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Today we discuss why EVERYONE needs high ticket products & services in their sales funnel, and THE most effective way to sell them for the highest ROI possible. Plus TWO big announcements!

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Jeremy Reeves: Hey, what is going on everybody. I just recorded a new episode and I completely forgot to tell you that my wife, Katie, is pregnant with number 3.

So we have Connor, he is 5. We have Logan, he is 3 and now we are going to have a new born coming in February. So she is whatever, 13 weeks now, so we are very, very excited. We actually just went last week I think it was for her first you know, high-risk OB appointment you know. She is high-risk because she has epilepsy and then our oldest son, Connor, has autism so they basically they monitor her like crazy. We actually go I think it is like once a month now and then it is after when she hits past like 20 weeks we are going to — we go for like every week and then after 30 weeks, it is like every week.

So we are going to have a lot of doctor appointments coming up.

But I just wanted to tell everybody that you know, that you know, she is pregnant with number 3. We were trying basically you know, all last year I think, whatever the time, this year, not last year. I am very, very proud of the fact that all 3 of our kids were planned and we you know, we are in the process of trying for all 3 of them you know what I mean, I love that fact, you know, we have always wanted kids and we kind of you know, made a plan for them and actually stuck to the plan which is kind of awesome you know, I think it is kind of rare because life gets in the way and either you do not have as many as you wanted or you accidentally have more than you wanted you know, which is, I think is more the case but you know, I am very happy and excited about the fact that you know, we not only you know, wanted 3 and kind of planned it out, but we are actually like in the process of trying when she get pregnant with all 3. So it is kind of awesome, but anyway, enjoy this episode. I have actually another big announcement on this episode so enjoy it.

Hey what is going on everybody, Jeremy Reeves here with another episode of the sales funnel mastery podcast and I was just thinking about something, okay.

So I have been talking with a lot of prospects and clients lately and we just got some really, really good result with one of our clients who basically — he was selling a product essentially between $2,000 and $3,000, okay. There are 2 different choices, the one was, I think it was like $1997 and the other one is $2094 something like that.

So he, you know, he was thinking of the best way to sell it that kind of thing and I said, well, I think we should do you know, we should set up an automated webinar to sell it, right.

So in his case it was actually hi-breed because he you know, it is in the trading industry so you know, people want to see live charts, right, rather than you know, if you are looking at prices of stock and it is like from 3 years ago you know, obviously it is going to be very irrelevant.

So to make it relevant you know, we decided that a hi-breed approach is the best thing where we, you know, we have you know, 80% of the webinar automated and then he kind of just pops in to show a couple of charts and you know, and that is it.

So we launched and here you have one you know, that he was already doing and you know, and all that.

So I redid you know, his webinar and that is going to bring me to my next point but so we redid it right, and what happened was the first time, now this is with no — this is you know right out of the gate to — I think it was a mix of paid you know kind of warm traffic.

The first time right out of the gate he sells — It was somehow, I still to get the final numbers, but it was roughly $30,000 from 1 webinar right, it took him — he was on there for like whatever half hour or something like that.

$30,000 okay and that was from by the way, it was not like you know, thousand (inaudible 4:37.9) registered, it was something like 400 people who have registered I think something along those lines and 150 showed up, so whatever it is I am going to do the math here and get up my trustee old calculator here so $30,000 divided by $150 is $200 per person who attended the you know, the webinar and it would also be $75 per you know per registrant right.

So that means he could he spend 30 — basically, if you wanted to just get a double ROI you know, 100% ROI. You could basically spend about $37 per lead to get a 2 times ROI, right.

So now the average person is getting leads for roughly you know, let us just say $2 to $3 something like that, it is going to depend on the industry, but if he is making $75 per registrant right, that means that he can — if you want to get a 10 times ROI, say he was getting $250 a lead right, let us say $250 a lead right, probably would not get that right off the bat because of the (inaudible 5:59.0) with you know, (inaudible 6:00.3) but if he was getting $250 a lead which you know, is reasonable once you kind of get down to it.

That would give him a 30 times ROI, okay. So even if he did a third of what he actually did and made only $10,000 that means he would still be getting a 10 times ROI on you know, his paid traffic right.

And you know, there are 2 kind of things that I want to talk about it here.

