6 Online Copywriting Tips for Increased Conversion Rate

If you’re trying to increase your conversion rate here are a few online copywriting tips that you can use to tip the balance in your favor.

So your sales page is just not getting the job done and you want to increase conversion rate, what can you do? There are many things that you might do but these 6 online copywriting tips will get you started in the right direction.

But before we get into the steps let’s talk bit about testing. To truly increase your conversion you must test, test, and test some more. In all honesty, split-testing is something that you need to do constantly. Just because something works and is hot right now it might not be so great a few weeks or even a few days down the road.

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6 Online Copywriting Tips To Increase Your Conversions

#1 – The Headline – You have probably heard the old adage “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.”

Not only is that adage true in the world that we live in, it is true in the virtual world of the Internet as well.

Your headline is the most important part of your sales page. If you want to increase website conversion this is the first place that you want to start testing. It’s your first impression and you want it to be interesting.

A good headline will intrigue your prospective customers and give them a glimpse into how your product or service will benefit them the most.

#2 – Call to Action – Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.

Don’t settle for one call to action at the bottom of the page, break up the copy with a call to action in appropriate places such as after a list of benefits, after testimonials, etc.

The call to action has to be powerful. You might have the most powerful sales page ever written but if your call to action is not equally powerful you are losing sales.

#3 – Down the Funnel – Ok so you have a great headline that grabs the attention of your reader, now what do you do with them?

Use a sub-headline below the main one and lead the reader into the body of your copy. Your headline grabbed the reader by the throat and drew them in, your sub-headline or opening paragraph now needs to tap them on the shoulder and say “look at this.”

You can also use subheads throughout your body copy. These break up the copy into easier-to-read chunks and helps your prospect scan the page easily.

#4 – Benefit and Bullets – People like bullet points because they break up text and draw attention, but what should they be drawing attention to?

The benefits that your product or service gives of course! Joe Consumer could really care less what the features of your product are until he learns what the product can do for him, so benefits before features.

Bullet points used to reinforce benefits first will increase website conversion greatly.

#5 – Graphics vs. Load Speed – Graphics are something that is both a blessing and a curse. Graphics may make a sales page look good but may not increase website conversion because too many will slow the loading of your page.

In today’s society people are used to instant gratification and if they click to load your page and it takes more than a few seconds they may just hit the back button.

Balance graphics and load speed carefully.

And as always… TEST to see if having graphics boosts your response.

#6 – Professionalism -“Ugly sells”… right?

That saying USED to be true, but it’s not anymore. Consumers expect a good looking website. Does it have to be a $10,000 design? Absolutely not. It simply needs to look modern, current and simple.

Stamford University conducted a study about the professional look of a sales page.

The study discovered that 46% of all Internet sales are lost because the sales page lacked a professional look.

To increase website conversion and avoid falling into that 46% you might want to have a professional website designer create your site or include logos from VeriSign or BBBOnline.

These logos alone will give your website a more professional look and lend credibility and increase website conversion.

Use These 6 Online Copywriting Tips And Boost Your Response

It’s one thing to look at this post and say “wow that sounds cool!”

… it’s quite another to actually get ideas, and take those ideas out into your website and actually implement them. I come across way too many business owners who think split-testing is a “nice” thing to do.

These days – it’s crucial. There are too many smart marketers coming online and you NEED to be split-testing.

So write down 1-3 new ideas you got from this post. Set up a few split-tests and see what happens.

Or… if you really ARE too busy – just shoot on over to my conversion rate optimization page and see how I can help you.

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