Cute Fiancee Quiz Turns Into A Great Business Question And Lesson

Last night my fiancee Katie and I felt like going out somewhere low-key, so we simply went for pizza followed by a trip to our local Barnes & Noble.

I always love trips to Barnes & Noble…I head straight for the business section and get to check out the lame books people come out with (although every once in awhile I find a good one).

Anyway…since we’re getting married next September Katie is very much into the “wedding scene” so she immediately scrambled over to the wedding section.

She asked me to look with her, so of course, as a good fiancee should, I agreed.

Long story short…we ended up buying a book for each other named “Do You Know Your Groom?” and “Do You Know Your Bride?”

These books were about $6 each and contained 100 questions about each of us. We had to name the other’s favorite teachers, favorite M&M, the maiden names of their family, etc. They were different for each of us.

You get 10 points for each question correct and partial credit where needed – up to a max of 1,000 points.

So…why am I telling you all this?

Listen, I’ve put in hundreds and thousands of hours being with Katie to figure out all the questions I got right (I got an 850/1,000 by the way – she beat me with a 938).

If you want to make a relationship work, you need to put the work in.

If you want to make your business work, you also need to put the work in.

And that means knowing your customer like they were your spouse.

If I gave you a list of questions about your customer, how many do you think you could honestly get right?

Here’s a quick 10:

  1. What part of the country are the majority of your customers from?
  2. What income range?
  3. Male or female?
  4. What kind of job do they have?
  5. What magazines do they subscribe to (this one is very important when marketing to them)?
  6. What motivates them to buy?
  7. What fears, frustrations, and worries do they have?
  8. What part of their life do they want to improve on the most?
  9. What kind of websites do they visit?
  10. What do they do in their spare time?

How many of those questions do you know?

If you think you know them, are you sure?

Have you done surveys, called people, asked in forums, or other kinds of research to find out – or are you making assumptions?

Knowing your customer is more important than almost any other aspect of business, yet it’s one thing that 99% of business owners completely overlook.

If you don’t know your typical customer to a T…how do you know where to advertise? How do you know what to say when you advertise?

Take a block of time each week – or each day – to start profiling your customer. Start spending a few hours each week researching your customer, trying to find the gold nugget which will dramatically boost your response rates.

As for now…sit down for 1/2 hour today and simply make a list of 10-20 questions you think would be important for you to know about your customer. Think deep about these, because seemingly unimportant things may turn out to be your real golden nuggets.

To the life you’ve always dreamed,

Jeremy Reeves

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