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The RIGHT Way To Set Goals For Yourself

Setting goals for your business is one thing I think many people have a hard time doing.

Maybe because they can’t visualize something not true yet, maybe because it’s extra work, or maybe because it’s “weird”.

Whatever… the reasoning doesn’t matter.

The point is – if you’re not setting goals for yourself… you’d better start today. They’re amazingly powerful.

Enough of that though – I’m going to assume you DO set goals for yourself. And I’m going to explain how you should set your goals depending on YOUR personality. This is something I don’t think I’ve personally ever heard anybody talk about – but it’s an amazingly effective way to figure out how you should be setting your goals.

Ok so first thing’s first.

What Type Of Personality Are You?

In terms of setting goals, I see 2 main types of personalities.

Personality #1 – Shoots For The Stars – This is the person who needs to continually improve by fighting his/her way to more demanding challenges. This is the type I am. For example if you tell me I can’t do something – you can bet your ass that I  WILL do it – come hell or high water. If they’re currently making $5k per month in their business…they would want to shoot for something like $20k per month. It might not be realistic to some people, but to them… why not?

Personality #2 – Needs To Stay Comfortable – This is the person who wants to set smaller goals. In other words, more “realistic” goals (I’ll get into the reasons why later). If they’re currently making $5k per month in their business, a goal they set might be to hit $7k per month – which would be realistic.

So the question then becomes – how do you know which one YOU are?

Here are a few ways of figuring it out.

If you’ve ever set a goal for yourself, didn’t hit it…and got depressed/angry/upset/frustrated/etc…. you’re probably personality type #1.

If the goals you’re setting for yourself are “realistic” and on the smaller side… you’re probably personality type #2.

On the other hand…

If you set goals for yourself that are HUGE. Goals that you tell others about and they make funny faces at and give sarcastic remarks… you’re personality type #1.

So which one are you?

What you need to do is figure out which one YOU are, and stick with it. There is no right or wrong here. Some people do better by constantly pushing themselves as hard as they can, because they have higher self-esteem (usually). This works for them.

For others, they’re better off setting smaller, more attainable goals. This works for them because they’re realistic, attainable with a little extra work… and that’s what motivates them to hit them.

The point is… I see a lot of people “wanting” to be the type of person who sets huge goals, even if they have the #1 personality type. What you need to understand is that when it comes to making goals, do whatever works best for you.

That’s the key.

It’s NOT showing off to your buddies, or trying to be tough, or trying to impress yourself. It’s figuring out what works best for you, and getting to work immediately by doing that.

Now… take a few minutes to decide which of those 2 personality types you are… write down your goals you want to accomplish in May… and get ‘er done!

Silly Humans…Resolutions Are For Losers!

Another year, come and gone. What did YOU accomplish this year?

Hopefully you’re in better shape today than you were on December 31st of 2008, are more happy, have more wealth, more time-freedom, and your business is going through the roof.

Unfortunately, for everybody that didn’t happen. Those people got caught up in the day-to-day, trying to “maintain” or thinking they would get something done tomorrow when they could have gotten it done today.

And that brings me to today’s topic…

Why New Years Resolutions Are A Bunch Of BS

It amazes me that people will try to think of New Years Resolutions up to an entire month (sometimes more) to figure out what they’re going to accomplish next year.

Because after all – “next year will be different” – right?

Ha! Yea right. People have been saying that their entire lives, yet each year…no improvement happens.

So let me ask you something.

If you have a New Years Resolution you want to start tomorrow…why are you starting TOMORROW?

Why not today?

Why not yesterday?

Why not 6 months ago?

In my eyes, resolutions are a false hope we create for ourselves to make ourselves feel better thinking that next year might be different. Deep down we know nothing is REALLY going to change in the long-term…we’re simply deluding ourselves into thinking it is.

Here’s What You Need To Do Instead

Instead of making a resolution, or saying “I’ll do it next week”, or pretending you’re going to plan it out first and get your idea perfect before implementation…just do the damn thing right then and there.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll be able to pull it together in the future – just sit yourself down for 30 minutes, make a game-plan on how you’re going to fix whatever problem you’re having with your personal life, health, business, etc….and implement it THAT DAY!

And while you’re figuring out your game plan theirs one thing you must understand…

You need to find the ROOT of the problem you’re having.

Here’s an example.

Can’t motivate yourself to work out? You might think it’s because you don’t like working out…but the root problem may simply be that you don’t like doing the TYPE of workouts you’re doing, or you don’t like the PLACE you’re working out at.

Think deep to figure out the real problem, and you’ll not only get fix the problem much more quickly, but it will be a long-term solution instead of a pipe-dream.