Number 1 is that if you are selling anything high ticket, you have to be selling on webinars. Webinars are so bad ass that it is ridiculous and they have been, for years, and they will continue being because as — unless somebody comes out with some kind of a crazy new technology which it still would be a webinar, just a different type of technology, maybe there is more interaction or something like that or you can have — I know like people are coming out with like a 3D video where there is a like hologram or you kind of like in the room you know, so I could see people in the future doing kind of live presentations and you can actually walk around rooms and like all kinds of crazy stuff you know, we are not there now, but that is going to be coming in the future, but essentially, like if you are selling anything high ticket, you need to be doing some type of presentation, right. We are just going to call it presentation for now.

A high ticket, you know, is essentially like anything like maybe $500 plus right, you know, that is when you should really start selling webinars even lower than that you know, even if it is like I mean kind of a typical recommendation is anything $197 or less you could probably sell via text, anything above that I think is you know, webinar, something along those lines you know, it really depends and you could test out if you do not think it will work best, but let us just say anything you know, $200 to $500 plus is kind of considered high end, right.

Definitely need to be doing webinars to sell that because anything less is just — you are not going to sell it because you know, you have to just you know, you have to get into the core emotions of your audience and the best way to do that is with webinar.

So if you are sitting there and you are struggling through sales and you know, anything like that, and you are selling anything that is you know, just say $200 plus or $500 plus, you are kind of in that range right.

Definitely consider putting together a webinar or presentation right.

This also includes if your lifetime value, so like if people are spending you know, just say $50 a month, but there are staying with you for a year okay, well that is a $600 value, right.

They are still going to need that kind of push you know in that direction with a webinar, okay.

So now that we have that covered, right. So if you are selling anything you know, just say $200 to $500 plus, that would be considered kind of webinar territory.

Now if you are local, if you are brick-and-mortar business, what you would probably do is you are essentially doing a webinar in person you know, an old school you know, traditional workshop right, were you are bringing people into your place of business and you are putting on a workshop and you sell them at the end, right. Same exact concept. People have been doing it forever, right.

And I apologized if you could hear my dog barking outside, I do not know what she is barking at.

But you know, again, if you can get people into your you know, into an actual live presentation, you can close up the 30% of the room doing it that way. I have clients doing that.

So for example, financial adviser or you are like a chiropractor or a dentist or something like that definitely consider you know, doing facebook ads, google ads, getting people to a workshop in your actual business or you can rent out a space if you want and selling them in person, right, the best way you can possibly sell it.

And then you know, of course, if you are online, then you do the online workshop, online webinar, you know, whatever kind of terminology you want to use, okay.

So that is kind of who should be doing this, right. So if you are in that crowd. If you are not in that crowd and usually do not care then you could you know, you do not even have to listen to the rest of this episode unless you wanted (inaudible 10:15.4) learn how to sell better which probably (inaudible 10:18.1).

If you are in that crowd okay, there is a really important point that I want to make here okay, and I am actually in the process right now of building a course. I have not launch a new information course in like 3 years and it just recently hit me how much of a skill we have for you know for launching webinars okay.

So we are coming out with a course showing you how to do that and I am actually, it is actually kind of cool because I am going to break it up. There is going to be like kind of a core philosophy in how everything works, but then I am also going to give you, you know, the templates and you know, training videos for each you know if you are selling a product or service because it is you know, you are going to sell it differently depending you know, the scripts can be different, depending on the product and service.

So I am actually creating a course right now probably going to launch it in September or so, I mean it is going to be bad ass you know, the whole you know, I am going to explain the exact you know, kind of how to set it up what you should use, but actually give you script for every single thing in it right. So it is going to be bad ass.

So shoot me if you want any more information on that just shoot me an email. If you have any kind of feedback on that, that you want to give because I am outlining the products right now. Actually, just recorded 1 piece of it this morning.

So anyway, essentially you know, one of the things you know, when you are talking about funnels, when you are talking about whatever kind of funnel it is, a lot of people get hung up on what is the structure look like you know, where do we put the opt ins, where do we put the upsells. Listen to me, that is not important right. That is — you know, you need that right, but what is important is the messaging, okay.

