Instantly Produce Higher Converting Copy By Getting To Know Your Clients

Here’s technique I learned from a good buddy and mentor of mine – Ryan Healy (opens a new window to his blog)

We were on the phone one day and he mentioned to me that one of the techniques he loves to do is that when he does his initial research for a client, he likes to learn a little bit about the life of the client.

For example he talks about the clients family, job, hobbies, interests, etc.

But why?

Well think about it…

If you know your clients life, they become more of a “friend” to you. By doing this they’re not only a client, it’s like writing for someone you know personally.

And don’t you think if you were writing for one of your friends – and you knew that if your copy failed, he/she would go bankrupt – you’d write better copy?

That’s exactly why he does it!

By getting to know your clients on a personal level, you feel a kind of deeper dedication to make sure that copy really converts.

By learning that his kids won’t be able to attend the best school in their area if your copy sucks – you’re going to work relentlessly to make sure his kids get the best.

By understanding that he’s on the brink of bankruptcy and if this one single promotion doesn’t produce a profit, his entire family will have to suffer the consequences and go through the painful process of divorce – you’re going to put every ounce of energy you have into making that copy work.

And if you learn that he’s been working for the past 5-10 years at a dead-end job, frustrated that his life didn’t turn out the way it did, pissed off that he can’t seem to make anything “work”, and his last itty-bitty string of hope is resting squarely on your shoulders…you’re going to write that sucker like there’s no tomorrow.

(and if these things WOULDN”T make you work harder/smarter…you shouldn’t be a copywriter. And you should start taking those sensitivity classes)

So do you see why it’s so important to really get to know your client and what’s going on in his life? The next time you interview a client, simply chit-chat with them for 5-10 minutes about what’s going on in their life.

Not only will they like you more as a person because you’re genuinely interested in them, but you’ll end up writing better copy every time.

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