Now That My Rant Is Over…

I just want to take a minute to thank everybody who has read this blog, commented on it, helped me with improvements, been a client of mine, told others about the blog, purchased The 30 Day Copywriting Challenge, and everybody else I’ve talked to this year!

I wish you the BEST of luck in 2010 and hope your business goes through the roof, and I also hope you can find ways to not only make more money, but become healthier, more happy, more peaceful  and anything else “good” that you can think of 🙂

Happy New Year!

Will You Stand And Get Soaked…Or Sprint To Dry Land?

I spent the past weekend in Philadelphia with my family and fiancee Katie.

And on Saturday in the parking lot of the Phillies stadium…something pretty crazy happened.

Something that happens every single day, all over the world.

Something you’ve seen with your own eyes hundreds of time, and will continue to see for the rest of your life.

So what happened?


I’m not talking about a little rain. I’m talking about a torrential downpour, leaving us absolutely soaked like we’d just jumped in a swimming pool….in a matter of about 5 seconds (I’m not kidding).

And it wasn’t like we had any kind of warning. I think God was up there with a heaven-sized swimming pool and decided to just release it all at the same time, with no warning that it was coming!


While I was sprinting across the parking lot, bare-feet, a marketing lesson popped into my head!

What I realized was that in life and in business, you WILL come across times in your life when it seems to “pour” everything bad down on you.

You get sick, lose clients, have a longer-than-average dry spell in your business, lose motivation and hit some major writers block, and about a hundred other scenarios that might happen.

But Remember…It Will ALWAYS Get Better!

As I said – every single person goes through bad spells like that where it seems to “pour” on their life.

But if there’s one thing you must remember, it’s that things will ALWAYS get better. There are very few times in your life when something doesn’t happen for a reason which will make your life better.

You just have to find the silver lining. And YOU have to bring out that silver lining. That’s the part that most people miss, so let me say it again.

YOU have to bring out the silver lining.

Sometimes it doesn’t just happen by itself. I truly believe that in hard times, we’re tested to see how bad we really want whatever it is that we want.

Here’s an example:

You lose a client and think it’s the end of the world. You start thinking your copy sucks, nobody will ever hire you again, etc.

At this point you have 2 choices.

You can either stand in the rain and get soaked…or sprint to dry land!

In other words – you can pout like a little girl and cry me a river, or you can suck it up and figure out how to get another BETTER client.

When something bad happens to the majority of people out there, they cry the blues. But when something bad happens to a SUCCESSFUL person, they find the silver lining, get out of the rain, and turn the “bad” event into a good thing.

Which one will you choose?

How To Minimize Or Even ELIMINATE Burnout

Ever experienced burnout?

Sucks doesn’t it?

In this post…I’m going to show you an amazing exercise that I believe is a great defense against burnout. Not only will it get you through the burnout phase faster – it will also help eliminate it or at least make it occur much less often.

No matter what your profession is – whether it’s a banker, copywriter, athlete or a monkey trainer – you WILL experience burn out from time to time.

Virtually every single person I know has experienced a serious bout of burnout at some point in their lives, and if you haven’t yet…you will.

To put it in plain English…burn out is inevitable.

It makes you depressed, causes you to be ultra-stressed out… and it costs you money.

What you need to do is figure out how to minimize your burn out rate and, if you understand this concept well enough, possibly even eliminate it altogether.

How To Say Sayanora To Burnout For Good!

One of the most powerful exercises I’ve ever done involved taking a break from what I was doing, getting out a piece of paper and pen, and jumping into my own subconscious mind to see “hypnotize” myself into realizing I shouldn’t be burned out and that I have the best “job” ever!

The reason you need to get into your subconscious is simply because the chances are… on the outside you really don’t consciously know what you’re writing for.

You may think you’re writing for money, but you’re really not – You’re writing for the experiences money buys. You’re writing for the vacations, the toys, the time you can spend with your family, the trips taken to places you thought you’d never see, and the freedom from the stress caused by not having enough money to pay the bills.

You may think you’re writing so you can write from anywhere in the world, but you’re not – You’re writing for the ability to not have to listen to a “boss” for the rest of your life telling you when and how to work. This is a VERY common trait and one of the biggest reasons people become entrepreneurs and copywriters.

You may think you’re a writer for “time freedom”…but you’re really not – You’re writing for the ability to take time off when you’re sick without needing to lose a sick day, the freedom to watch your kids when they get sick, and the chance to go golfing and have a beer with your buddies on a Wednesday afternoon.

As you can see, you’re not really a copywriter or entrepreneur for the reasons you think. Although it may seem like it on the surface, you need to really dig.

