Would You Rather Company A…Or Company B?

If you had your choice…which would you rather?

A) A company grossing $500,000,000 per year (500 million)
B) A company grossing $1,000,000 per year (1 million)

Think about that for a second.

Have your answer yet?

Ok good…now let me tell you MY answer.

Personally…I can’t choose either of those based on that information. I don’t care about GROSS sales – all I care about is net profit.

If company A is grossing 500 million but only bringing in $200,000 in profit per year…and company B is grossing 1 million and bringing in $200,000 in profit per year…

…it’s the same sized company!

Don’t be deluded into thinking you “need” huge gross sales to make a lot of money. You can either have a lower number of overall profits with a huge profit margin, or huge overall profits with a teeny-tiny margin.

You almost never get both.

Yes…it’s possible, but not very often.

So how about you…which company would you rather pick and why?

Make sure you think of this question in terms of lifestyle, headaches, legal issues, workload, and everything else…not only by the profits.

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  1. Colin Y.J. Chung January 22, 2010 at 10:53 pm #

    Agreed. There are so many other factors involved. For example… I just fried my brain on Dan Kennedy NOBS books these past few weeks… and one thing that sticks out to me is he HATES employees. ha ha. He’d rather just have an assistant than deal with managing a bunch of people.

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