So many people I cannot imagine — I cannot even begin to explain how many people are like, Oh well, you know, they come to me and they are like, oh well, you know, it is saying I am pitching them — doing a webinar for them, they are like, oh well, I mean I know how to set up a webinar.

So I am just going to do it myself, right and it is like, sure anybody can set up a webinar. I mean it is not that complicated, but do you know how to exactly sell you know, in the webinar I mean that is where the difference is that is like saying, oh well, I can write a sales page, but okay, can you do it properly right. Do you actually really know how to dig into the core emotions and you know, dig in to the you know, all the persuasion elements that you need to actually sell whatever it is that you are selling and for most people, the answer is no, right. Just because you can do it, does not mean that you can do it correctly, right. And that is the big, the big crocs here.

So you know, when you are doing a webinar whether you are doing it yourself or you hire somebody to do it, whatever the case is, you have to focus you know, you have to start with really nailing down your core message you know, what is the webinar going to be about, okay. What is sexy in your market.

You are also going to have to look at you know, how does that — how does that topic translate in actually making sales because you can come up with any kind of sexy topic you know, but is that going to actually — is that going to be congruent with what you are selling, okay. That is what a lot of people miss, alright.

This is the kind of the stuff that I am going to cover in this course that we are going out with.

The second thing is you know, once when you actually get (inaudible 13:51.4) because you have to have something that is sexy enough to get people to the webinar right and then you have to have a structure, a framework for that webinar that not only keeps them engage in the webinar, but sells them you know, again, it takes them kind of down to slippery slope just like a sales letter, okay, it is very, very similar.

You have to get people — it is kind of like you know, the topic of the webinar is the same thing as the headline of sales letter. It is meant not to sell them but to get them into it right, to get them to start reading or in this case start listening.

And then the way that you know, the framework that you have for your webinar, the way that you — the selling structure that you have throughout the whole webinar is meant to actually sell them right on whatever it is that you are selling whether it is product or service and that is what you really need to focus on is you know, what is the big idea behind this. What is the big concept that when you introduce this, this concept to you know, your audience they are going to think holy shit I need this product now. This thing is going to like completely transform my life you know, if you are selling like in this case you know, within the webinar, if you are selling anything high ticket you know, I am going to be targeting people right who are selling anything probably like I am going to probably say you know, $500 plus, right.

So if you know, if the course is like a $1,000 or something, it is like listen you only need to make 2 sales of this and it is already paid for itself. You will do that at the first webinar that you have on.

So you are — you know, I am going to, kind of focus on doing it fast because I am giving you all the templates all the frameworks everything for this you know, we will even have services set it up for you, you know, all that kind of stuff. I will have those like in my upsells and all that kind of you know, good stuff right.

And it is like look, you know, you are going to pay for this literally within 1 week of getting it because we are going to show you how to set up this webinar within a week okay and I mean it is just going to be you know, you just launch it to your list right, whatever you have and you are probably going to make at least 2 sales from that right, it kind of bad if you did not, and even if you do not have the big list right you are probably going to make at least 1 or 2 sales and then you — the whole goal there is going to be to sell it you know, via paid traffic. So you know, it would be like another 6 figure you know, automated revenue (inaudible 16:16.9) for you. At least 6 figures.

So if you are going to do that, you have to have all these pieces in place. You have to have the big main idea of getting this in place. You have to really narrow down exactly who you are selling it too and then you have to have the messaging correct.

You have to have all these pieces in place that keep people engaged throughout the webinar because if they do not get to the end where you are actually pitching right you are not going to make any sales right. If people are dropping off, you are not going to make any sales.

So you have to, not only get them in engaged, get them interested in the webinar, you have to get them onto the webinar and then you have to get them to stay throughout the webinar and then you have to get them to buy whatever you are selling at the end of the webinar, okay.

So you have to have — and there is framework and structures and you know templates and systems you could put in place for all of these to improve each individual aspect of it right.

And that is what you need to do like if you want a successful webinar I mean we have I just realized how many of our clients our doing webinars I do not know why I never realized this before, but it kind of just hit me recently and you know, it is one of those things you know, we have kind of systems and templates that we used when we build this webinars for our clients right, and that is why we get such good results with them is because we have processes and frameworks that we used you know so that whenever we make these webinars we are not starting from scratch. We are starting from a proven formula that works regardless of what it is that you are selling you know, because I help my clients come up with you know the idea and all that kind of stuff but (inaudible 17:55.6) script it all the whole thing out for them. So we know what sells and what does not you know that kind of thing.

