Developing Your Daily Ritual

One common trait I’ve noticed in the majority of success people I talk to is this.

They have a daily ritual they go through each and every working day.

And really – it makes sense.

We’re hardwired to have rituals.

Just like our muscles have something called “muscle-memory” which allows us to increase the efficiency of any given task as we continue to do it over and over again… our brains allow us to become more efficient in our daily activities…

… if we continue to do them over and over again in the same fashion.

I’ve recently started a ritual that looks something like this.

#1 – Wakeup, go downstairs and make coffee. While drinking the coffee, check my email and respond to anything urgent.

#2 – Begin working on my #1 highest priority task which I wrote down the night before.

This takes anywhere from 1 hour to multiple hours, depending on what projects I’m doing.

After this… I eat.

After eating I normally spend a little more time on my next highest priority task… and then workout.

Note: My highest priority tasks are usually WRITING
or working on some type of copy-related client project.

By this time it’s usually around 11 or so, and I workout.

The afternoon normally consists of doing things a little less “mentally challenging”… such as brainstorming, planning, writing a blog post, calling back prospects, or working on anything else that doesn’t require a ton of effort.

And that’s about it!

Now don’t take this as me saying this is exactly how YOU should develop your daily ritual. It really doesn’t matter what yours is… as long as it’s the best ritual for YOUR life, and YOUR business.

The only thing I do recommend as mandatory… is that you put your highest priority tasks (e.g. the tasks that will make you the most money)… at the very beginning of your day. Get them over with first, and it’s smooth sailing from there!

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