A Psychology Trick Used To Dive Into Your Prospects Mind

In my last post, , I told you about how you need to “dig a little deeper” into the psyche of your prospect to figure out what they’re REALLY thinking.

Not what it appears they’re thinking, or even what they say…but what’s hidden deep-down beneath the surface of their mind.

I told you in the last post how I was going to give you an example using my fiancee, so here it is:

One day I was asking my fiancee what body part she liked on guys – whether it was abs, chest, shoulders, arms, etc.

She told me she liked muscular arms, so I decided to act like a little kid and ask “why”?

After about 30 seconds, I ended up asking her exactly what part of arms she liked…and she said she didn’t really know, just that she liked them.

So, knowing that she really did know and just couldn’t put her finger on it, I rolled up my sleeve and asked her to show me exactly what she liked the best.

She ended up pointing to the part of my arm where my shoulder comes down into the middle of my arm to form the “V”.

But guess what – that’s not even your arms…that’s your shoulder!

So she in fact didn’t like nice arms, she likes nice shoulders…

Now, do you see where the psychological trick came into play? I know I’m talking about body parts and nothing with marketing, copywriting or advertising, but it’s nevertheless a great psychological trick.

At first, she didn’t know exactly what she liked…just that she did.

But I knew that deep-down she knew so I kept prodding…I kept asking questions.

Just like a 4 year old kid asks “why” repeatedly until they’re satisfied.

This is what you need to be doing when researching your ideal client.

You need to be going into forums, reading the same magazines as them, asking people you know personally who fit the description, actually calling them up on the phone…and asking “why, why, why”!

And not only why, but all you need to do is simply keep digging a little deeper. Make them think. In fact, when you’re interviewing the person – make them think so much their head starts to hurt!

Amazing things can happen when you just push a little harder…


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  1. DK Fynn August 26, 2008 at 10:02 am #

    I like this post, Jeremy. I don’t know if I’d ask “why” stright up, or at least not repeatedly. I get the feeling that if I kept asking “why,” the person might begin to feel interogated intstead of interviewed, so I’d use a less direct way of getting to the bigger, deeper issues.

  2. admin August 26, 2008 at 10:11 am #

    You’re completely right DK.

    When I wrote about asking “why, why, why,etc.” I didn’t mean LITERALLY asking the actual word why.

    I really meant just to keep asking question, keep prodding, and keep getting just a little bit deeper into their minds – like a chisel slowly working away at a stone.

    Sorry I wasn’t clear on that! 🙂


  3. Marcelino Latorre September 3, 2008 at 7:08 am #

    I really think this is good stuff..

    How to “dig a little deeper” into the psyche of your prospect to figure out what they’re REALLY thinking.

    Let’s think in along these lines and consider the fact that producing control smashing copy means 90% research and 10% creativity.

    I think the lesson in this is critical, the “focus group” method to isolating objections early in the copy means we need to gather up some ideas by asking questions to individuals around us.

    The more individuals we ask, the more ideas about “what can possibly make this deal kick” rises up to the surface.

    When a deal kicks that means in salesman’s terms that the potential buyer backed out at the end and didn’t buy.

    You can have strong copy all day long but if you don’t counter the objections then one is almost always guaranteed to creep up and cause you the sale at the end.

    Focus groups are the remedy to this madness.

    Ask questions to family, friends, co-workers, people on the forum, anybody basically thats willing to talk about weather or not they would buy the particular supplement, diet, or what ever.

    Then all we have to do is shut up and take notes.

    I hope this is helpful.

    For Families and Kids In Crisis,

    -Marcelino Latorre

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