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In this episode, we switch things up and talk about a few of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the past 6 months for building a bulletproof brain to feel better, become more productive, and become a better thinker – all by taking control of your health! Enjoy 😉

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Hey what is going on guys and girls. This is Jeremy Reeves with another episode of The Sales Funnel Mastery Podcast and I hope you all had a very, very fun Halloween. If you have kids, then you know, hopefully you took them trick or treating, well maybe not until like 16, that be kind of weird, but if you have young kids I should say or if you you know, did the whole trick or treating thing with people coming to your door, I hope that was fun.

We had our boys out last night and it was freezing here in PA. I think it was, probably like below 30s you know, by the time we got home so it was really cold. I am not looking forward to the cold weather, but it is what it is.

So today — actually, I have a really quick update first before we get into it.

So the webinar project right, the high-ticket project that I am working on that I have been telling you about over the last couple of weeks is almost done.

In fact, the product itself I actually just finished you know, there are some little tweaks and added some stuff here and there, one or two little things that I have to add, things like that, but you know, it is essentially done and one of my things that I am doing today is actually getting it set up in the membership and like kind of getting all that prep and all that and then I have to actually put together a webinar you know, that is going to sell the course on doing webinars, right.

So first of all, you know, I am planning on launching that in the next 2 weeks.

So November 14th is, hopefully, the starting date. We are going to find out — I do not like to rush launches. A lot of people — a lot of my clients — you know, they will come to me and say, hey I want to launch tomorrow you know.

And I do not like doing that. I always like to get myself extra time to really do it properly, to make sure everything is set up right and all that.

So as of right now I am planning on launching that course on November 14th and I am really excited. It is going to be freaking awesome. Everybody I have shown into so far is like, oh my God, this like a total game changer. It is like completely — unlike anything else it is out there right now.

So I am really, really excited about that and I will tell you why it is so awesome as we kind of come closer to it right.

So if you are in the market for doing something high ticket. If you have anything high ticket, I would highly suggest not getting anything else until I launched that course because I am telling you right now it is going to be absolutely just completely game changing for you.

If you have a webinar and it is not converting well or if you want to put together a webinar and it is just been a giant pain in the ass hint.. hint.. it is going to be perfect for you hint.. hint.. and yeah so that is it.

So today, I want to go — I want to talk about something a little bit off topic right.

It is not technically about business, but it is about productivity right and that is health, okay.

So I actually just cut down — I have been — when it was, let us see — about the middle in March maybe early April something like that, I was 195 pounds. I was — I have been fluctuating a lot you know in my life and I think the highest now — I am only 5’9 by the way, so I am not a tall guy.

The highest I have ever been was 205. I think that was when Katie was pregnant with Connor. I kind of did the whole you know, she is pregnant so I am going to eat like she does.

Even though you know, the whole pregnancy myth with you know, eating everything is you know, that is also a myth. You really only need like 3 to 500 extra calories a day.

But you know, so my wife does not even really eat all that much extra you know, definitely extra, but not like you know, disgusting huge, you know, gross meals every night.

But anyway, so in March or April I was 195 pounds and I remember going back like I was — every single day, I would get really tired in the afternoon. I would get my 2 waves of tiredness so to speak would be between 1 to 2 o’clock and then between 6 to 7 o’clock.

So I was getting two different points in the day where I was getting really tired right and I mean like you know, like I am about to pass out tired right.

And I have never eaten horribly right. I have always had like a semi-healthy you know, lifestyle.

My problem back then was you know, I would drink like high-calorie beers and stuff at night and that kind of thing. My nighttime is really bad you know, I would have a giant bowl of popcorn with butter something like that. So that was one of the big things.

But what I have noticed as I have really cleaned up my diet and my exercise program since November so how many months that is, it is like the last 6 or 7 months whatever that is — is that my productivity has gone way up right.

And that is why I want to talk about it today, right. And because a lot of people on this are probably you know, you are probably a little bit overweight or a lot overweight or you are — maybe even if you are not like you have really good genes and you are not overweight, but you still eat bad, it is still going to drastically affect your mental performance right and as entrepreneurs, that is really, really, really important because if you are not there mentally right, if you do not have a clear sharp mind, you are not going to be able to come up with new creative, innovative, breakthrough ideas, right.

