Higher Creativity = Higher Profits. Here's How To Get It

Creativity can be one of the highest sources of income you could ever ask for, yet most people don’t understand what it is or how to achieve higher levels of it.

So first, let me describe what it is.

When it comes down to it’s most basic form, creativity is simply what happens when your brain “put 2 and 2 together”. When neurons are firing and it makes a connection between 2 of them (I won’t get into the cognitive psychology aspect of all this), you get a sudden spark of insight.

AKA – creativity.

But How Do You “Force It”? – And The 4 Brainwave States

It’s simple really.

All you really need to do is get your mind into the state where it’s most comfortable, which is usually the alpha or theta brainwave state.

So first let me explain the 4 different brainwave states.

Beta – In a beta state, your mind is a little bit stressed. Keep in mind that there high and low ranges in each of these states so in a very high beta you’re pretty much going nuts. In a low beta you’re starting to get relaxed, but aren’t quite there yet.

Alpha – Alpha is the state of relaxation. Know the feeling you get as you’re falling asleep? That’s a deep alpha. This is the state most people go into while they meditate, and it’s a wonderful state that does incredible things with your body – including help you “put 2 and 2 together” and get very creative. More on this later.

Theta – Theta is the beginning of your subconscious mind and what’s really cool is that they can actually show now that when you learn something you can literally see that thought go from your beta all the way down through to your delta. This is also the state where you’ll see athletes in what they call “the zone”. However it’s not a steady state of theta because they’d be sleeping – it comes in short bursts More on this in a bit as well.

Delta – Delta is pretty much where everything you’ve ever experienced in your entire life is stored. This is where you go when dreaming and for our purposes today, isn’t all that important (except for the fact that all your copywriting and marketing knowledge is stored here!)

Ok so back to alpha and theta.

When you can get yourself into a state of alpha, your mind becomes very receptive to creative thoughts. However theta also plays in a role in this as well.

Have you ever been sitting there and all of a sudden the proverbial light bulb went off?

What happened in that split second is that you had a big burst of theta waves which made the connection and allowed you to instantly understand the concept you were trying to figure out.

And it’s the same way when being creative!

But How Do You Get Yourself Into These States?

This is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is learn how to relax yourself.

And the best way I’ve ever found in my life personally to not only relax but to absolutely skyrocket my creativity was through a program called “Holosync” which is a very advanced meditation program which actually uses technology to control your brainwaves into specific patterns!

You can actually get yourself a free demo by going to the Holosync Website Right Here.

Here are a few things I personally do besides meditate:

  1. Read a book
  2. Think about my life
  3. Have a cigar
  4. Have a beer/glass of wine (don’t drink if you’ll be writing copy in the next hour or 2 though)
  5. Take an hour to go fishing

Obviously these things will depend on what you like to do, but they’re incredibly powerful nonetheless.

So if you’re looking to put out higher creativity and boost your income from being able to see the big picture better, start using my recommendations and you’ll be able to watch your income and “big ideas” go through the roof!

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