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Marketing Lessons From "Massimo" – Our Wonderful Italian Waiter!

Last weekend my fiancee’s brother and his wife both graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathetic Medicine and the night before the graduation, we went for an incredible dinner at a place called “put the name here”.

And I have to say, our waiter was 1 smart cookie.

Here’s why:

My experience from being in the restaurant industry for 6 years tells me that when you have a big party, the usual thing that happens is that the majority of people will order average priced food, some will order expensive things and the rest will go with something cheap.

So if possible, it’s always a good thing to “up” the bill by offering them something that’s pretty expensive…right? Or at least to lock in a certain price to guarantee you’ll make money. Because you honestly never know if a party would be an expensive party or a cheap party (trust me, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover in the restaurant industry).

Our server, Massimo, knew that lesson all to well.

As he approached us to ask what we were going to have for dinner, he quickly jumped in and offered us what they call their “celebration” platter.

This platter contained a BOATLOAD of food including multiple appetizers, salad, our choice of a few different entrees, desserts, etc.

But what he did when explaining this platter impressed me because instead of simply saying “you get your choice of this, this, this, etc.” he went through every single thing we could possibly get an explained it in detail. His explanation of the platter took him probably 5 minutes to get through.

Now if you don’t understand why that’s a big deal, I’d like you to close your eyes and try to figure out WHY that was such a great marketing tactic.

Why This Is Such A Great Marketing Lesson

The reason it was so effective was simply because he was making the platter appear “larger than life”. By explaining everything in meticulous detail he made it seem like we were getting so much food it would be able to feed the United States army!

What that means is that he was building it up so that it was actually STUPID in our eyes NOT to get this platter, and therefore he sold the entire table (15 of us) a $37 platter instead of having some people order $15 entrees, some get $20 entrees and a few people get $40 entrees.

Another thing that impressed me was that he was very considerate for the people who didn’t want the same thing as everybody else.

For example they ordered a pasta appetizer which came with 2 different sauces and styles, but a few people didn’t want that.

So instead of either saying “well that’s extra” or “too bad for you” (I hope he wouldn’t say that!), he brought those people out completely different dishes than everyone else …and didn’t charge an extra dime.

Now keep in mind, this was a huge check so he was doing everything in his power to make sure he was getting a good tip (I think he made about $160 or so from our table alone. On top of the food we had about 8 bottles of wine, a ton of beer, coffee, after dinner drinks, etc.).  Not only was he getting the check as high as possible, he was practically acting like our slave to make sure we were happy, satisfied and having a lot of fun all throughout the dinner.

And it got me to thinking…

“What if copywriters acted like Massimo to their clients”?

What if we bent over backwards to make sure everything about the project we were doing for our client made them happy and satisfied?

What if we upsold them to secure more jobs while giving them the best value possible and making it easy for them?

If YOU did that…do you think you could increase your sales and profits?

I think so!

So …what are YOU doing to act like Massimo and pull in more money from your current clients?

Hopefully you’ve learned a few lessons from this blog post and if so, write them down and go out to start implementing them immediately!

Here are a few pictures from the graduation dinner.

This first one is of my gorgeous fiancee Katie and I.

Katie and Jeremy Reeves out to eat

This next one is Katie’s family, her brothers wife, and her other brothers family.

Lowering Sales Resistance In 5 Easy Steps

Lowering sales resistance is one of THE most important things you can try to tackle throughout your copy.

You see, people LOVE buying, but they hate getting sold to. So if you want to make sales, you need to lower the sales resistance that person is already having.

And if you’re not exactly sure what sales resistance is, have you ever walked onto a car lot and had a car salesman walk up to you, trying to figure out what you want to buy? That feeling you get, you know, the feeling of wanting to punch them in the face and do your own thing…is what prospects are feeling as they’re reading your copy.

So before I get into these 5 steps for lowering sales resistance, let me give you a little bit of a visual.

Losing The Sales Resistance Battle At First

This is how you start the sales resistance process (losing)

This is how you start the sales resistance process (losing)

At first, you’re going to start off losing the battle. You prospect is literally trying to find reasons to say no to whatever you’re selling them.

Think about it, the majority of people out there are trying to look for excuses for EVERYTHING. Want to lose weight? People will have excuses why they can’t. Want to make more money? Same thing. This goes for everything, and there’s no exception to the product you’re selling.

Your job at this point is to create trust in the prospect and at least get them to contemplate owning whatever you’re selling them.

And eventually when you get them interested enough you’ll hit a …

Sales Resistance Standstill

The sales resistance standstill

The sales resistance standstill

At this point, they’re still going to be leery about the product but you’ll not only have their attention, they’ll have read a considerable amount of your copy and be at least thinking about consuming the product or service you’re writing about. Their will be a sort of battle going on inside the persons head.

Essentially, they’ll be unconsciously weighing the negatives against the positives and seeing which one comes out on top. The picture above represents the negatives and the positives (the money being the negative because they have to spend it, the arms-raised person representing the benefits).

