Creating A Customer-Focused Business

In this episode, I discuss the importance of building a business that’s focused on your CUSTOMERS wants and needs, not your own. It’s a business philosophy that makes an impact on every area of your life, and a very important topic!

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Hey guys what is going on, this is Jeremy Reeves here with another episode of the sales funnel mastery podcast.

You might hear a little bit of background noise today. It is a beautiful summer day here in PA. Let us see 76 degrees actually, it is kind of cool today, but my kids are playing around outside where I am recording this, so you might hear them kind of yelling and screaming outside.

One of the things I want to talk about today was how dedicated you are to your customers or your clients, right. And after going through an example or two here you are going to really know whether you are just kind of saying that you put your customers first or if you actually do that you know in reality, okay.

So kind of quick story to back this up. So I have — one of my client is on retainer. They are on retainer for $2000 a month and I actually just emailed them the other day. I think I have been doing that since let us see, March I think, so about 4 months or so, something like that, give or take.

So I actually just emailed them a couple of days ago and I said, Hey, you know, I think it is actually time that we either remove — so let me back this up. We are on — basically, the retainer that we are on is $2000 a month plus and then there is a bonus structure. So it is basically for every kind of quarter of a percent there is a bonus attached to it — increase of what they are already doing.

So I said, Hey, you know, we have been doing this for (inaudible 1:57.5) I think it has been like 4 months and things have been going a little bit slower than I was realizing that they would because we are kind of judging it based of like an average of what we thought we are going to be able to do and for the last month or so, things have been starting to slow down because they do not have quite enough traffic to be doing enough testing you know, to be needing enough copy for my feed to really be justified.

The first — let us see, we just — the firs test that we did took a while and that came out a little bit flat and then the next few tests were actually huge winners. I will actually kind of talk about one in a sec, but you know, the point that I am making here is that I actually emailed them and told them to stop paying me, right.

And that is what happens when you actually put your customers first or you put your clients first and you actually do your you know, you actually run your business in a way that is totally client centric, you know.

Everything revolves around the needs and desires and kind of you know, wants of the people that you are serving, right. And that is one of my core philosophies in business is to always make sure that I put the other person first because number 1 it just makes you feel better as a person. It makes you feel better as a person when you help others, right. Actually, a couple of days ago, over the weekend, I think it was, I do not know Saturday, I was outside — I am actually redoing our kitchen right now. So I was outside cutting some tile to put them on the floor and my neighbor across the street, she is an elderly woman, very you know, she is a large woman, large elderly woman, I think she is about 80 and I saw her fall, so I ran across the street and I thankfully I was you know strong enough. I actually picked her up off the ground you know 200+ pounds of dead weight is not easy to pick up off the ground you know, it is easy to dead lift. I mean I dead lift like I do not know over 300 pounds, but when it is a person that you are picking up off the ground it is a little bit different.

So anyway, it was kind of cool, but so it makes you feel better like you know, you probably have a similar story when you help somebody else and it makes you feel good about yourself you know. I feel like that is why we are kind of here on earth is to help humanity, help other people. It kind if just you know, evolves us spiritually I think, but anyway, so I also take that into my business you know, I believe that your business and your personal life should not be separated you know.

Your philosophies that you have in your personal life should also be you know, kind of infused into your business and so one of my core philosophies in life is to help other people, to always put other people first, number 1 because it makes you feel good and number 2 because it always comes back to you in (inaudible 4:57.8) right.

You always get more like you know, there is a saying you know, if you want to get then give, right. You know, I mean, it is very true. If you want more money you know, give more to charity. If you want more love, give love. If you more health, I do not know how you can give health, I do not know if that is a good example, but you know what I mean.

So you know, I want you to think about your business you know. (inaudible 5:25.9) you know what would happen if maybe a customer came to you, just think of you know, I kind of blanking here on a specific example, but what I want you to think about is what are you doing in your business that puts your customer or your client first above your business, above your profit, above anything else and puts them in the center seat you know.

I just truly believe that that is the way that people should be running their businesses is you should always look out for your customer or client because what happens is not only are you going to impress the hell out of that person. You know, my clients, when I told them that they are like oh my God you know, I cannot believe you know requesting that we send you less money. They are actually not doing it, we actually found a worker on them and helping them with another part of their business. So you know, that is another thing actually I did not lose the money, but I gained also their respect too, but you know, think about how this kind of reflects in your business you know. What are you doing in your business. Are you reminding people that they have a guarantee you know. That is kind of an example of putting your customer first and saying, hey look, if this does not work for you, you know, I do not want you to use it, I do not want your money because it did not deliver value to you, right.