So there (inaudible 18:03.8) less guess work you know what I mean you know, that is like if you have a high ticket, anything high ticket whether it is product or service right. Even if you are selling service going to free consultation you should still do with the webinar in most cases right.

Why do you think I have so many webinars, it is because they worked you know, it is because when people watch them, a very high percent of people get in touch with me you know, that is why we have webinars, that is why I am always coming out with new webinars because they worked, right, and I am always testing new ideas.

The cool thing is, with webinar, you can record an introduction and you can record a close and then when you want a test to a new concept, all you have to do is change the body of the content right. Maybe like the first slide where you are talking about like what you are going to talk about on the webinar.

Oh my God, there are so many different amazing ways of these webinars, they are by far, one of my favorite things to build for clients because it is just you know, when I get somebody that is coming and they say, I want to build a webinar it is like I know the results are going to be there right.

As long as they have a good message, they have like, you come up with a no brainer offer you know, that kind of thing it is just bad ass how good the results are you know.

So the main point here is if you are trying to sell something high ticket, first of all, if you do not have anything high ticket come out with something high ticket, right, $500 plus. And again, you can do this for like $200 plus right, in a lot of cases, it will work really well right, but let us just say high ticket is like $500 plus for now just for kind of easy you know, simplicity here.

When you are doing this you know, the choice is kind of okay do I put it together myself or do I get a professionally done right, and if you are putting it together yourself you know, you have to follow kind of what I just talked about you know, a lot of people are like, oh well, you know, we are going to do this, we are going to do a prewebinar sequence, we are going to do a postwebinar sequence and you know, we are going to send them reminders and blah, blah, blah, blah, and it is like, yeah, but if you do not do that the right way, it is not going to do anything okay.

I can sell more on a webinar with no prewebinar sequences, no postwebinar sequences, they just show up to the webinar you know, whoever (inaudible 20:31.6) just kind of it drops off and I guarantee you, I can outsell most people who have all these fancy stuff in place with you know, all the you know, prewebinar you know, kind of (inaudible 20:42.7) sequence to get them excited for the webinar and then all the various behavioral segments that you can do after the webinar based on the behaviors that they take and all that kind of fancy stuff and listen that should be there in place, but if you have that in place, but you do not have the core foundation in place, you are still not going to do good right.

You know, as compared to, if you really nail down the core foundation of what it takes to sell high ticket product right because it is different than selling a low end product right.

If you really nail that foundation and that foundation by the way is the, you know, the hook, the big idea of whatever it is that you are selling coming up with a really, really good offer you know, having content that is congruent with whatever it is that you are selling. Having a title of your webinar that is congruent with the content of your webinar you know.

If you have really nail all that, you are going to sell so much more than if you have all these fancy bells and whistles in place, but you do not have that core foundation in place, okay.

So that is where you have to start, so if you are doing it yourself, make sure that you have that in place you know, if you do not, if you cannot afford us or you know, whatever, that is fine, but make sure you have all that in place and that is why I am coming out with this is because you know, our fees to do with this automated webinars are not cheap you know what I mean. They are not technically cheap in terms of like actual you know dollars, but they are cheap when you compared it to like the results that you get right, like this client, he got a multiple times ROI you know, John in his first webinar, and now he runs that every single week, right.

So it is — I mean it is just, it is a complete no brainer for clients that you know, have the revenue right. And you know, of course, if you are listening to this and you have a high ticket product or service and you, you know, this message resonates with you then I want you to get in touch with me right, because you know, we have really narrowed down, we have really solidified our you know, our processes and our systems and our frameworks for building out these webinars for clients right.

So if you do not want to wait for the product to come out right and either way is fine like if you do not have you know the funds and you would rather just wait for the product to come out next month you know, it is probably going to be $997 you know, that is probably — I am just going to throw it out there now I mean it is very likely going to be the price. I have to think about it more but that is probably going to be the price, it is affordable for any you know, real business owner.

