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How The Emotional Selling Proposition Of A Giraffe Sold My Wife

A very common term in marketing is called the “value proposition” which basically means that when people buy something, they compare the value of the item to the money they’re spending on it.

But what about using an emotional selling proposition instead?

Let me explain with a little story…Continue reading

The Myth Of Video Salesletters

Video salesletters are something of a hot topic today… as I’m sure you’re aware.

And honestly – they should be. I’ve seen them dramatically boost conversions in some of my clients salesletters, as well as other friends who’ve tested them as well. They keep people on the page longer, skyrocket conversions, etc. etc.

However there are 2 huge myths about video salesletters that I need to clear up, because their areContinue reading

3 Sales Closing Techniques You Need To Know

In yesterdays post we talked about how nobody wants the “hard” sell anymore and that the “ABC” philosophy of “always be closing the sale”… can easily be taken the wrong way and lead to some huge frustrations.

So before I get into the 3 sales closing techniques you need to know… Continue reading

Increasing Your Sales Closing Ratio The Easy Way

If you’re a reader of this blog, there’s no doubt that you want to increase your sales closing ratio.

Whether you’re a copywriter trying to increase your sales closing ratio for clients… or a business trying to close more prospects walking into your online or offline business… closing more sales will give you an immediate boost in income – which is always great!

ABC (Always Be Closing) – Bad Advice If You Take It The Wrong Way

In the movie “The Boiler Room” Alec Baldwin gives all the sales guys a big speech on the ABC of sales – Always Be Closing!

However… if you’ve watched that movie and taken his advice verbatim… you may have the wrong idea.

Here’s what I mean.

Let’s say a prospect comes to you and you get the sense that they’re not quite ready to buy… but are very interested in your product or service. If you take the “ABC” approach to heart – you’ll probably end up being too aggressive for that particular person and scaring them away.

And even if you DO close them… unless you make amends in the future – they probably won’t do business with you again simply for the fact that you were too aggressive with them in the first place.

(Unless they like that kind of thing, of course).

And in today’s society… less and less people are willing to accept being hard-closed by people like you and I. That means we need a new way of selling… a way that’s a little less aggressive.

Tomorrow – I’ll give you 3 ways to increase your sales ratio without being pushy. In fact, these 3 tips will help you not only with increasing your sales ratio… but help you build long-term relationships as well!

For today’s “homework” though – I’d like you to take just a few minutes to sit back and think of your approach to selling.

What percentage of prospects on average are you closing? Are you being too harsh… too easy? What would happen to your business if you could increase your closing percentage by 30% or so?

Think about that today… and check back tomorrow for some specifics on how to do this.

See you then!