Same thing with your services, maybe you can offer a guarantee on what you do or you can offer you know, whatever it is or just keep helping them you know. That is kind of like what I do with mine. It is a little bit different when you are putting your time into it, it is kind of hard to give a guarantee because if you could spend you know, a month of your time, then you know, give all that money back, it is kind of sucks.

So what I do is I basically just keep helping people you know what I mean like I keep delivering value until I have at least made up what I charge you know. That is kind of like my minimum goal that I go for is to at very least, you know, break even. I never ever, ever, ever what a client to feel like they lost money you know. That is the worst possible case scenario in my business.

Think about what you can do in your business you know. What can you do. What resources can you give your clients or customers to help them get better results. What guarantees can you put in place. How can you restructure your product to your service so that it focuses on the customer and by the way customer and client are interchangeable here, so that focuses on your customer and getting them results rather than getting you profit okay, think about that for a minute.

I know this is hard you know, I have — you know in my past, I have been in situations where kind of — the only thing you think about is profit because you know, you need it, you need it to pay the bills and that kind of thing, but what you have to understand is money in this world is not created until you deliver value. So you have to put value first in whatever it is that you are doing. Whatever it is that you are selling. In every interaction that you have with your audience, you need to be delivering value first and then you get to reap rewards after you deliver the value, okay. So I want you to think about that.

You know, just look at this throughout your whole business you know, tear down your business piece by piece and say, okay, you know, in our marketing, can we deliver more value. Can we put the customer first you know, when you are writing a copy, it is all about the customer. They do not give a shit about you. They only care about themselves. Please understand that.

Good example of that, actually with this — bring me back to the big win that I got from this client. So, just kind of prove this point. So they had upsell so they go through and there is kind of a process you know, they joined the business they go through an upsell process blah, blah.

So they have I think there is like 5 different products they can buy that they have the option to kind of upgrade their purchase, right. So they had their upsell sequence and place. We came and we look and what I did was I — they have a salesman, so I called the salesman and I said, hey, walk me through the process you know. Walk me through what sells and what does not sell to your — to these people that we are serving like what makes them tip, what makes them buy, right, because this is the guy that, he has direct access to the mind of the customer. He has been talking to, I mean, you know, hundreds and thousands and thousands and thousands of them. I think they do maybe 2 no, I do not know, a couple of hundred leads a month.

So he talks to a couple of hundred leads every single month and he has been doing it for years, right. So I knew that he had kind of direct access into the mind of the prospect. So I asked him basically what made them buy you know.

And so we rewrote the upsell using that kind of language. We focused on the things that made them buy which I do not know if I can go into the detail, it is just confidentially reason, I might give it away. Basically, it was fear base right. So when these people sign up, it was a corporation kind of thing. So it had to do with taxes and you know, being compliant with their corporation and you know, things like that.

So we kind of you know, put the fear (inaudible 10:55.9) essentially and said, hey look, if you do not do it this way, your you know, you can pierce the corporate veil, you can get in trouble, you can get your you know, your corporation kind of stolen away from you if the IRS audits you, they can come and just blast the hell out of you, that kind of thing and so we talked about that and it made people realized that if they did not have this certain tools that this company sells that they were putting themselves in a lot of danger and what happened was we look at the stats, it ran for about a month, we looked at the stats and the new upsells are converting 40% higher, right, and that is value per visitor. So there was — I do not remember the exact number is on top of my head, but essentially what happened was, out of the — I think there were 6 upsells. Out of the 6 upsells, 1 or 2 of them converted roughly the same and the other 4 one, right.

And what happened was the conversion rates were only up — it was roughly like 15% or 20% or something like that, but the overall value per visitor was up 40%. So what happened was the products that were more expensive were the ones that we got big boost in conversions on it. So they were more expensive so it drove the average order value up. It drove the you know, the value per visitor up because they were the more expensive product, so what happened was their old copy was not explaining enough. It was not explaining you know, why they needed to spend whatever like an extra $50 or $100 or whatever it was you know, to protect themselves and my copy got into their core you know, the resident dominant resident emotions and sold them on the fact that they had to protect themselves, right.

And that is what happens when you understand your customers, right. Again, everything in your business needs to revolve around the fact that your customers are first okay, and like I was talking about before, you need to look at every single aspect of your business from your ads like I said and then in your copy, this is especially important. In your copy, the more you understand your customer, the more you are making about them, the more you are going to sell whatever it is that you sell, okay.

That is what my gift is, is I can understand people. I can get inside the minds of your prospects and I can do this very, very quickly.

