Breaking Down A Long-Form Salesletter

Just a very quick post today to direct you to a guest post of mine that was published yesterday (March 1st – my birthday!).

The post breaks down a long-form salesletter step-by-step… and even “calls out” people who think they’re a scammy waste of time.

You can check out the post here


It’s already built up a bunch of controversy at Ycombinator which you can check out here

Help me make these people understand the value of copy that is long enough to do everything good marketing needs… such as demonstrating the benefits, removing objections, etc. etc. etc.!

Let me know your thoughts either in the comments below, on the Visual Website Optimizer blog, or at Ycombinator.

And also be sure to hit the “Like” button on this page… I wanna get this message out to as many people as I can!

Enjoy it!


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