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You Don’t Know Squat!

I can remember the day as vividly as the day I got married.

I was about 8 years old… and my Mom and I had been arguing about something.

I, of course, thought she was wrong about whatever we were arguing about, and I remember stomping my little feet up the steps in a fit of rage. As my temper tantrum hit it’s peaked…Continue reading

Breaking Down A Long-Form Salesletter

Just a very quick post today to direct you to a guest post of mine that was published yesterday (March 1st – my birthday!).

The post breaks down a long-form salesletter step-by-step… and even “calls out” people who think they’re a scammy waste of time.

You can check out the post Continue reading

Landing Page Optimization – The Easy Way

Landing page optimization is one of THE single most important factors in having a success business online.

It’s the front door to your business in many cases, and if people are turned off – you lose them forever. So let’s start this one off by explaining what a landing page is.

What Is A Landing Page?

For typical online marketers, a landing page is the page where you’re selling a Continue reading

Why Multiple Products Are A MUST When Split Testing

There are literally dozens of reasons why you should have multiple products or services in your business (I’m “mostly” talking about information products in this post, by the way)… but it can apply to others as well.

However… I’m going to talk about the main reasons you absolutely need to be doing split testing if you have multiple products… and why Continue reading