Chest-Beating Gorilla Marketers

I was recently watching a national geographic documentary about the mating rituals of gorilla’s.

(I know, I’m a little weird)

What struck me was this…

When males are competing with each other to “get the female” one of the things they do is stand up tall, roar, and violently beat their chests to show their dominance.

And while this works like a charm in the wild, it definitely does NOT work in real “human” life.

One thing I’ve discovered about these chest-beating gorilla marketers is that the louder they yell… the more they beat their chests… the faster you should run away.

However, there IS a difference you should be aware of.

The litmus test you need to give people is simple. When they “yell” and tell you how amazing they are, ask for tangible RESULTS they’ve gotten.

When you’re creating your marketing pieces, make sure you aren’t yelling without backing it up with pure, tangible results.

And if you’re following someone who loves to brag about how amazing they are but never gives you SPECIFICS about their accomplishments…

… run away. Fast.

This is exactly the reason I start off my “pitch” for The Conversion Cheat Sheet by showing the results I’ve gotten.

By talking a little about myself and the results I’ve gotten, it syncs up with people in the proper thought sequence. In other words, the first thought people think when they hit that page is “Ok, this sounds cool but who is this guy and is he someone I can trust?”

So not only do I promise a few valuable tips (to show proof that I know what I’m talking about), I also show proof of results.

It builds trust, and makes sales.

Don’t be a chest-beating gorilla marketer. Build trust instead. Be an adviser and prove to people you know what you’re talking about. It’s an easy and simple way to increase sales.

If you’d like 100 other ways to increase your conversions and profits, go ahead and check out “The Conversion Cheat Sheet here.

It’s affordable, guaranteed to work, and was written in a way that allows you to IMPLEMENT the ideas.

Because remember, implementation is the only way to move your business forward 🙂

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