Why Conversion Rates Are A Terrible Metric…

In the world of online marketing, everybody is obsessed with conversions.

And for good reason.

They give you a very good sense of where you business stands and how many prospects you can convert into paying customers.

The problem is… most people look at conversions, and nothing but conversions.

The reason that’s a problem is because conversions don’t tell the whole story.

They only give you an Eagle’s eye glimpse, which, in many cases can lead you to doing the wrong things.

For example, let’s say you’re doing a price test and testing $27 versus $47. You also have an upsell after the sale for $97.

In this case, the easiest and smartest number for you to track is value per visitor, NOT conversion rate.

First, because it’s easier to calculate and give you a clear answer.

Second, because it’s more accurate.

You might have higher conversions on the $27 product, but the extra profit from the $47 product, along with most likely higher upsell take rates, may give you higher overall profitability throughout the entire funnel.

And THAT’S what you need to be keeping track of.

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