SFM: Ep3 – Using Demographic Segmentation To Increase Front-End Conversions

Welcome back to the Sales Funnel Mastery podcast.

In episode #3 I’ll give you an in-depth look into using demographic segmentation on the front-end of your sales funnel to not just increase conversions on the front-end, but create a better experience and increase conversions throughout your entire sales funnel.

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Hey, guys and girls, welcome to another episode of Sales Funnel Mastery, this is your host, Jeremy Reeves. And today, we’re going to be talking about your front and demographic segmentation for your sales funnel. So that might sound heavy like a mouthful, but it’s actually very, very, very simple.

So the reason I’m making this podcast is because one of the most important pieces of your sales funnel is your front and conversion funnel, so getting people into that funnel. As you probably have heard me talk about several times, if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I always talk about making sure that you increase each individual aspect of your sales funnel.

So you have to make sure that if you’re running paid traffic, continually improving, and tweaking, and increasing your results to get to lower your cost per lead, to increase your click-through rates to get more traffic because everything compounds it as you get if you increase your click-through rate, you increase your traffic, it will allow you to test faster.

If you increase your conversion rate, whatever you’re giving away on the front and your lead magnet. If you increase the registration page for that, it allows you to test faster and adds more people on your list for the same price.

For each individual step of the funnel, it’s extremely important and I really, really harp on this with coaching students, to make sure you’re testing each individual step because the compound effect absolutely extraordinary.

And I might do a future podcast where I actually break down the changes you can make by doing just a you know a 10 or 20% increase. Say there’s 7 steps in your funnel, all you need is a 10.48% increase to double the overall profitable funnel. It’s pretty extraordinary.

Add An Extra Step To Your Opt-in Form

One of the ways that you can, and this is a little bit of an advanced technique, but one of the ways that you can dramatically increase, not the front end but the conversions leads that you get into your funnel, is by having an extra step on your opt-in page.

So let’s say you’re giving away a free report in the weight loss niche. You can ask people “Are you a man or a woman?”, and then, so you have first name, email, “are you a man or a woman?” What you do is set your, whatever CRM you’re using, to actually segment those people and put then on different lists that sell them different things that talk to them in different languages.

Because as you know, the more you resonate with the people you’re talking to, the more you really get down into the core elements of what’s making them buy, you’re going to increase your sales. So one of the best ways that you can increase your conversion rate on your product which is you’re going to have an auto-responder sequence and that kind of thing, is by segmenting on the front end and by demographics.

Segmenting By Gender

So you can do it by gender, you can do it by the country they live in, you can do it by interests. So for example, if let’s say, you’re a dentist, and you say, “What’s the problem that you’re having?”, and it could be teeth are in pain or could be you want whiter teeth or something like that. And based on their response to that, you put them in a separate auto-responder list.

And by doing that, again, you’re able to talk specifically to that exact problem or paying point that they’re having or benefit if you word it that way but I usually like to use pain point because usually increases conversions and you can do that to really figure out exactly what that segment of the market is looking for.

I really hope you implement this in your sales funnel.

I honestly would recommend, depending where on where you’re at in building your sales funnel in your business, this is a little bit more advanced. Depending on the resources you have, if you’re writing your own copy, I would recommend doing this, probably earlier on in the process. If you have  a list that’s very, very different, that has very different needs, then I would recommend doing this.

Actually, a good one for this would be something like alternative health if you’re selling supplements and you have supplements that help Diabetes and weight loss and Thyroid problems, so you have a bunch of different supplements. What you do is segment them on the front end, and say, “What are you looking for?”, and then you give them content based on exactly what they’re looking for.

So that’s all I have for you today. I hope this helps, I hope you’ll share it, I hope you will subscribe on iTunes and give me a rating on iTunes. Let me know how I’m doing. If you have any feedback, just shoot it to [email protected]. I hope this helps you and I will talk to you soon.

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