Breaking Down A "Next Level" Headline

I recently listened to 2 great marketers talk about how to create “next level” headlines. Headlines that not only get your prospects attention, but dive deep into the psyche of the reader and pull their hidden emotions out from under them.

The headline below is one of the headlines they talked about, and instead of making you listen to the entire conversation..I’m going to rip apart this incredible headline and show you all the psychological triggers that made it such a success.

The headline:

How to buy any 1 of these river oaks homes
with 0 down payment – even if you can afford to pay all cash

At first glance, this headline seems to be a good one but nothing spectacular – right?

But think about it…the people they’re targeting are those who don’t have a lot of money. The first part of it, “how to buy any 1 of these river oaks homes with 0 down payment” is very intriguing because the people looking to buy those homes probably don’t have much (or anything) for a down payment.

So there’s a huge plus right there.

But the second part of the headline – “even if you can afford to pay all cash” – is what makes it pop.

Can you figure out why? Turn your head away from the computer and give yourself a second to think about it.

Get it yet?

How bout now?

Ok…I’ll get to it – hopefully you’ve thought about it and came up with your own conclusion.

Here is why it’s such a great headline…

The people looking to buy these houses don’t have much money – as I said before. And, what to people hate to admit?

That they don’t have much money!

It’s embarrassing. It’s humiliating. It causes more stress than almost anything else on Earth.

By saying that “even if they have enough money to pay cash” it eliminates the embarrassment factor.

Because if they kept only the first part of the headline, they would be admitting they were broke. And like I said, nobody wants to do that.

But by saying, “even if you can afford to pay all cash” it allows the person who doesn’t have money to call and say to themselves “you don’t know if I’m a cash buyer or not – I might be rich but you don’t know that or not!”

Do you see how powerful that is?

Finding a next-level headline takes considerable time and dedication to finding out the hidden emotions that cause your prospects to buy.

Think a little deeper. Research them more. Ask your ideal prospect exactly what fears and motivations they have that would cause them to buy a product like yours.

Many times, they won’t even know! That’s why you need to keep asking “why” – just like a 4 year old child.

In my next blog post I’m going to share with you how I did this with my fiancee when we were talking about what body part she likes best on a guy. The funny part is – I actually had to tell HER what she liked because she didn’t know!

How’s that for understanding your prospect?

Until next time…


P.S. Have a story you want to tell about how you dug a little deeper and found some hidden motivations in your prospect? Let us know about it!

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