Coffee Infused Nutsacks

This morning I was drinking my daily cup of coffee while checking my email. The coffee was starting to get cold so I headed downstairs to fill it up with the steamy pot of coffee that was on the burner, when all of a sudden I looked over at my cupboard where I keep my peanuts.

(I’m a HUGE peanut lover)

And that’s when it hit me…


Before I tell you what in God’s name I’m talking about, let me back up for a second.

A few weeks ago I read an incredibly blog post written by Troy White called “Cat Poop Coffee, Holy Crap Cereal” over at Clayton Makepeace’s blog.

In that post he talks about the importance of having amazing, outlandish, curiosity-driven names for your products. As you can tell by the title, one of the products he talks about is “Cat Poop Coffee”, the other is “Holy Crap Cereal”.

I’m also taking Troy’s storytelling course where he talks even more about this, so over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking of some outrageous product names and marketing ideas.

… one of them which I think would be awesome… is Coffee Infused Nutsacks.

What Are Coffee Infused Nutsacks?

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about “those” nutsacks – you pervert! 🙂

What I’m talking about are having sacks of peanuts, infused with coffee beans.

Now tell me… if you like to eat peanuts (or hell, even if you DON’T like them that much) and you saw a stand somewhere selling “coffee infused nutsacks”…

… wouldn’t you buy them instantly so you could go tell your friends?

I know I would!

I have no idea if that would even make them taste good, or do anything special to the peanut itself, but I can guarantee you that having a name like that would sell somewhere between 2-10x the amount of peanuts you would regularly sell.

So what do YOU think? Would having a name like that entice you to buy something you may not have otherwise even thought about buying? Would you buy it for the “coolness” factor… or because you actually thought they would taste different?

Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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