Business Lessons From My Trip To Tahoe

I just posted a new podcast. I thought it might be cool to switch it up this week and NOT tell you how to get more business.

Instead, I’ll tell you what to do when you have TOO MUCH business.

It’s a good listen.

Lots of cool little strategies packed into this one. Make sure you listen to it today or over the weekend.

Also, I wanted to show you a few pics from my recent trip.

It begins in Reno…

A client of mine flew me out to Reno a few Sunday ago for a Funnel Day. We had a blast and finalized an extremly unique/powerful strategy I’ve never seen done before.


By anyone.

After our day together, I decided to take an extra day to drive to Lake Tahoe and hike it.

I coudln’t hike the mountain I wanted (Mt. Tallac) because there were 6ft snow drifts all through it. So I decided to drive around the lake and figure out what I wanted to do.

First stop – Emerald Lake.

Note: None of the following pictures do the real experience justice. At all. This first one made my jaw drop.

After going here I drove around for a few hours, and headed to breakfast. Struck up a chat with the waitress, and she pointed me in the direction of another trail.

So I started climbing.

Here was the first great view, about 30 minutes into the hike.

The first trail only took me up to a little over 7,000 ft… and I wanted more.

So, of course, I decided to get a little bold.

I went completely off the path, climbing up the woods themselves. It was TOUGH. At this point it was snowing (pretty heavily), which it ended up doing for the final 3 hours of the hike.

I finally got to the top.

And then THIS happened.

At this point I was almost 9,000 ft high. I was getting lightheaded (just a little), and breathing was actually becoming fairly hard.

So after I saw this storm rolling in, I decided it might be a good idea to head back down. After all, I was by myself.

Overall the trip was great. I got a day of “refresh” time. Saw one of the most beautiful places on Earth (highly recommend Lake Tahoe if you get a chance to go there). And was able to meet my client in person.

The Business Lesson?

Actually there are a lot. Here are a few.

1) Meeting your clients in person can do wonders for your business. It establishes a much more deep bond which leads to higher sales, more loyalty and just a better overall experience for you both.

2) Don’t always be thinking about business. I work my ass off, day in and day out, but sometimes other things are more important.

  • Like taking off 1/2 of a Friday to golf with my Dad who has stage 4 cancer and likely won’t be with us much longer.
  • Or taking the opportunity to visit Lake Tahoe, since I’m a nature lover and love hiking.
  • Or ending my day early the other day when my wife finally got her driving license back, after 4 years, so we could go for a ride together and celebrate. (She has Epilepsy)

3) Share stories with your audience. The world is moving away from faceless brands and more towards personality-driven brands. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Hope you have an amazing Friday/weekend. My little guy (Logan) turns 1 in a few days and we’ll be celebrating with family and friends tomorrow. Then my wife and I will be attending a charity event on Sunday to support my other son, Connor, who has autism.

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