Why Stand-Up Comedians Make The Best Copywriters

Ever have the experience of being in the same place with someone else… being told the exact same joke… and having completely different reactions?

This happens a lot during comedian skits.

The reason behind it is actually very basic and simple… and has EVERYTHING to do with your success in business.

You see… the reason 2 people can be told the exact same joke and each person reacts in a completely different way is because the joke has 2 completely different meanings to each of those people.

Maybe it offends one person, not the other.

Maybe one person “gets it”, and it flies straight over the head of the other.

But the main reason is because 1 person relates to what was said, the other person doesn’t.

Ring a bell when it comes to marketing?

Think about it. Have you ever watched a comedy show and after laughing so hard you thought your eyes were gonna pop out… sat back and thought “Wow… that’s SO TRUE!”?

That’s exactly what YOU have to do if you want to be a great copywriter.

As your prospect reads further and further down the page, you want them having the exact same reaction. Obviously not laughing hysterically, but saying “wow, I totally get that”.

And if you’re telling them something they haven’t heard before and you’re bringing it full circle and relating it to something in their lives, they should say “that makes sense!”.

Get it?

It all comes down to understanding who you’re talking to.

Bad comedians can’t relate to their audiences.

Great comedians know their audiences… are amazing observers of daily life… and have the ability to communicate their “findings” usually in the way of stories.

You need to do the same in your marketing.

One little trick I like to do when I’m  having a hard time being empathetic with my audience is simply sitting back in my chair, closing my eyes and literally pretending I’m my prospect.

From the moment they wake up until they go to bed… what happens in their lives? How does the problem they’re having affect them physically, emotionally, spiritually? What frustrations will they have? What extra burdens are placed on their shoulders as a result of the problem your product or service fixes?

In order to be effective in your copy, you MUST know the answers to these questions.

So how you doing on getting these questions answered in your copy?

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