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Below is a list of free goodies I’d like to share with you to help grow your business. I’ve tried to label them as closely as possible to make it easier for you to see which are best for you. Enjoy! [feature_box style=”26″ alignment=”center”]

Discover Why Your Current Sales Funnel Is Stealing Profits From Your Business

I’ve created a FREE training video and profitability calculator showing you exactly how much profit your current sales funnel is stealing from your business. You’ll discover…

  • 3 “blackbook” psychological triggers and deploy them in your own business for increased profits and happier customers…
  • How to properly setup an automated profit machine which sells your product/service for you on autopilot with remarkable consistency and reliability…
  • An unusual little trick that boosts bottom-line profits as much as 18.43% within days while providing more value to your customers and clients…


Free Special Reports

report-7The 7 Crucial Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Copywriter – Created for anyone looking to hire a copywriter, this report shows you the high cost of hiring cheap copywriters. You’ll discover 7 mistakes most people make, so you can avoid them. Download it here.

Free Webinars

3 Strange Ways To Grow Your Business 30% – Want to watch your bottom-line skyrocket… by next month? This webinar takes you behind-the-scenes and shows you 3 unique growth strategies that work FAST. It’s free… and filled with better content than you’ll get in most paid information courses. Go here to watch it now

Free Videos

3 “Underground” Conversion Secrets You Can Implement In 10 Minutes Or Less – Want a quick win? I have hundreds of split-tests and over $10 million in testing research under my belt. This video shows you 3 fast, easy split-tests you can setup TODAY for higher conversions. Go here to watch it now.

Free Interviews

#1) Interview With Ben Settle – In this interview Ben and I have a leisurely chat about doing the proper research when writing copy. This is great for both copywriters and business owners alike, as market research is the #1 foundation of a high-performing business. Download it here. #2) Interview With Jack Born – In this interview, Jack and I have a casual chat about all kinds of topics such as email marketing, proof, trust, and specifically ways to grow your profits and increase your conversions. It’s PACKED with implementable info, so make sure you have a pen & paper handy. Download it here. CD002-m#3) Conversion Secrets Of A Split-Testing Freak – In this interview I was interviewed by Internet Marketing: The Net Today Magazine about split-testing and conversions. After the interview she said it was one of the most useful and content-packed interviews she’s ever done. You’ll enjoy it. Go here to download it now.