out how to spend that time wisely.

So I pretty much you know, when I am looking at you know, where do you start first right.

There are really 3 big things that I look at, okay and the first one is, where you already have momentum.

So you know, look at your business and if you have a hundred things going on and you are looking to find new growth in your business start with you know, where do you already have the most momentum, okay.

And I typically like, I like to maximize the places that are already doing well.

So for example if you have let us just say that your main source of traffic is affiliates, right. Could be affiliates, could be cold traffic you know or you know it could be like pay-per-click, Facebook or Google or whatever or it could be you know, SEO or whatever it is.

Look at you know, figure out where you already have that momentum and maximize that first okay.

So if you are already doing Facebook ads before you start going into you know, Youtube and Nativeads and you know SEO like all those other things. First, maximize what is already working in your business.

That is going to help you find you know, faster growth than if you start a new like a new traffic channel for example right.

If affiliates are your biggest thing, then maximize that first right. Really nail down that process first before moving on to you know, to other things, you know, to other traffic sources or to other you know, conversion things that you are testing or whatever it is.

So that is the first big one is find out where you already have momentum. Put your focus there first right and maximize that first before moving on to other things.

The second thing is what is the biggest leverage, okay.

By the way some of these may cancel the other one out.

So you are going to have to you know, there is a little bit of a gut call in here and that is why these funnel days are so valuable with people because we talk about you know, we discuss all of this. We go through all of this. It brings clarity in everything and we figure out we kind of consider all the different angles and figure out which way is the best one okay.

And (inaudible 4:03.5) is just experience. It is your gut. It is your intuition figuring out where to you know, where to go next.

So anyway, so the second one is you know, what is the biggest leverage, okay.

So you know, you guys have probably heard a lot about leverage you know, it is always you know, if you want to grow you know, figure out where you can have the most leverage because for every you know, ounce of energy that you put in you want to find what is going to give you the biggest output for the least input essentially, right.

So you know, figure out. Look at your business and say okay, where do I have leverage. Where is you know, so for example let us just say that you have 8 different products right, and one of those products is by far you know, head and shoulders a clear winner that gives you the most revenue right.

So for example let us just say that you have just for example’s sake. Let us just say that you have 7 like lower end products for like $50 or $100 and then you have 1 that is $1,000 right.

Well you might want to focus on the $1,000 product because that is going to give you the biggest leverage right.

Maybe you put together webinar for that or maybe you know, whatever your kind of sales process for that is going to be.

You have to look at where am I going to find the biggest leverage. Like where can I get the biggest growth from least amount of effort okay, because essentially if you can you know, if you have 8 hours in a day and it is only going to take you 2 hours to work on the you know, the thing with the biggest leverage, okay.

And you can you know, you are going to get a bigger impact from that than if you put 6 hours in something else right.

Where are you going to spend your time, you are going to spend it on the one where you can get the biggest leverage with a least amount of effort, okay.

Because then that freeze up your time to also include other things to add other things into the mix you know.

To make new hires or to start new marketing channels or to start splint testing or you know, whatever your time is best spent doing okay.

So you know, number 1, look where you already have momentum. Number 2 where is your biggest leverage, okay.

So for him, he is in like the health space okay.

So he has various products and supplements and things like that and so for him, the biggest leverage you know, there are kind of 2 ways that you know, I feel we are probably going to go about it.

Number 1 he already has momentum selling you know bags right there are these like (inaudible 6:34.7) bags. So there is already momentum there okay, but then we are also looking at what is the biggest leverage and that is more of the supplements because there is a lot more opportunity there to grow over the bags okay.

So that is probably like what I was talking before about where you have to look at all of the different factors and say okay well you know, what is the best one like using your intuition.

For me so far, not knowing that much about the business yet I will find that out more when we do the funnel day.

That one is probably going to be the winner looking into the supplements because that is where I have a lot of my expertise. That is where he can find the biggest opportunity for growth okay because you know, it has a higher margins. There is more places to sell it. You can get into cold traffic whereas with the bags it is you know, a little bit harder to do that you know, because there are not like such — as easy as it sell you know, that kind of thing.

So there are a lot of factors (inaudible 7:32.2).

The 3rd one is where can you get the quickest win.

So a lot of times — this is really about knowing your own personality right?

So for me, not always, but sometimes, I can push back the reward for a very long time okay.

So for example, I just launched the high ticket freedom formula course, alright.

I worked on that for you know a good portion of this year knowing that I was not going to see any kind of financial reward right, for a long time and that is okay because I knew that once it went live you know, the reward was going to be worth it okay.

