5 Mistakes App Analytics Is Making That Are Hurting Revenue

In this video we take a look at App Analytics, a company that gives insights and user behavior to companies with mobile apps. We’ll walk through several mistakes they’re making which they can change fairly quickly to see a nice boost in revenue without much effort.

Watch the video and then take a look at your own website to see if you’re making these same mistakes.

Here Is The Video Critique

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Hey everybody, it is Jeremy Reeves here. And today, I’m doing a critique of AppAnalytics.io. So, yeah let’s just get right into it.

So, when you come to their — let me make sure I’m in their home page. Okay, this is their home page. So, the headline is, it’s a little bit — going to make it a little bit slower. As you can see, Build a Better Mobile Experience. So that really doesn’t say or do anything. There is no benefit. There is no — pain point, emotional touch point of their heading. So, it really doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t clarify anything. It doesn’t tell me about what it is that they do or who they can help or really anything like that.

So let’s go to their subheads. So AppAnalytics is the solution you need for mobile application analytics. What we believe in technology is, human touch matters. Again, so like it’s kind of like that woo woo language, it really — it doesn’t really say anything. It’s the solution you need for mobile application analytics. What is that mean?

If I’m coming here, so Touch Heatmap, Gesture Recognition, Push Notification Analytics, In-app Purchase Analytics. So, essentially it helps — behavior of your mobile app. I’m trying to figure out what it actually does. Essentially, I think it helps people that have mobile apps, figure out what their users are actually doing, which in then — then those business owners can take that information and make changes to their website or their mobile app, whatever, and increase all of their key metrics. So that’s what it can do, the headline can be something more along the lines of, we make mobile apps more profitable, something along those lines. So, what is it actually do for the end user? What is it do for the person that is on this page thinking about buying it, okay.

So, that’s –, in terms of the copy, the clarity of the page, that is one thing I would definitely change. I’m not sure what’s going on, for some reason, it keeps like — it keeps doing some kind of weird thing here.

So, let’s go down. So — Touch Heat — try appanalytics free. That’s good. Based Real Time In-App Analytics. Alright, so again, all the language on the website is very just, — it doesn’t talk to the person that’s reading it. It really doesn’t say what’s in it for the person, the benefit or it doesn’t get in to any of the pain points that they are dealing with. There is kind of two parts of that conversation that you want to have is — Hey, you’re dealing with X. Here’s the problem your facing right now and here’s how we can help you.

The copy really isn’t conveying either of those. Alright, it’s kind of just saying like, “Oh! Hey you know, we have a couple of cool features, and they are using very — like kind of corporate language, it doesn’t really say, what you can actually do with that. Let’s see. The layout is good. I like the layout. The design is well done. 3 Key Points to Get you started — even something like that — to get you started, they are not quite there yet. In the buying process, they are not quite at that point where they are getting started. So, maybe 3 Key Points that make your life easier, something like that. And I can probably come up something a lot better than that.

Alright, so that’s the copy on the home page. Let’s do the features just to see really quick. Okay, there is some good — gesture recognition. Okay, again, all of these — I won’t go through all of them, but all of these, the main critique here would be to talk way more about the actual benefit to the end user. What is it do for you in terms of the way that you — does it save your time? Does it save your money? Does it make you more money? Does it create a better experience for the person using the mobile app? Does it get you better rankings in the app store? All those different things. What is it actually do? What is the end result that you get from this? Okay, and I’m not really seeing any of that in the copy here.

Alright, so let’s just go and we will — let’s just click pricing. Free trial, corporate — to me it seems like a bit of a jump. When I’m looking at this, it goes from free and it’s 100,000 data samples and 1 application, and then the rest is all the same, it looks like. There might be missing. There might be one thing in here. No, the rest is all the same I think for some reason this one goes down one more, I don’t know why, this is higher.

So, this is all the same except for the data samples and the applications, okay. So, I’m not , I don’t — understand exactly what it is, so I’m not sure what the data samples are and the applications and all that. So, maybe that make sense. To me it’s just a little bit of a jump. I think the free should may be have less in here because it looks like the adjustable position here isn’t all that great. When you’re going from free to the paid version, you want to have a nice big jump. In the paid version, you get a lot more features in the paid version than the free and I’m not quite getting that here, but that also might just be — because I don’t — maybe the data samples are extremely important, that’s like the big thing here in the applications.

