5 Components To The Perfect Business Plan

There are many dozens of millions, maybe even hundreds of millions of businesses around this country…and hundreds of millions of other business around the world.

And for probably 99.9% of those businesses, they’re following the wrong business plan.

Maybe they aren’t doing anything as stupid as trying to sell high-ticketed items to teenagers…but in my experience – every single business in this world is missing SOME element that could be making them more money.

So lately I’ve been thinking about what the “perfect” business plan would be.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right…but below this is what I consider to be the perfect business plan.

The Perfect Business Plan

Below I’ve put together what I think are the 5 necessary components to the perfect business plan. Could I have included other ideas? Of course. However, these are the 5 absolutely necessary building blocks you need to creating a highly successful business.

#1 – To start off, they would be selling information products. Information products are cheap to produce with huge margins. In fact, selling downloadable Ebooks can net you profits as high as 90% or higher (yes, including marketing costs) if you do it right!

#2 – The perfect business plan would also include an affiliate system. Not just any affiliate system mind you – a REAL affiliate system. The type of system which trained buyers and customers how to sell that same product, which allows for continuous growth whether or not you’re at your computer desk or in the Caribbean soaking up the sun and drinking Painkillers (trust me…they’re named that for a reason).

#3 – It would also have an ascension ladder, starting with free content. Most people, especially online marketers, get too distracted with wanting to create “multiple streams of income”, producing product after product but hardly doing anything with each of those products before moving onto the next one. After doing the same thing myself for YEARS, I recently decided to go much deeper instead of wider.

This means sucking every single penny out of a specific product through the use of an ascension ladder, and then and only then moving onto the next project.

#4 – The perfect business plan would also include continuity. I know continuity is the “latest fad” for the Internet marketing world but guess what – it’s there for a reason! If you and your clients having done anything continuity-based, having people hand you checks every single month, you’re insane.

#5 – Finally, the perfect business plan would go through what I call the traffic gamut. This would start off as testing the product online through PPC, email, and other cheap sources of traffic. Then quickly maximizing traffic online through all other means (JV’s, ezines, maybe some SEO over time, CPA, CPV, etc.) and having the profits rolled into marketing it offline via magazines, radio, TV, direct mail, etc.

And yes, I realize some products can’t be marketed offline because they aren’t big enough. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend #5 if you’re a beginner since beginners should go for niche products.

If you follow those 5 key points to creating the perfect business plan, you should have NO problem making money. In fact if you stick with them long enough – it’ll be hard NOT to make money!

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