It is actually — we are actually going live on Facebook ads tomorrow with that. So that is really exciting.

I am not sure when this is going live. If Andrea gets it live today then — she is my VA, then it will be going live tomorrow, but anyway, so you know, where can you get the quickest one?

A lot of people you know, and this is not a good or bad thing. It is just kind of it is what it is.

A lot of people need confidence, alright.

They need confidence in order to keep progressing.

So rather than — and this is what I do with a lot of my clients. If I have a really big funnel that I am putting together for clients that is going to take like 2 or 3 months right. A lot of times what I will do is get them a quick win upfront.

So for example, for this client, right, we are probably going to figure out a lot of stuff that we can do over the next like 3 or 6 months, but I do not want to have to make him wait to get a return on this investment right because when I work with clients, one of the you know, the first things that goes through my head is how do I get this client a return right, where they are making money back as fast as humanly possible.

And for him, you know, it is December 1st today, right. So what is coming up in a month for health. Everybody wants to lose weight.

So you know, there is a very, very good chance that we are going to do a promotion, some kind of promotion this month or you know, set it up for early next month or whatever. We will figure that out with him to get him a quick win.

So that win is going to basically pay for my fees right and then the rest is kind of just — he already got that win and the rest is gravy right.

So you know, where can you get the quickest win is the 3rd big one.

What I do is when I am working with clients especially during these funnel days. That is what I look at right.

So you know, we look at where you already have momentum. We look at you know, where is the biggest leverage in the business? What is the biggest opportunity for growth and the easiest way to get that you know opportunity you know, so if you have a whole bunch of trip wires that is probably not the biggest opportunity.

If you have some kind of standout products or services that are higher ticket and you know that kind of thing, the biggest leverage is probably getting a funnel like a paid funnel to that to work properly right.

And then the 3rd thing is you know where can you get the quickest win.

So while you are thinking about 1 and 2 that is like more of a long term, right, you are also thinking about the short term and that is where you can get the quickest win, okay.

So can you do some kind of you know promotion to get a quick win? Can you do — if you are going to put together a big funnel, can you do just one piece of it, launch that to your audience get the results and then use that to kind of springboard to the rest of the sales funnel right.

So you know, those are just kind of — a couple quick things that I look at you know, I know everybody is going to start thinking about planning that kind of thing and you know, those are some of the ways that I look at you know, essentially how to achieve faster growth in the easiest way because there is you know, you can find growth. Anybody can grow, but it is a matter of how hard it is and how reliable is going to actually happen, right like the chances of it actually working.

So those are some of the ways that I work with clients and also in my own business for you know, looking at growth right.

So I hope you enjoy that.

If you want to get in touch about doing a funnel day feel free to reach out. You can email [email protected]. Just let me know if you want any more information about that.

It is basically where we spend an entire day together and kind of map out you know, everything in your business. It really depends on what your goals are you know, it is all based on you. There is not like you know, we do this then we do this then we do this. It is all based on you know, where you are in your business and what you are trying to achieve.

I have done them in the past where you know, working with multi-million dollar companies that you know, the owner just wanted more free time right and we figured out ways to automate her marketing and you know, put together an automated sales funnel and she actually took a 2-week vacation for the first time — completely unplugged in, I think it was like 8 years before that which is kind of awesome you know

And then there are other things that (inaudible 12:16.4) looking for growth you know. I actually just did one a couple of weeks ago and showed the client a lead generation technique that doubled his leads right, within — it was like 2 days after the funnel day and he — he actually emailed me and he is like, Oh my God dude, I just got like double leads and yeah so everything above that I mean it is you know, double leads and then we have also put together stuff for you know, higher conversions throughout the sales funnel, all that kind of fun stuff you know, I can go on and on.

Another one actually I did last — I think it was last year.

Last year you know, she — and I talked about this in the high ticket freedom formula webinar. She quadrupled her business since you know, since our funnel day and it is really just about focusing you know, it is about okay, well what is working you know, where is the leverage and you know, let us nail that and that what she did and she quadrupled her business. She went from — it was around $20,000 a month and now I think it averages $80,000 a month. She has had a couple $100,000 plus months. In fact, I think last month, she had $100,000 because she does income reports.

So I follow her you know, keep in touch.

But anyway, if you are interested in that, shoot me an email it is at [email protected] and we can chat about that and yeah that is it for today.

I hope you have an amazing weekend. I hope this helped you and anything else I can do to help you just let me know. Talk to you soon.


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