5 Reasons You Need A Toll-Free Number

In one of my niche businesses we have a toll-free number, and since it’s just starting up I got the idea to be the “person behind the phones” and be able to talk with customers person-to-person…allowing me to dig into their minds and really understand the market and what emotions are flaring up behind the scenes.

Some people may think this is a waste of time, but I’m taking extra time out of my day to talk to customers ear-to-ear for a very specific reason. Actually, 5 very specifics reasons.

Here is reason #1.

#1 – You Get To Hear Raw, Unedited Emotions

When you talk to someone on the phone, you get to hear them as they truly are. Doing surveys, getting email replies back and other similar things are good…but there is NOTHING like getting to hear the subtle intonations and hidden emotions lying right behind the words of a person you’re talking to. Sure, it would be even better seeing them in person, but the phone is the next best thing.

#2 – You Can Overcome Objections

Many times, people will call simply because they have a question or concern about the product. And when they do, it’s a perfect chance to practice your selling skills and overcome those objections, then ask for the sale. And the best part is…you can take that sale immediately and simply place the order for them.

#3 – Your Market May Be Used To The Phone, Not The Internet

Although people think of the Internet these days practically as a God…it’s really not. It’s great for getting cheaper traffic (although recently the pendulum has started swinging back to offline), but if you have a market that grew up with direct mail, calling people to place orders, etc. – get a toll-free number they can call! I can pretty much guarantee you’ll get a boost in sales, even if you get no sales.


Credibility baby!

Don’t believe me that many niches would still rather a toll-free number, pre-recorded message or simply doing “old-school” methods of ordering? Well, in BOTH the niches I’m in with partners…the majority of customers prefer old-school.

The lesson is – do your research and don’t be naive in thinking that just because the Internet is more popular with “most” crowds..it is with yours.

#4 – You Can Razzle And Dazzle Your Customers

There’s nothing like calling up a company and speaking with a very friendly, very helpful customer support. NOTHING. Customers will go out of their way to order from you in the future, tell their friends, and make you a ton of money…if you simply have a real person they can talk to that’s very friendly and very helpful.

#5 – You WILL Make More Sales

I know I talked about this briefly in #3, but it’s probably the most important so listen up. If you simply add a toll-free number to your website, regardless of what you’re selling…you can see conversion boosts of up to 30% or higher. EVEN IF THEY NEVER CALL. The reason is simply because having a toll-free number shows that you’re a “real” business.

Remember…what do people fear about the Internet?

Getting ripped off.

So if you can prove you’re a real business, it lowers their defenses and makes them buy.

It’s a beautiful thing 🙂

So there you have it…5 reasons you need a toll-free number in your business. This is something I’ve only recently added to mine (my niche business), but the results so far are tremendous. I’ll be honest – I’ve known the power of them for awhile and it took me quite a bit of time to actually get one. Now that I have, I can’t believe I didn’t sooner!

So if I could say anything to you in this blog post…it’s to spend a few bucks (they’re cheap)…and get yourself a toll-free number. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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