How To Get Your Customers To Sell Themselves

It’s the ultimate dream of any entrepreneur. Having the customers sell themselves without any resistance.

If someone could do this on a consistent basis, they’d become the dominator in their industry in a hurry.

The problem is, it’s… well… impossible to do.

However, today I’d like to tell you a little strategy you can implement in probably 30 minutes, which will get you as close to “unresisted selling” as you could ever hope to imagine.

They’re called surveys.

Surveys are used quite a bit. I’m sure you’ve been on a website and they asked you to take part in a survey.

But like most things… the vast majority of people do them completely the wrong way.

What most people do is ask very general, surface-level questions that give them no real insight.

This doesn’t help you. And it doesn’t help the customer.

What you SHOULD be doing is asking meaningful specifics. Ask them what made them not purchase your product. Or in the case of buyers, what did.

Ask them specifics about their business so you know who you’re talking to. And ask them questions about your competitors, about their wants and desires, and what type of products/services they’d die for.

But that’s not the most powerful question you can ask.

If you’re creating surveys in order to grow your business, here’s a quick birds-eye view of a strategy that works like gangbusters.

Instead of asking them random questions and sending them to a generic thank you page, do this…

1) Ask leading questions which gets them to the conclusion that your product is perfect for them (without mentioning your product).

2) After the survey is completed, send them to a page giving a special offer for your product.

That’s it.

Not hard right?

Try it out, and let me know how it goes.

Talk soon,

Jeremy Reeves
Freelance copywriter, split-testing freak and marketing strategist

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