A Copywriting Tip That, If Not Addressed, Is Making Your Copywriting Go Down The Tubes

If you want to write copywriting that sells, there are many copywriting tips out there that will improve your writing.

Although most of them only slightly increase the response, when you add them up it creates a synergistic effect – leaving you with a great piece of copy.

The copywriting tip I’m going to talk about today is one I found out from Joe Vitale – which you can find at www.mrfire.com

Here is one of his great secrets to writing copy that sells…

Writing To Your 3 Types of Readers

When you write a piece of copy, there are actually 3 ways people are going to read it.

They are…

  1. The “Read Word For Worders”
  2. The Skimmers
  3. The Jumpers

If you write for only 1 of them – you’re leaving a lot of sales on the table. You see, since people read in a certain way – if your sales letter is set up in something different than what they like…they won’t read it.

So let’s go through each one and I’ll explain how to write to each type of reader. And by the way, this applies to both direct marketing copywriting as well as web site copywriting.

The Word For Worders

These are your prospects who will literally take 5-20 minutes to read through every single word on your page. They want to know every single detail about the product, what it offers, how to use it, what the price and guarantee is, and so on and so forth.

If you don’t explain every single piece of your copy, every detail of every story, and answer their objections that they’ll have – you’re going to lose them. They want to be absolutely certain that they’re making the right decision, so you need to make that decision for them by answering every single thing you possibly can.

The Skimmers

Skimmers are the people who will look at the headline, hardly look at any of the text after it, then keep on truckin’ down the page.

The only time they stop to look is when you have attention grabbers such as subheadlines, bulleted lists, bolded words or phrases, italics, underlining, different colored fonts, etc.

They’re also often impulse buyers. They may simply look at the page to get a feel for the product and if it seems like a good thing – they’ll buy on a whim and just return it if it’s not exactly what they thought.

Therefore, you need to make sure you give them enough information to be able to skim down the page in a matter of about 30 seconds and know exactly what the benefits are and what the price is.

The Jumpers

The jumpers are kind of a hybrid between word for worders and skimmers. They’ll skim the page until something grabs their attention. Then, they’ll dive into the copy until they’re bored and do the same process over and over again.

I’m personally a jumper. I will look at a headline and start reading the opening paragraph. If I have even the slightest interest in the product – I’ll skim down until something catches my eye.

If nothing does – good riddance!

Writing to these people requires a lot of interaction with the reader.

Maybe a small quiz on the site which gives you results, maybe asking them some questions, etc.

The key is that you need there to be a lot of attention-grabbers that will reel them in and hopefully land you a catch…

No matter how you write like now, on your next assignment try and write for all 3 people. At the very least, it will get you thinking creatively which may lead to some huge breakthroughs in your copy.

Just this one copywriting tip alone should increase your conversions and make you more money.

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