You are going to go through your day just kind of like forcing yourself to get it done rather than having the motivation to get everything done rather than having the excitement to get your work done rather than coming and waking up energized and ready to tackle the day, right.

So a couple of things that really helped me right.

Number one is no breakfast. Huge, huge, huge breakthrough for me was no breakfast, right. And a lot of people are thinking, oh my God I am going to be starving in the morning. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

No. You really won’t.

Now some people do.

It does take a little bit of a period until like kind of get used to it.

Now I have never been a huge fan of breakfast, but I have always eaten it just because I thought I was supposed to, just because you know, breakfast you know, “is the most important meal of the day.”

It turns out that is absolutely not true. Whoever you heard that from, not that they are lying, but basically, the what happened was — back in the — I think it was the 60s. I might be off from the timeline, but 60s give or take a decade or two, the people that started saying that were you know, where do you think I am going to this?

The people that came up with that idea guess what they sold? Breakfast food, right. They were marketers. Just like the people that came out seasonal affective disorder. That is not actually a real thing, right. It is just something that has been implanted into like the minds of American citizens you know and then the people that are making these things up are then selling the solution. It is actually a brilliant marketing technique, but when it comes to eating breakfast, it is absolutely not necessary whatsoever. It has nothing to do with your metabolism, right. This has been proven like a thousand times that not having breakfast does nothing to your metabolism at all, right. It actually, it takes like 2 or 3 days of eating nothing for your metabolism to really start dropping a lot.

So if you are worried about like your metabolism dropping. It will not happen. I promised you, okay.

You can look up the research. I am not going to go through it all right now because I do not have it in front of me, but you know, it is — basically, there is zero evidence of it reducing metabolism, okay.

The second thing is — oh well, I am going to be like — I am going to be hungry all morning.

When you first do this, right. If you eat breakfast every morning, you are in the habit of eating breakfast and because of that habit, your mind is going — your body goes through these you know, these habits.

So if you wake up and the first thing you do is put food, put calories in your body. Your body is going to expect that.

So the first week maybe 2 weeks, you might still a little be – be a little bit hungry.

What you can do to stay that off is drink a little bit more coffee right that helps blunt your appetite and also, big thing that I have done is carbonated water or like seltzer water or something, some kind of non-calorie — please do not drink diet soda, it is gross, except for like a treat once in a while.

Something you can put in your body that is carbonated because it fills up your stomach right. That helped me a lot.

Now these days, like I am up at 5:30 in the morning. I usually do not eat until 12 to 1 o’clock, right.

So I am going like whatever that is like 6-1/2 or 7 hours, I do not really get hungry right and it is because I have trained my body to do that, okay.

So the first thing is no breakfast. You are going to instantly drop weight because what happens is, if you have like a 2000 calories you know, if you are eating 2000 calories to say, and you are eating like a 4 or 500 calorie breakfast well now you can put that into like your dinner right.

If you have the same lunch no breakfast now you can have a 4 or 500 calorie extra for dinner and still have the same amount of calorie.

So you can have such more amazing meals, okay.

So it just makes it way, way easier okay. So that has been a huge thing for me.

Second thing is, in terms of like mental performance energy that kind of thing, is for your lunches, low carbs okay, because carbs are going to make you tired right.

When you get that blood sugar spike, when it comes down right that is when you get really lethargic and that is why I used to get at 1 or 2 o’clock, I would get that you know, that drop right and the same thing (inaudible 10:18.2) because we eat at 5.

So like within the next hour to 2 hours, you are going to just you know, hit a rock and if you do not want to do that anymore, try eating lunches with lower carbs okay.

Now I am not one of these people like, carbs are not enemy. I eat a lot of carbs you know, today actually, I am eating a giant thing of chicken and rice for lunch and I am eating pasta for dinner, right.

Now I am in a bulking stage now actually because I got out in 170s. Now I am going to start putting on some muscle. So I am actually eating a little bit more, but you know, in a normal day, I do not really eat that many carbs for lunch, right, when I am cutting.

Now I added them back in because I am bulking and I am also going to do a huge you know, big long workout right before my lunch so that kind of counteracts the carbs, okay. So that is another thing.

But in general, if you want a clear sharper you know, faster mind and you do not want to be tired throughout the afternoon, then eat low carbs for lunch and therefore, you are going to get more fats, right.

