Achieving Personal Goals – The New Way

I had the most bizarre thought a few weeks ago… one that has stuck with me as if it were covered in superglue and welded straight into my brain…

The thought was this…

What if I could create a way for people to make goals, and actually KEEP them over the long-term?

I know I know. That’ll never happen.

After all, you know what it’s like. You get super-excited about a new project or for your “New Years Resolution” (what a crock)… and just a few days or weeks later – the emotional high has faded away faster than a setting sun over the horizon.

But what if it WERE possible to create and achieve personal goals over several months, years, and even a lifetime?

I think I’ve done just that.

Achieving Personal GoalsFor the past few weeks I’ve been putting together what I think is the easiest route to achieving personal goals over the LONG term that I’ve ever come up with.

It’s a technique that will keep you laser-focused and also force your mind to start coming up with creative ways to achieve those goals you want to hit.

So let me explain exactly what it is.

As you can see to the picture on the left, this is a screen-shot (actually, several that I spliced together) of a page I put together which tracks ALL my personal goals in very, very distinct detail.

Right-click and save it to your desktop so you can see it much easier.

Here’s How I Use It To Achieve MY Personal Goals…

Every morning… I roll out of bed at 5:30 a.m.

I stumble down the hallway to my office, cringe from the blast of light which shoots through my eyes as I turn my computer on… and head down to get coffee and a glass of water.

When it’s done brewing, I bring my coffee and water up to the room… set them down on coasters (my wife would kill me if I didn’t), and look at my screen.

And THIS… is what I see. (I’ve whited-out all my actual goals as they’re pretty personal 🙂

You see… I actually this page set as my “homepage” in Firefox… so each time I start up Firefox, this is the page that comes up.

I’m also looking into figuring out a way for Dreamweaver to start up automatically. For right now I simply boot it up manually.

How To Use This Goal-Setting Template To Skyrocket Your Productivity

Since I began using this system a few weeks ago, my productivity has gone up tremendously.


Because I’m CONSTANTLY reminded of my major goals. I don’t let distractions get in the way and I can focus like crazy.

As you can see, I have it setup so it contains my weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. I also write down my daily goals on a physical daily-planner each night before I go to bed… and cross them off throughout the day as I complete them.

And most importantly… for each “quarterly” goal – I also write down EXACTLY how I’m going to make it happen.

Should You Start From The Daily Up… Or From Yearly Down?

Personally… I start with my major yearly goals, and work backwards. I think that’s much easier to do because you start out with a birds-eye view and narrow it down as you go.

But in all honesty, I think the most effective part of this system helping you achieve your personal goals is because you’re forced to write down your goals in specific detail. In other words… you’re forced to actually plan… the RIGHT way.

And of course, this is in a constant flux.

Some goals which were important to me a few weeks ago – aren’t anymore. Others I realized are more important… and that’s why I adjust it every single morning.

I Know What I’m Doing Each Month This Entire Year… Do You?

Look, it would be easy to look at this post and think “holy crap, that’s an awesome idea… I should do that!”….

… but then never actually do it.

But please don’t.

That’s the easy way out, and hopefully not the path for you.

YES – This takes a lot of time to setup…

YES – It takes a daily committment to keep on top of…

YES – Sometimes I don’t feel like updating it…

However – it’s going to probably double (probably closer to triple) my income this year.

And it will double or triple yours too, if you actually do it.

Try it out for yourself and as always, please let me know your thoughts, comments and suggestions below!

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