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Growing Your Profit In Waves

I’ve been thinking about my business a lot lately.

You see.. I’m the kind of person who gets really excited over the little things.

If I’m writing copy and come up with a perfect phrase – I literally have to get out of my seat and tell somebody. If I’m fishing and throw a perfect cast, placing it in the exact spot I wanted it to go… I get pumped inside. If I’m working out and lift a weight I’ve never done before – I run and tell my wife after I’m done.

And when it comes to business – this can sometimes be a FATAL mistake…Continue reading

3 Ways To Increase Your Client Relationships

Whether you’re a business owner trying to improve the relationship you have with your customers… or a copywriter trying to improve the relationships you have with your clients, this can have a tremendous impact on your life and business.

Relationships are the foundation of everything.

Families… businesses… friendships… everything.

If you don’t have a solid, trusting relationship, you should not be working together. It’s as simple asContinue reading

Is Your Copy “Working” For You?

A few minutes ago I was talking to a buddy of mine who had a fellow copywriter sitting next to him (I didn’t know the copywriter was sitting next to him).

Somehow – I managed to say that the copy on a certain website “sucks”.

… little did I know that Continue reading

Killing Your Ego

Over the weekend I had a lot of time to think.

For the first time in probably 12 weeks… I had no parties, no holiday celebrations, no birthdays, and no plans with friends.

And I LOVED it.

Spending time with just my wife was incredible (Saturday night we watched “Dinner With The Schmucks”, which was hilarious)… and I also got more time to meditate and reflect.

At some point during the weekend I started thinking about how your ego alone can absolutely murder your business.

I think it may have come after thinking about an ex-client who literally told me…Continue reading

Improving Net Profit With Coolness

The goal of any business is a pretty common one – improving net profit.

However, although everybody (myself included) always wants to make more money…. one thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes direct response marketers will only do activities that show them specifically how much money they’ve made because of that activity.

… and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Here’s why.Continue reading

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