And eventually you’ll (hopefully) come to a point where you can…

Gain Momentum To Win The Sales Resistance War

winning the sales resistance war

winning the sales resistance war

And finally, you’ll be able to be like this little gold man above and win the war even when the odds are against you! This only happens successfully when you have a good product selling it to the right people and using the right sales process to do it.

And although this seems like a hard thing to do, let me give you those 5 tips to lowering sales resistance so you can make this process MUCH easier – no matter what you’re selling!

Keep in mind, these are in no particular order:

  1. Show Credibility – Especially in today’s super-resistant buying economy, showing credibility is absolutely essential. People are getting scammed by other companies all the time, so trust is at an all time low. Therefore, you must hit them hard and early with the credibility either of your product, the spokesperson for your product (i.e. the creator or person endorsing it), or the company.

  2. Show Proof – Without proof, credibility doesn’t matter. Just because you SAY someone did something doesn’t mean they actually did. Just because you SAY someone made a certain amount of money in 30 days or lost a certain amount of weight in 30 days…doesn’t mean they actually did.
  3. Overcome Objections – No matter what you’re selling, people are going to have objections. They may have objections to price, whether or not it really works, what the true benefits of it are, and many other things. This is where doing your proper research comes in handy. If you don’t know what the objections are and how to overcome them, you’re going to lose tons of sales!

  4. Create Trust – Creating trust comes from a variety of factors. Credibility and proof both help tremendously, but I think one of the biggest factors missing from people’s copy is simply not understanding the prospect. You need to make it feel as if it’s themselves talking. That’s literally how much you need to understand that prospect. Do you know how he feels at every second of the day, how he feels before and during reading your copy, and know how to relate to your prospect? If not, you need to learn how. Getting them to agree with you early on, validating things they already know, and showing them that you’re just like them will go a LONG way towards creating trust with your prospect.
  5. Breaking Down The Price – Eventually you’ll come to a point where you need to tell them the price. This is where you’ll lose the majority of your customers. It’s not necessarily that your price is too high, it’s that you haven’t shown enough value to allow the price to be that high. So what do you do? You break it down so it seems like mere pennies. For example instead of $30/month you could say it’s less than a cup of coffee per day. Or instead of saying it’s $40 for a health book, say it’s what the personal trainer charges for just 30 minutes of her time, yet she put over 30 hours into the book so truly you’re saving “X” dollars.

As I mentioned, lowering sales resistance is sometimes a hard feat to do. But if you know how to do it and you know what buttons to push to lower the resistance without your prospect even realizing it, that my friend is how you become a great copywriter.

The Secrets Of Video Game Marketing (And Some Great Marketing Tips For YOU)

The video game industry took in about 9.5 billion in 2007, so obviously the people doing video game marketing know what they’re doing.

I literally just spent the past 30-40 minutes getting completely sucked into a Playstation 3 game I’d previously  never even looked at, and will be buying it when it comes out later in the month.

So while I was sitting here, getting completely off-task and unproductive, I figured I’d tell you about it and give you a marketing lesson.

I know this is for video game marketing and you most likely don’t sell video games, but stay with me because there are some golden nuggets in this one.

Ok so first of all, the game I fell in love with is “Fallout 3” for Playstation 3.

I heard about it while shopping at Amazon for a different game (I like to play Playstation 3 during my down-time to relax and have a little fun while I listen to educational audio’s).

So I checked out YouTube and typed in “fallout 3” and up came a list of videos about the game from the owners of it.

I watched a short video talking about the game, how they made it, etc. and thought the concept was cool, so I checked out a related video. In that one I saw the people actually playing the game, showing proof of how awesome it really was.

While they were playing, I noticed they talked about how it was different from other games. There’s a game very similar to it called “Oblivion” and they mentioned how it was different and better than that game (which was a best-seller).

As I watched a few more videos, I was hooked very quickly. I got suckered into the storyline and the uniqueness of the game – and now I’m going to buy it when it comes out.

Now, what kind of marketing lessons can you learn from how they set up their video game marketing?

Before you launch a product (or relaunch), you need to show PROOF of whatever benefit you’re trying to display.

In these videos, they showed proof of the uniqueness of the game. They showed proof of how fun it was to play – which is why people buy games in the first place.

They also had the videos to make you fall in love with the storyline, which is very important in today’s video game marketing world.

In any product launch, you want to hook your prospects on an emotional level. In one video, the creator talked about how you could be “evil” and live out your dark fantasies like blowing off somebody’s head who pissed you off.

Now think about that. We’ve all had that “thought” of killing somebody but we don’t do it because of the consequences (going to jail, having a bad conscious, possibly going to hell, etc.).

Killing someone is a very strong emotion for virtually everybody on Earth. We just don’t do it for obvious reasons.

However, in a video game there are no morals. You can do whatever you’d like with no consequences, and the owner took full advantage of that emotion within us.

Does that sound like smart video game marketing to you?

It definitely does to me.

When these companies start video game marketing, they do it in sequences. Although I saw them all at the same time (since it’s coming out in a week), they usually make you look forward to upcoming videos and actually show you the game.