Fats help fuel your brain. They are going to help you again, you know, have a clear sharper mind. So add some more fats. Add some coconut oil. Add some nuts. Add some really good healthy omega-3s, some Fish oil you know, Fish oil supplements are really good for brain function you know.

Have a cup of coffee you know depending on how much you drink in the afternoon, I mean in the morning, you do not have too much because you can definitely have too much. I think they recommend about 400 mg a day.

So depending on — you should also look into where you are getting your caffeine. So like a Starbucks coffee, I think has about 400 mg which is like insane. That is called the Robusta bean. You probably want to look for Arabica beans. They have like, it is like a 3rd or a 4th Robusta.

So anyway, so eat you know, eat healthy omega-3 fats you know, salmon, nuts, you know, have a steak you know, good grass fed steak even for lunch you know, smaller one probably because a huge (inaudible 12:30.4) get you tired probably.

Next thing is, do a little workout. So I started adding in a workout right before lunch because I know that at 1 or 2 o’clock, I am going to get tired and I realized that well, you know, if I do a workout like kind of in that period right before I am going to get tired, then it is going to help kind of reboot myself, right.

So I work from you know, I get up at 5:30. I work from about 6 until 11:30 or so and then I do a workout you know, it depends anywhere between 15 minutes to like 45 minutes, depending on what I am doing that day, depending you know, some days I go for a quick fast run. Yesterday, I did sprints. Today, I am doing strength training. Tomorrow, I will probably going to do a circuit training workout. So it is kind of like a mix of you know jump roping and burpees and box jumps and sledge hammer swings and that is where you get a sledge hammer and you hit a tire essentially. And you know, things like that right, kickboxing I put into that. So I do a mix of that type of stuff.

So try adding in a workout right. And by the way, with all the stuff adding them one at a time do not let go and change everything that you do, just add it one at a time.

And then the next thing is — another thing that I do with my lunch is I take a greens drink, right.

So it is really good to get your body in the alkaline state. If you get into too much of an acidic state, right, and that is from things you know, if you look in like a pH scale that you learned in high school you know, there is the acidic side of things so you know, coke right, not cocaine you know, soda is really acidic; alcohol is really acidic; meats are acidic, you know, basically, anything processed is acidic.

And then you have the alkaline state and that is what makes you feel better right, is vegetables are alkaline you know, most healthy foods are alkaline you know, and you could look up kind of tables that show you what is alkaline, what is acidic that kind of thing. So just add in more alkaline.

I am not really a big fan of adding only alkaline because you know, this people that only eat alkaline foods they do not realized that your body needs both right, you need both for different things you know, it is kind of like — a lot of people when they are reducing inflammation, they actually have so many inflammation reducers that they do not have enough inflammation in their body right, because you need a certain amount. Your body is — it wants to stay in homeostasis. It wants to be balanced right. It needs balance kind of like business plan or kind of like life you know, you need balance. Too much of one thing and you start kind of going off the edge.

So just start adding in more alkaline state but with the greens drink, I drink 1 cup of (inaudible 15:29.3) vibrance and it is — you can get it from Amazon. I think it is like I do not know $40 or $42 something like that for 30-day supply and basically, it is just a little scoop of you know, greens. There is all this like crazy you know, stuff in there (inaudible 15:44.9) you know, cracked wheat and like all this kind of crazy stuff that you would never normally get in your diet and you just put it in the glass and drink it you know, the first couple of times you drink it is going to be gross of course you know, you are drinking a big thing of greens, but then it actually taste like I do not mind the taste at all now.

It actually kind of gets you out of that. People that eat a lot of sugar, if they eat something that is not sugary, they think it is disgusting, but it is funny like once you stopped eating a lot of sugar — I actually do not like sweets that much you know, even you know, coming home from Halloween last night, I only ate like 2 or 3 little candy bars like I am good now. It is because you know, my body does not crave it because I do not really eat it that much. I ate healthy food now and I do not really crave sweets any more you know, except for like a good pie like an apple pie, oh man, I love that. That is my kryptonite, that and peanut butter ripple like the vanilla ice cream with peanut butter on it. Oh man, although that is not really a sweet. That is more of a fatty meal.