Alright, frequently asked questions. That’s good.

Yeah, they definitely need better copy on the page, I can tell you that much.

Anyway, let’s go to sign up for free. Let’s see how — click sign up. Create your account now. First Name; Last Name; Company Name; Email; Password; Confirm password — one of the things I would recommend here is splitting this up into 2 forms, okay. So, the first one would be, First Name, I would say First Name and the Email okay, and you just get that okay, that’s step 1 of the form. Once they filled out that out, then they go to the 2nd page and it’s like — complete your profile or whatever to get started or let’s customize your account okay. So, if you could see the difference is going on here. Let’s customize your account, fill the rest of this form and it’s Last Name, Company Name, and Password, okay and then essentially you have the 2 steps. The reason that you do that is because when you come here and you see this big block that you have to fill out, that’s going to deter a lot of people, okay. They don’t want to put in their company name and create a password and all that kind of stuff it’s a lot of hustle.

So, when you have it in those 2 different steps like that, you can do the First Name and then Email you capture that and then anybody who does not fill out the 2nd form, you can create followup sequences that go out and say “Hey, you forgot to fill out step 2, we still think — personalize your account or whatever. So that’s why you do that is because the end result is that you get a lot more people signing up because it reduces the friction on this page, on the sign up page and kind of splits up into 2 pages, but then you can follow up with people who don’t fill out 2nd form, okay. The end result there is pretty much always better conversions overall for the sign up.

And then, what you can do I haven’t gone through their backend, but certain things they can do based on — I’m going to say based on the overall, everything else I’m seeing, they probably don’t haven’t place, I’m going to say when people sign up, they should absolutely have some kind of followup sequence because this is something that — it’s a software, people need to use it in order to want it if that make sense. So, what you want to do is essentially create called kind of like a consummation sequence, right. That’s a product consummation and that essentially means they consume a product, which obviously, they don’t eat the product, but they consume it in terms of like they actually used it, okay.

So, what you want to do is create a followup sequence, email followup sequence, that gets people to actually use the product, okay and get it infused into their life because a lot of the people that aren’t buying this — and this just in any kind of software, a lot of the people who aren’t buying this aren’t buying it because they never used it, not because it’s not a good product. I don’t know if it’s a good product, I am assuming it is, it looks like it is just from the pictures and stuff like that, and from what I can tell that it does, but — you know the people who signed up and aren’t using it, aren’t buying it because they are not using it.

So, the more people you get to use it, if you increase the people get to actually go in there and set it up properly, you’re going to probably increase your sales by that amount of people. So, if you get 20%, you probably increase your sales by about 20%. If you get 50%, increase sales by about 50%. So, that’s going to be a really, really, really important one.

Another one is, once people buy it, doing some stick strategies to keep them in the funnel, keep them as customers to keep them using it, to keep them — you have to add in those little — those little, I don’t know what you would call them, but kind of like little pain points here and there whereas the more this software gets infused into their life, the more that it becomes part of what they do every day, the less likely they are to cancel, so your retention rate is going to way, way, up.

Anyway, that’s the couple of things we can do here with this app. I hope everybody enjoyed the little critique here. I think they definitely have a lot of stuff — stuff on pretty much every page that they can do to increase conversions and sales and even increase retention and everything throughout the entire funnel. So, it’s kind of one of those things where it’s a good start. It looks like they’re doing good. I have no idea, but the layout is nice. The design is really — it’s very professional, and it’s easy to read. The copy isn’t exactly easy to read, but the layout is done very well.

So, yeah, they have an okay start, but a lot of improvement that can be had here. So, depending on where they get their traffic, if they’re doing any kind of cold traffic, I can pretty much guarantee it’s not converting very well unless their targeting is extremely on with warm traffic maybe they do like — I do not know, whatever they do, may be they’re doing good with more warm traffic, but yeah, with paid traffic, I have a feeling it’s not doing all that well because it’s kind of hard to understand exactly what it does, but anyway, I hope you enjoy this, and I will talk to you soon.

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