The next time you’re doing a product launch, think about how video game marketing is done and “swipe” their marketing ideas.

The main points to take home are that there are other ways to show proof than simply showing testimonials. Videos work great, even with digital products, so start using them.

Also, make sure you understand the psychology of your buyer like the people who did the video game marketing for Fallout 3 understood the dominant residant “killing” emotion that all of us savages have inside us 🙂

Post your comments and let me know what you think. I’m gonna go watch the last video.


How To Make A "Too Good To Be True" Offer Sound Believable

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people say that the more you can offer customers, the more they’re going to buy from you.

But is there a point where too much is a bad thing?

Let’s take 2 offers and break them down from the point of view of your customer. The product will be a traffic package you can buy online to give you massive amounts of traffic.

Offer #1 – For $97 you can buy 5 rotations on PPC ads for 2 weeks of traffic (using a company that delivers traffic via PPC), a free ebook on traffic building from a well-known author, and a 2 month subscription to a traffic-building newsletter.

Offer #2 – For just $47 you can get 100,000 visitors to your website within 1 week as well as 15 free reports on traffic building and a lifetime supply of customers from an FFA network.

Do you see the difference in these 2 offers?

Offer #1 actually sounds believable. For anyone who has used rotations before from a credible company, that’s a pretty good deal by itself. Plus the free ebook from a well-known author and 2 months free subscription to a newsletter makes it that much better. But it’s still believable.

On the other hand, offer #2 doesn’t even sound remotely believable. It sends up red flags ALL over the place.

Can You Put These 2 Offers Together To Make It Believable?

Now, if you have an incredible offer that you can give to your customers, I’m not saying to purposely give less in order for it to sound believable.

There’s just one psychological trick you have to use in order to persuade them. It’s one I learned from John Carlton and it works like gangbusters.

And here it is…

Give them a “reason why”.

For example, say you own a furniture store and your average sofa sells for $900 by itself.

If you then offer a sale selling it for $300, people will probably think it’s broken and won’t even show up to buy it.

But what if you have a “water damaged” sale and sell it for $300? That gives you a great “reason why” you’re selling it so for so cheap.

But then people are still going to think it’s damaged too much aren’t they?

That’s why you’d also mention in your ad that some have more damage than others – some might not even at all.That way the skepticism shield comes down and they might go check it out to see if they could get in there early and maybe get lucky.

One smart business owner with a furniture store found this so profitable he actually climbed on his roof, poked a few holes in it, and waited for it to rain.

Right after it rained, he ran an ad and within a few days made a heap of money!

Now obviously you don’t have to have a furniture business to do this.

You can do it for any kind of business really. All it takes is a little creativity.

Set aside a good 20-30 minutes tonight and see if you could apply this to your business and make a heap of money for yourself. Don’t let the other business owners reap all the rewards!


Why T-Rex Was A Great Marketer…


T-Rex… the big, bad “king” of the dinosaurs that eats anything and everything.

When people talk about dinosaurs, the T-Rex is by far the most famous.

It’s talked about the most, has movies made about it, and, lets face it…is simply an awesome dinosaur.

But…was the T-Rex really the big, bad dinosaur that everyone thinks?

No, it wasn’t!

The Bigger, Badder Dinosaur

If you’ve ever watched Jurassic Park 3, you know the dinosaur I’m talking about. It’s the “monster” predator that keeps popping up every once in awhile and actually kills the T-Rex.

It’s called a Spinosaur.

The spinosaur rules the T-Rex!

The spinosaur was faster, stronger and more agile than the T-Rex. And, including it’s tail and height…it was actually bigger!
Oh, and one more thing before we get onto the marketing lesson…

*Warning* This next sentence may ruin your image of the T-Rex.

The T-Rex may very well have just been some giant over-sized wuss. Their are many experts that believe it was nothing more than a scavenger!

What Does This Having To Do With Marketing?

There is a certain image that your clients or customers have of you. The great thing is – you have the ability to GIVE them that image with a great USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

A unique selling proposition is simply what you do that’s different from your competitors.

In the case of these dinosaurs, they don’t exactly have a USP per se (after all – they aren’t selling anything!), but somewhere along the lines the T-Rex got labeled as a ferocious man eater.

He got all the fame and fortune while the bigger and badder spinosaur got nothing.

Is this happening to your business?

Take a look at how you’re marketing yourself…

  • Are you doing something different than your competitors?
  • Is there a reason your prospects should go to you instead of some other guy?
  • Are you a victim of the “me-too” syndrome?

Chances are, you probably aren’t the best at whatever you’re doing. There’s almost always somebody who can do the job better.

But the person who does the best job at displaying the image of being the best (even if they aren’t, like the T-Rex) is going to get the gold.

Take 30 minutes or an hour at the end of today and figure out how you can make yourself stand out as being the best in your field. If not the best, think of the best offer you can give your clients.

And then start marketing that offer to your clients and prospects immediately.

To the life you’ve always dreamed,


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