But anyway, so I do that after lunch, has tons of probiotics in it which are super, super, super healthy. It keeps your gut you know, your gut balance, your gut flora in check which is actually also helps you think better and clear and feel better and that kind of thing. Makes you less tired.

And so those are you know, some of the things that I am doing in my life.

So to kind of recap, number one, do not eat breakfast. It is going to help you — first of all, it is going to help you increase productivity because you do not have to be worrying about food right, and also, you just focus better.

I focus better when there is no food in my body because my body is not worried about digestion you know, digestion slows you down.

So when you do not have food in your body, you can then like your resources can kind of go to your brain you know.

You can also try to add in a bulletproof coffee which is basically — it is essentially coffee if you never heard of it. It is coffee with butter and MCT oil which is all really like it is kind of like brain food you know, because like I said, really, really healthy fats are basically brain food you know, that is what your brain thrives on.

So if you eat a higher fat you know, diet then you are going to think better. It is better for (inaudible 18:10.0) than higher carb diet.

So that is what I do, like right now, I am doing 40% fat, 30% protein, and 30% carbs you know, and it is because you know, you need a balance again you know, I know me like if I go too low in carbs I feel horrible. If I go too high in carbs and too low in fats, I feel horrible and if I go too low on protein I noticed a significant decreased in my strength right and so I need a balance, not shocking you know.

So but I do a little higher fats because more of like the brain power you know, the mental kind of brain power.

So do higher fats and so you can try adding bulletproof coffee in. You can try not eating breakfast and that is just going to help you lose weight which is automatically going to help you feel better, you know, because the less fat that you have on you, the less toxins that are in your body because your toxins are held in your fat right.

So when you start losing fat, those toxins get released because your body like they kind of infect your body and so the less of them that you have, the better you are going to feel.

Next thing is lunches. Eat smaller lunches, bigger dinners right. That has helped me quite a bit.

When it comes to lunches you know, again, go for like a lower carb lunch because carbs are going to slow you down. Digestion slows you down, but carbs especially kind of make you tired because they release various chemicals that make you tired. It is actually good eating carbs right before bed because you kind of get into like tired state and then you can fall asleep easier.

A lot of people actually will eat like tablespoon of honey at like 9:30 or 10:00 right before they go to bed because it helps their body just kind of calm down and relax and you know, and that kind of thing.

So yeah, smaller lunches with higher fat and then also workout you know, so sometime whenever you naturally get tired add in a workout like an hour or so before that, an hour to two hours to say because it is going to kind of reboot you. It is going to recharge you, you know, and if you do it in the middle of the day kind of gives you like a nice you know, again, it kind of just reboots you like you know, I am working from 6 until like 11:30 or so and then I get a workout. So by 11:30, my brain is starting to you know, starting to drop off a little bit. So when I am able to do that workout and get more oxygen flown through my body, get the energy level, get the blood pump in, then I feel better and I kind of get like a second wind for the afternoon, okay.

And then, you know, when I am done working around 3 or so, then I can just kind of chill and relax my feeling. So that is another thing.

Another thing actually that I have noticed is if you are feeling tired and this is more of a disciplined thing. If you are feeling tired right. If you are feeling just sluggish and tired at you know, 1 or 2 or 3 or you know, whenever you are kind of tired state is, consider taking a nap you know, take a nap somewhere between 15 to 25 minutes. Do not go above half hour because you start shifting into the next phase of sleep.

It takes you know, basically up to about half hour where the first stage of sleep essentially REM I think it is where basically your mind like you do not get into a deep — like there is kind of 2 stages. There is one where your brain kind of recharges right and that is the first one, that is REM sleep. I am pretty sure it is REM sleep.

Basically the connections that you have made. They all get like sorted out right, essentially and you just get like a quick little boost right, whereas if you get into, if you start going into the deeper sleep that is when it repairs your tissues and your muscles and like it does that like deep tissue repair process.

You do not want to get into that throughout the day, that is for nighttime because your body essentially is working so hard. It essentially like shuts your brain down so that it can have the energy and the resources to be able to repair your body, okay.