Then dig a little deeper…

Then get one of those giant hole-digging machines, sticking the huge claw in the dirt, and dig even further.

You see…time freedom, writing from anywhere in the world, and money are all SURFACE level desires. Sure they sound great, but you’re a copywriter and entrepreneur for the individual memories and experiences that the copywriters lifestyle can bring you.

So Here’s What You Do

Get out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. DON’T use your computer.

Draw a line down the center of that piece of paper and on the left side, write “SURFACE” at the top. On the top right hand side write “DIGGING DEEPER”.

Then on the left side, write down the reasons you’re in the profession you’re in. Why did you pick that profession?

You might come up with “high salary, time freedom, etc.” like I just showed you.

Then on the right side of the page, list out all the individual benefits those surface level desires bring you.

For example money brings you fancy toys, a less stressful life, the confidence in knowing you can provide for your family, experiences you’d never be able to have without having that much money, and many other things.

Do your best to come up with at least 5-10 deeper desires for each of the surface level desires you write down.


I recommend looking at it daily, but if not just do yourself a huge favor and save it. Then, when you’re feeling burned out…take a 5 minute break and simply meditate on that piece of paper. Realize what an amazing life you really do have and why you shouldn’t feel stressed. Try to visualize all your dreams you can achieve by the profession you’re in.

This simple exercise has helped me so much I can’t even begin to explain. Just by simply listing out the reasons why you’re in the profession you’re in somehow makes you feel much better – and can not only reduce the time you feel burned out, but possibly even eliminate it all together.

Now take out a piece of paper, give it a shot, and let me know what you come up with!

Higher Creativity = Higher Profits. Here's How To Get It

Creativity can be one of the highest sources of income you could ever ask for, yet most people don’t understand what it is or how to achieve higher levels of it.

So first, let me describe what it is.

When it comes down to it’s most basic form, creativity is simply what happens when your brain “put 2 and 2 together”. When neurons are firing and it makes a connection between 2 of them (I won’t get into the cognitive psychology aspect of all this), you get a sudden spark of insight.

AKA – creativity.

But How Do You “Force It”? – And The 4 Brainwave States

It’s simple really.

All you really need to do is get your mind into the state where it’s most comfortable, which is usually the alpha or theta brainwave state.

So first let me explain the 4 different brainwave states.

Beta – In a beta state, your mind is a little bit stressed. Keep in mind that there high and low ranges in each of these states so in a very high beta you’re pretty much going nuts. In a low beta you’re starting to get relaxed, but aren’t quite there yet.

Alpha – Alpha is the state of relaxation. Know the feeling you get as you’re falling asleep? That’s a deep alpha. This is the state most people go into while they meditate, and it’s a wonderful state that does incredible things with your body – including help you “put 2 and 2 together” and get very creative. More on this later.

Theta – Theta is the beginning of your subconscious mind and what’s really cool is that they can actually show now that when you learn something you can literally see that thought go from your beta all the way down through to your delta. This is also the state where you’ll see athletes in what they call “the zone”. However it’s not a steady state of theta because they’d be sleeping – it comes in short bursts More on this in a bit as well.

Delta – Delta is pretty much where everything you’ve ever experienced in your entire life is stored. This is where you go when dreaming and for our purposes today, isn’t all that important (except for the fact that all your copywriting and marketing knowledge is stored here!)

Ok so back to alpha and theta.

When you can get yourself into a state of alpha, your mind becomes very receptive to creative thoughts. However theta also plays in a role in this as well.

Have you ever been sitting there and all of a sudden the proverbial light bulb went off?

What happened in that split second is that you had a big burst of theta waves which made the connection and allowed you to instantly understand the concept you were trying to figure out.

And it’s the same way when being creative!

But How Do You Get Yourself Into These States?

This is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is learn how to relax yourself.

And the best way I’ve ever found in my life personally to not only relax but to absolutely skyrocket my creativity was through a program called “Holosync” which is a very advanced meditation program which actually uses technology to control your brainwaves into specific patterns!

You can actually get yourself a free demo by going to the Holosync Website Right Here.

Here are a few things I personally do besides meditate:

  1. Read a book
  2. Think about my life
  3. Have a cigar
  4. Have a beer/glass of wine (don’t drink if you’ll be writing copy in the next hour or 2 though)
  5. Take an hour to go fishing

Obviously these things will depend on what you like to do, but they’re incredibly powerful nonetheless.

So if you’re looking to put out higher creativity and boost your income from being able to see the big picture better, start using my recommendations and you’ll be able to watch your income and “big ideas” go through the roof!