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Breaking Down A Long-Form Salesletter

Just a very quick post today to direct you to a guest post of mine that was published yesterday (March 1st – my birthday!).

The post breaks down a long-form salesletter step-by-step… and even “calls out” people who think they’re a scammy waste of time.

You can check out the post Continue reading

Killing Your Ego

Over the weekend I had a lot of time to think.

For the first time in probably 12 weeks… I had no parties, no holiday celebrations, no birthdays, and no plans with friends.

And I LOVED it.

Spending time with just my wife was incredible (Saturday night we watched “Dinner With The Schmucks”, which was hilarious)… and I also got more time to meditate and reflect.

At some point during the weekend I started thinking about how your ego alone can absolutely murder your business.

I think it may have come after thinking about an ex-client who literally told me…Continue reading

Coffee Infused Nutsacks

This morning I was drinking my daily cup of coffee while checking my email. The coffee was starting to get cold so I headed downstairs to fill it up with the steamy pot of coffee that was on the burner, when all of a sudden I looked over at my cupboard where I keep my peanuts.

(I’m a HUGE peanut lover)

And that’s when it hit me…Continue reading

The Easiest Way To Quadruple Your Business

Here’s one thing that I really don’t understand about a lot of Internet Marketers… even a lot of them who have million-dollar businesses and are typically pretty savvy people.

They simply don’t have a grasp of the enormous cascading effect certain things have on their business. For example when theyContinue reading

5 Reasons I HATE Clickbank

When you think of the best place for a beginner to start selling their products online, where do you think of?


For beginners… Clickbank is great. It gives you an easy way to take payments, easy affiliate managing, as well as several other pretty cool features that never used to be available to those just getting started online.

However for advanced marketers, in my opinion…Continue reading