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I get a LOT of emails every day. As much as I'd like to, it's impossible for me to respond to them all. 
Before you fill out the form below, here are a few quick guidelines to follow...
  • Please DON'T fill out the form asking for free advice or resources. I wish I could help, but if I helped everyone who asked for free advice, I would have no time left to serve my clients, customers, and followers. I have plenty of free resources available, including my podcast and email list, that can help you out. 
  • Please DON'T send dumb service requests. If you're reaching out to offer me "SEO Services" or something similar, just stop now. Your email will be deleted immediately.
  • Please DO reach out about press/speaking engagements - I'm willing to go on certain podcasts, speak at certain events (not many), etc.
  • Please DO reach out about potential partnerships/opportunities - Use your judgement here. I'm looking for win-wins and will only go into a potential partnership if it shows tremendous upside. If you're trying to pitch me on something that only benefits you, rethink the strategy. 
Still with me? Fill out the form below. If you don't hear back from me, don't take it personally. I say no to lots of great opportunities due to bad timing, being strict with my time, lack of personal interest, not seeing how I could add immediate value, etc.
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