Forgetting The Naysayers

These days, life is incredible.

I’m making more money than I ever thought was possible… I have a healthy baby boy on the way… an amazingly gorgeous/caring/funny/perfect wife (love you hunni)… and business is booming.

… but it wasn’t always that way…

Before I was “successful” in life, a lot of people around me were trying to imprint their own negative doubts and beliefs onto me. They said I was too young to get married, I should “get a job” (insert puking emoticon), and should play it safe in the game of life.

And I have to admit, back in the early days of my business – I ALMOST fell victim to their negative thoughts and criticisms.

Now I know a LOT of people just getting started in business or copywriting deal with the same thing, so I thought I’d talk about a few things I personally did to get past the naysayers, and live my life how I wanted it to be lived.

Tactic #1: Understand Why They Were Negative

Working through all the pressure on me to have a “normal” life was pretty rough.

But now that I look back at it in retrospect, I can understand why they were so cautious. After all, although everybody wants their family to be successful, they want them to do it by “being safe”. People are conditioned to live their life like everyone else.

You know… go to school, get a decent paying job, work until age 65 and be sure to save a little for retirement, etc. etc.

I personally call this “security addition”.

And because of this security addiction, it’s hard seeing a family member go through hard times, and the beginning years of copywriting can give you that lifestyle if you’re not careful.

I’m sure you’ve been through the “feast or famine” times just like I have. 99% of copywriters have been through it. It’s how you get OUT of that financial roller-coaster that makes all the difference.

So if you’re dealing with this right now… instead of getting pissed off at your family… understand why they have concern – and make it your SOLE purpose to prove them wrong 😉

Tactic #2: Have A REASON

Most people I talk to who want to be successful but aren’t yet have 1 major thing in common. They want to be successful, but they don’t have a clear understanding of exactly why.

My reason?

I want to give my family an amazing lifestyle, while being able to actually watch my kids grow up instead of being chained to a desk all day.

(In very simple terms… make a great income while working only 8 hours a day or so… at my own house or close to my house)

Now that my first baby boy is just 20 weeks away… this reality is hitting me pretty fast and I’ve already begun working on it. Unfortunately I’m working more than 8 hours on an average day right now (about 10-11), but I’ve already started the process of getting certain things in place so that by the time our baby is born, that doesn’t have to happen anymore.

In fact I’m doing a 3-phased approach.

1) Increase my productivity so I can work only 8 hours but get as much done as I used to in 12.

2) Start outsourcing the work that isn’t an absolute necessity for me (graphics, research, and “small” changes that take up time)

3) Make more recurring revenue so I don’t have to rely on single jobs from clients. For this, I want to get this to the point where my  automated revenue at least pays all my bills. Of course that’s just the starting point.

And lastly…

Tactic #3: Update Them On Your Progress

Again, they’re only worried because they love you and because of the security addiction phenomenon.

So why not help relieve their anxieties and even improve your selling skills by “selling them” on how great you’ve been doing? If you get a big job, tell them! Shout it from the rooftops and make it seem like you’re absolutely crushing it. It will get them off your back and make them proud of you at the same time.

Plus… it’ll get YOU more excited as well.

When you receive the positive responses you’ll get as you update them, you’ll want more of it. That feeling will drive you to do better work, which will improve your career and get you to your end goal, whatever that is.

I hope this helped you get past the naysayers.

I KNOW this is something a lot of copywriters, freelancers and anybody in business has dealt with at some point in their lives (9/10 of us at least)… so leave me a comment below and let me know if this post will help YOU overcome some of the challenges of being questioned by the very people who love you!


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