So you know, if you really do not have the funds then just do that you know, that is totally fine, but if you have the funds you know, and a lot of times you know, I have even helped clients do like a little promotion to their list to come up with a funds you know, I have done that a lot, but if you have the funds for building anatomy of webinar which is typically you know, like the $6,000 to $10,000 range to build out one of these automated webinars for you wherein we do the whole thing, there is only one little kind of piece that we you know, basically you know, we work with you for like the content piece of the webinar because you are the you know, you are the content expert. So we kind of work with you on that aspect, but you know, if you have the funds, definitely get in touch because we are killing it with our clients with doing these you know, doing these webinars. I just you know, helped another client do it and they are making — the last time I checked, you know, she was making $1,300 a day with you know, with her automated webinar you know, I mean we have done a lot of them you know, I have done some launching products you know, I have done and that was the one it did 6 times expected revenue. I did you know, somewhere, he was making $57 for every $7 that he spent you know, I mean we have done a lot of these for clients not to mention myself you know, they do all of our webinars really well, you know. A lot of the clients that I talked to on the phone have gone through the webinar and then they get in touch with me you know.

So anyway, if you are interested in talking about you know, us building one of these webinars for you, feel free it is [email protected] and my — that will go into my support team, they will forward it to me. Yeah, let us you know, talk about doing this for you because you know, our system, we can get them done fairly quickly. It takes I do not know, maybe 4 weeks or so depending on exactly what we are doing like I am building one now and it is for — someone actually that I was on a summit with right, she interviewed me to go in her summit and then she hired me to build the funnel for her.

So with hers, there is a little bit more because we are doing a — basically, we are doing a promotion after the webinar. We have a couple of upsells and downsells. We have a thing you know, one of her funnels is working really well you know, we are king of putting that together before the webinar. So there is a bunch of different ways to do it, but you know, it is taking more of like 6 weeks, but usually, it is about 4 to 5 something like that kind of also depends on how many other clients we are working with it at the moment, all that kind of stuff.

But anyway, if you are interested in that, get in touch and we will talk about you know, I can give you specific quote. I can tell you exactly how long it is going to take exactly what we are going to do for you, but you know, for now, just think about, I mean it is just a results like that is the big thing you know, the nitty gritty specifics really do not matter that much you know like how many emails we are putting in this sequence you know, blah, blah, blah.

What matters is the result that you are going to get right, and the fact that you know when we build this, we build them so that you can profit from paid traffic right and you guys know how often I talk about how that is the holy grail of marketing because when you can run facebook ads and you are making ROI from those facebook ads, you are set. I mean you can go on vacation for 3 months and you know, the ads still run and you still make money and you know, especially if you are selling a product you know, you can automate the whole thing so you do not have to worry about it and you know, it is a beautiful thing.

So that is it for today, I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you get a lot out of like how you know, the frameworks of building a webinar and like what you should not do which is basically you know, putting your focus on like the you know, the nitty gritty specifics and not focusing on the foundational stuff you know, it actually helps you sell you know whatever it is that you are selling in the webinar.

So if you are interested, just get in touch at [email protected] again, you know, the fees are typically like the $6,000 to $10,000 range that depends on what you are selling basically how complex it is you know, if it is something simple, it will be on a lower end you know, free consultations things like that if you are selling a service on the lower end of that, if you are selling an information product you know, the pitch takes longer so that would be in the higher end you know, something like that.

So get in touch and we will talk to you soon and until next time, you know, regardless if what I would like to leave you with is you know, if you do not have a high ticket product, think about what you can come up with that is $500 plus, right, and if you already have one and you do not have a webinar, that should be the next thing that you do okay. I know you have a lot of priorities, that should be like number 1 on your list because it is just going to make you sell more I mean it is just, every single time it helps you sell more you know, so do that and again, you know, if you do not really have the funds or if you just love to do stuff yourself you know and you have a talent for it then wait for next month for the product to come out you know, again, it is only going to be about like $1,000, it is really not much especially considering you know, you are going to make that back probably the first webinar you ever run and then otherwise, if you do not like going through all that hustle because they can be kind of pain in the ass to set up sometimes, then you know, then get in touch and we will build it up for you right and we will you know, we will make you some more money.

So that is it, that is all I got for today. I am actually going to go back and start working again on my client’s webinar right now actually because that is my project for the day.

So I will talk to you soon. I hope you enjoyed this and I will see you next time.

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