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A Valuable Marketing Lesson From My Son

When my son Connor was just a teeny, tiny little baby… he taught me a valuable lesson about marketing (and life).

You see… he was teething. The poor kid’s teeth were sprouting up through his gums and was as miserable as a pirate with no booze.

There was NOTHING I could do to stop him.

And I thought to myself…

… “Wow, even though this screaming is making me go crazy – I’d do it ALL over again… many times!”

And when it comes to selling your product or service, that’s the kind of mindset you want YOUR customers and clients to have.

There’s a certain “line” people will cross to get what they want. If they want and need a new car… they’ll spend dozens of hours researching new cars, shopping, dealing with annoying car salesmen, etc. to make sure they get one.

If they want a new house… same thing.

If they want a new fishing boat, many people will pick up a second job for a few months so they can afford it.

The trick is to make your product or service SO valuable that money doesn’t matter. Because when it comes down to it, money is the final barrier to whether or not someone buys your product.

That’s why you need a great unique selling proposition. You need a great offer. Your copy should make your prospects drool at the mouth and stay engaged.

It’s A Simple Shift In Mindset That’s Needed

That’s all.

Stop looking at your prospects as numbers, and enter yourself into the conversation going on inside their head. Then steer that conversation in a way that makes your product/service irresistible… and you’ll see your sales skyrocket.

Want to see a great example of all this?

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It’s a PERFECT example of a product so valuable that any “real” business owner couldn’t pass it up. It combines information that will help anybody selling something online, at a very affordable price, and an offer that’s irresistible.


Jeremy Reeves
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How To Overcome Business Challenges

A few weeks ago, I was flipping through the TV channels and came across a man wrestling an alligator.

Due to my intense curiosity, I couldn’t help but leave it on and see how it ended.

After a few minutes of battling, the alligator lurched forward and clamped his powerful jaws around the man’s head.


After watching it to make sure the guy was OK (this dude was one tough SOB), I started thinking…Continue reading