3 Killer Copywriting Tips Guaranteed To Get Your Prospects Eating Out Of Your Hands

The thing I love about copywriting is that even if you have some kind of “killer copywriting tip”, you honestly NEVER know what the tests are going to show.

Sometimes the killer copywriting technique you’re using is “supposed” to boost conversions, but for some reason it doesn’t with your market.

Other times you’ll honestly think you have a winner and it turns out to be a complete dud.

And it’s frustrating!

So in today’s post, I’m going to give you 3 killer copywriting tips that are guaranteed to get your prospects eating out of your hands.

And the best part is, they’re easy to do!

1) Video– I literally don’t think I’ve ever seen an instance where video didn’t boost conversions. In some markets, with some scripts and with a certain person in the video it might not boost it as much, but I’ve literally never seen it NOT boost conversions.

2) Telling A Story – I’ll be frank here…most copywriters are simply too dam lazy to talk with their clients for 30-60 minutes before starting a project to get their story. And even if they’re not talking to them on the phone, at least they should be researching the person to get it! As they say “facts tell, stories sell”. Well, they’re not lying. Add stories to your copy (usually in the beginning is best to reel the prospect into the copy) and watch your conversions soar.

3) The “I’m Just Like You” Technique – Making your prospect feel like the voice in the copy is just like them is VERY important. People want to buy from people similar to them who’ve overcome similar obstacles and challenges. They want to feel like they can trust that person. Why? Because when you’re just like the prospect, you understand the prospect and what they’re going through. And no matter what anybody tells you (whether it’s a man or a woman), we ALL want to be understood and feel sympathized for what we’re going through.

I know there are a lot of killer copywriting tips, techniques and all that jazz out there – but I can pretty much guarantee you that if you go back and insert these 3 techniques into existing copy…your conversions WILL jump. Sometimes as much as 100% or higher…just using these 3 things!

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