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How To Launch A New Product Into A Crowded Marketplace

This week, we talk about how to launch a new product into a crowded marketplace. I’ll walk you step-by-step through exactly what I’m about to do for a client in the beauty industry to help them maximize their revenue with minimal risk. Enjoy!Continue reading

5 Stages Of Market Sophistication

In this episode, I walk you through the 5 stages of market sophistication. This is a copywriting principle and persuasion technique that VERY few people know about, and even fewer talk about. However it’s one of the most important factors in the failure or success of a campaign, and a must-know for every marketer on Earth!Continue reading

Using Metrics To Catapult Your Business Growth – Safely

In today’s episode we dive into one of those “bland yet unbelievably important” topics – metrics. Metrics are the LIFEBLOOD of your business yet probably 10% or less of companies really track them properly and use them to grow their business effectively. In this episode I’ll show you exactly what metrics to track, how, and how to use the data to skyrocket your business growth.Continue reading

How Nate Smith Grew His Business 8x In One Year

In this episode, we chat with Nate Smith. Nate is pretty new to the entrepreneur game yet was able to 8x his business in a SINGLE year. We talk about exactly how he did that, what he learned through his experience and so much more!

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My New Favorite Page Building Tool

Today we discuss one of my FAVORITE new tools to design and build all your pages throughout your website and funnel. PLUS… how to get my copy templates (normally $197) for FREE when you decide to invest in it! We’ll talk about the ease of use, how fast it is to get new pages up, plus the test I conducted on page speed which was insane. Enjoy!

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