So think of it that way, like short is just kind of brain boost you know, brain recharge and longer is like a deep tissue repair, okay, and you only want to stay in that first one and that is like within a half hour or so you know, that is why a lot of people they wake up from nap (inaudible 22:36.4) okay, while if you take a nap and it is only you know, 20 or 25 minutes you are not going to fall into that state you know and a lot of times like I will wake up and I cannot even think I am so tired — not really anymore I have been taking a lot of nap in a very long time because of all these things and I do not really get tired in the afternoon anymore, but when I used to do this you know, I would take a nap and like 20 minutes and I will be you know, jumping, roaring, and ready to go.

So try that you know, add that into your thing on the days where you just, you know, you cannot think of anything because otherwise, you just kind of sit there and stare at the computer and that is obviously not productive. So you might as well go and take 20 minutes, take a quick little nap and then come back and you know, be ready to hit it again.

I would say the final thing is make sure you are getting good quality sleep you know. Make sure you are going to bed at decent time and make sure that your — and this is one that I still struggle with.

Make sure that your you know, you are not watching TV or playing games or things like that on your phone right before bed you know, you should essentially be trying to stay away from blue light for about you know, 2 hours before you are going to bed you know, and I again, this is one I still struggle with because I still you know, I like to watch TV you know, God forbid an entrepreneur watches TV, you need to be at work all the time, oh my God, oh my God. No, I have a couple of TV shows that I really loved you know, I am watching The Walking Dead now, the Blacklist. I cannot wait for stranger things to come back in July, it is one of my favorite shows ever. If you have not seen Stranger Things it is on Netflix, you absolutely need to watch it. It is freaking ridiculous.

But you know, so there is a couple of shows you know, I think Game of Thrones is going to be starting soon.

So anyway, so those are a couple of my tips that I have used not only to lose a lot of weight in the last whatever 6 or 7 months, but also just to feel better. I mean my energy levels are so much higher now than they used to be and I just feel better. I am stronger you know, it is just — I think way, way better than I used to because my brain has the you know, the nutrients and needs to be able to you know, make the connections.

So anyway, I hope that helps you. I know it was a little bit off topic you know, it is not really about business, but it is extremely important because if your mind does not clear, if you are tired, if you are sluggish, then you are not going to be able to think properly. You are not going to be able to think clearly and you know, you are not going to — those breakthrough ideas are not going to happen for you.

So I hoped you enjoyed this. Let me know if you like topics like this that are not you know, 100% business related but they still have to do with business because they you know, directly affect your brain you know. Brain health is one area that I am really getting into now and I am trying out a couple of (inaudible 25:35.2) and you know, essentially brain pills like that. I am going to start adding in bulletproof coffee, I was never a huge fan, but I want to kind of retry it just to see how it works with my you know, with my brain and I had some stomach issues when I tried the last time. So I am going to try it again.

But anyway, so that is it. Again, the webinar product is coming out either the next 2 weeks or 3 weeks. If it is not the 14th, it is going to be the 21st that I will launch that. So keep your eyes and ears open for that.

The week that I do launch it I am probably going to have multiple podcasts in that week as part of the launch so that will be kind of cool and you will be getting like you know, couple podcast from me.

So anyway, that is it for me today. If you — by the way, if you have a high ticket item and you have been thinking about working with us and having us you know, do it and done for you automated webinar, I would get in touch now because once we launch this, it is — we are going to kind of specialized in that and it is going to be — we are going to get a lot of new clients that are looking for done for you webinars.

So if you have been thinking about working with us for a done for you webinar or even coaching, that is also going to be one of the packages, then I would probably reach out now and kind of get you know, jump ahead of the curve here because, again, we are going to get really, really, really busy, okay.

So I hope you enjoyed this. I will talk to you next time and yeah, just you know, make sure that you take health into consideration because it is really, really important you know, for your business, for your just overall energy levels and how you feel everyday and I can tell you now like looking back to how you used to feel, you would like — if you are overweight and you you know, if you are not eating healthy when you switch you will notice a huge difference and it is one of those things you do not realized how bad you felt until you feel good you know.

You do not realized how bad you felt until you feel good. Once you feel good then you look back and you are like oh my God, how do they even get through the day you know, it is one of those things.

So take that into consideration. I hope this helps you. All these things that I have done, I do on a daily basis and they have all helped me. This is the biggest changes I have made and they made a huge impact. So I hope enjoyed this. I will talk to you soon. Bye.

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