3 Ways To Teach Yourself Copywriting In 30 Days Or Less

There are a lot of ways to teach yourself copywriting, but as with everything else – some ways are always better than others.

Today I’m going to talk about teaching yourself copywriting in what might not be the “easiest” ways….but the most efficient.

If you’re a beginning copywriter and looking to become a great copywriter quickly you’ll want to take this post very seriously as I’m going to teach you how to move up in the ranks much faster than you would if you were doing it on your own.

The Top 3 Ways To Teach Yourself Copywriting In 30 Days Or Less

  1. Hand-Write Copy – This is one that many people tell you to do and I 3/4 agree with the philosophy of it, I simply have my own little “twist” that I add. Instead of handwriting the copy which can take hours, what I do is read every single sentence outloud and think about it for a second. What I do when I think about it is figure out WHY they wrote that sentence. Why did they use that emotion, why did they use that punctuation, why did they create a certain type of urgency?
  2. Write Everyday – If you want to teach yourself copywriting, you have to write! I see people getting too wrapped up in studying, studying, studying when they should be writing instead. Here’s what I suggest. When you come across a new copywriting tip for beginners (since you shouldn’t be into advanced stuff yet), stop what you’re doing and write something trying that technique out. It doesn’t have to be for a client or anything like that either. Simply use that technique and spend a few minutes testing it out. This helps burn it into your mind so you do it naturally instead of having to think about it.
  3. Read 1 Book 4 Times – This is something very, very few people do. Instead of finding a really good course and studying it to the T…they get 10 books and fly through them without really thinking about what they’re saying. Their are a lot of courses you can take including AWAI’s six-figure copywriting course or my 30 Day Copywriting Challenge program which is free for the first 14 days. No matter what you choose, choose 1 single source of information and study it until you’re blue in the face.
If you do those 3 tips you’ll be able to teach yourself copywriting in 30 days or less and by the end of that month should be a good enough copywriter to start getting clients and making money!
In fact, when you head over to www.The30DayCopywritingChallenge.com, watch my free video and sign up to get my 30 Day Copywriting Challenge course for FREE… I’ll give you a step-by-step guide to becoming a fully booked copywriter in 30 days!

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