I was just actually on the phone with someone about 1/2 hour ago and you know, I was talking about you know, how I have a whole bunch of meetings every single week and I have to get on the phone with people and in you know, 10 or 15 minutes. I have to full understand their entire business, right.

But you know, I think I have just a natural kind of talent for that. I can talk to somebody and understand exactly what is wrong in their business in a matter of a few minutes, a couple of questions you know, and that is just you know, I think my brain is just trained to do that, that is my you know, unique ability and it is because I am always thinking about the customers. Why is not this resonating with the customer. Why is not this you know, what is wrong with this. What is not the customer kind of going for this. What is wrong with it. Is it the price, is it the copy, the offer, is it you know, are we hitting the wrong emotions, whatever it is. Okay, so that is your copy.

Then you have to look at, okay, with your products. Are your products really geared towards getting the best result for the person you sell, right.

And you can actually come up with new product ideas when you start thinking more about your customer. What do they need. What are their frustrations you know. What are the challenges they are having in their business and it is going to help you think about new things that you can give them. So you are adding more value and you are also adding a new product.

So for example, I just came out — we just launched, in my side business where we teach guys how to dress better. I put together this awesome badass course about how to save money when they are shopping, right, because I realized that yeah, this guys wanted to dress better, that was their frustration. They did not feel confident, they were looking to be more attractive. They did not know you know, whatever, what colors match and what accessories to go with this and that and all that and we have a product for that, but then I realized, you know, the biggest problem here you know, pretty much anybody can look good, like if you have enough money, you can look good. You just go hire somebody and say, hey, you know, make me look awesome.

So then I realized, okay, well these are young guys so what is the problem here. They do not have enough money to be able to buy the nice clothes that impress people, that make them feel good about themselves. So, I figured out and I spent a couple of weeks, a couple of months figuring out ways to save money and I came out with this really badass course about how to save $25 to $50 plus percent on everything that you save and actually it does work that way by the way. It is freaking awesome. I am so pumped that I brought it out. The feedbacks were incredible so far.

That came from thinking about my customer. Put my customer first in my mind thinking about them and thinking about how I can help them and serve them, alright, and then you know, think about every other case, not just your copy, not just your products that you have, not just the ads that you are running, but also things like how you treat your customers, your customer service, your guarantees, your refund policy or warranty whatever it is in your business.

I want you to put your customer first, okay. Yeah so that is it for today. I actually have to hop off here because I have another meeting coming up in a few minutes, but let me know what you think about this. Did you like this? You know, did I make you kind of change your thought in any way. I want you to just sit down you know, whatever your kind of way to relax is, whether — I like to go outside and have a cigar and a glass of Bourbon and read or just sit and — we have this really gorgeous trees you know, a view behind our house going into the woods and I like to sit and just look up the trees you know, and it helps me get into like a flow state, just relax and my mind starts — it able to kind of just calm down and that is when the ideas come because you know, the ideas typically do not go when your mind is going 100 miles an hour. The ideas typically come when your mind is able to relax for a few minutes, alright.

So go and sit and relax and think about ways that you can serve your customers and your clients better. Do not beat yourself up if you do not have any stories like you know, the one I just told about you know, telling my client they should stop paying me you know, make that happen you know, if you do not really have anything like that and you have been kind of slacking on putting your customers first and you have been putting yourself first, then you know, right now is the time to change it you know, do not kick yourself for doing it, just start it now and change it.

Let me know how is that goes for you. Let me know if there is anything that you change in your business.

And as always, you know, if you like this podcast, if you are getting a lot out of it, I would really appreciate it if you share it with your friends and most importantly review it on itunes. All you have to do is just go to and that all kind of bring up the things on itunes and just go and leave a review and when you do, just tell me that you left a review and I will send you, I have a freed PDF, it is 101 Conversion Tips. So it is basically, I kind of break it down by each stage of your sales funnel and it is a whole bunch of different conversion hacking tips if you will that help you improve your conversions throughout each stage of your sales funnel, and I am going to give you that free if you leave us a review. That will help us kind of grow the audience. You guys must be talking because like I said last time, or maybe the time before, the audience for the podcast has basically doubled over the last roughly 2 months or so. I have to look up at the stats again, but yeah, it has grown pretty significantly. I am going to start doing facebook ads I think.

So that is pretty exciting. So that is it. I am out for today. I will talk to you soon and again, shoot me an email, let me know if there is anything that you are going to be changing in your business as a result of thinking about your customers and putting them first, alright. I will talk to you soon, bye.

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