3 Sales Closing Techniques You Need To Know

In yesterdays post we talked about how nobody wants the “hard” sell anymore and that the “ABC” philosophy of “always be closing the sale”… can easily be taken the wrong way and lead to some huge frustrations.

So before I get into the 3 sales closing techniques you need to know… let me revisit the ABC technique for a second.

The ABC Sales Closing Technique – Revisited

One of the biggest misconceptions of the ABC sales closing technique is that when you’re “always closing”… it means you must always be closing the SALE.

However, in my opinion… that’s simply false.

Here’s why.

Some people simply are not ready to buy from you right now, and you have to recognize that and plan accordingly. This is why you shouldn’t always be closing the SALE… you should be closing the next logical step in the buying process.

Maybe you need to be closing a free consultation… or maybe even just a follow-up phone call.

Or, if you sense that they don’t trust your credibility – you need to be closing your credibility on the person which will LEAD to closing the actual sale.

My point is – it’s your job to understand what part of the buying process your prospect is currently in… and then close them on the NEXT stage in the buying process.

With that said… let’s get on with 3 techniques to do this.

3 Sales Closing Techniques You Need To Know

  1. Understand Your Prospect – This is something few people talk about, but a skill you MUST get better at if you want to close more people. Listen very, very closely to what the prospect is saying – and figure out ways to show them that YOU can help with whatever problem they’re having. Give case studies, be genuine, and come into the conversation with one goal – to HELP that person fix whatever problem they’re currently having.
  2. Be Confident – Nobody likes a person who’s ashamed to admit they’re good at what they do. Being timid about your skills is a HUGE killer when closing sales… so do whatever is needed to gain confidence in your skills, and then display that confidence to your prospect. If they ask if you can help them out with “X” problem – boldly declare that you can and will. If needed… guarantee your work. This holds you accountable and dissolves the “confidence” problem immediately.
  3. Follow-Up Is Key – Very few people I know regularly follow-up with clients they didn’t close on the first try… and it’s KILLING their sales! This sales closing technique is absolutely mandatory – simply because if you continually followup with prospects and show your willingness to work with them… they will eventually come to you. Each followup shows that person that you’re serious about what you do, which helps them gain trust, credibility and many other factors that go into actually closing the sale.

Listen… when it comes to sales closing techniques – their are probably hundreds of them that you can follow. DO NOT try and become a master of them all at once. One of the best things you’ll ever do for your business are mastering a few of the “key” components of closing the sale.

The 3 I gave you are what I consider to be some of the most key factors you can use.

1 out of 3 will get you average results.

2 out of 3 will get you good results.

3 out of 3 will put you at the top of your game… and the top of our industry.

Now work on increasing your ability to do these 3 sales closing techniques… and then write me and tell me how much money it’s made you!

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