Emotional Copywriting 101 – Do You Possess The LOVE Factor?

The other day I was reading a promotion from the legendary Jay Abraham. I had absolutely no interest in the product considering it was an advertisement selling a seminar that happened 2 years ago, but I figured I would read it anyway to see if I could pick up any little tips or even get some inspiration.

As I was skimming through the 24 page letter I came across the following paragraph:

The problem with most businesses is a story of misplaced devotion. Misdirected businesses fall in love with the money they make. Mediocre companies fall in love with their product or service. But all GREAT enterprises share this exhilarating trait…

They habitually and continually fall in love with their clients and treat them as valued and revered friends. They find ways to bring an enhanced advantage, protection, benefit and value into their lives.

And it begs me to ask the question…

Do You Love Your Clients And Prospects?

If not, you’re doing yourself as well as both your clients AND your prospects as disservice.

You see, in this business…compassion is the mother of all emotions.

If you can’t genuinely feel compassionate about the subject you’re writing about – your copy and overall marketing is going to be WEAK. Plus, your prospects will be able to see right through it.

And if you aren’t compassionate towards your clients – you’re not going to be able to do the best job you can for them.

In a previous post I talked about how Ryan Healy taught me how to be compassionate with my clients personal lives to create higher converting copy.

And the exact same principle applies to your prospects.

200,000 People – All With The Same Problem

Let me give you an example with 2 jobs I’m currently working on.

One job is for a client – the other is for a partner.

For my client job, I’m writing a direct mail piece which is going to be sent out to 200,000 people at the beginning of the year. These prospects all have the same problem – clogged arteries.

In order for me to do my job correctly, I have to get inside their minds and literally and emotionally FEEL what it would feel like to have clogged arteries.

Incredibly serious and scary things like…

  • Worrying if one day it’s just going to be “too clogged” and have a heart attack.
  • Thinking about the anguish my family is going through, worrying about me all the time.
  • And wondering if it’s even possible to get past all the “rubbish” out there and find a REAL solution to clearing out my arteries.

You see, if I didn’t research my butt off and actually take the time to be sympathetic and compassionate with these group of individuals…my copy would SUCK – end of story.

But I am taking the time to understand what it would be like – even though I’m a young guy with no heart or artery problems whatsoever.

A 99% Women’s Niche – Yet I Convinced A MAN To Buy The Product

The other niche I’m about to launch a product into is a niche where the demographics are nearly ALL women. However, when my partner read the copy – he thought it was absolutely brilliant.

He said something like “Jeremy, I can’t believe how much you connected with this group and really developed such an emotional connection with them, understand exactly what they’re going through and connecting with it – you’re the complete opposite gender AND age! By the time I got done reading the copy, I literally wanted to buy the damn thing”.

So once again…it’s not because I’m in the same boat as my prospects or even because I did research.

It’s because I literally took time to sit down and FEEL what it would be like to be my prospect.

And if you’re not doing that…your copy is NOT hitting on an emotional thread and you’re not producing the copy you could be producing.

The formula is really pretty simple.

Understand and connect with your prospect…and your conversions will go up – every single time.

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