How To Become Successful If You're Not A "Guru"

Let’s face it – guru’s have it easy.

I mean honestly, anytime they come out with a new product all they have to do is tell a few friends and all of a sudden they have tens of thousands of people flocking their website. Their dance cards are ALWAYS filled, even if they produce a few duds in a row (which rarely happens) and they do absolutely no marketing.

But for us “normal” people…life isn’t so simple.

So what do you do if you’re not a guru?

It’s simple – work harder.

One thing most people don’t understand is that you don’t all of a sudden become a copywriting guru overnight. It might SEEM like that happens (for example if someone comes out with a revolutionary product), but what about all the work they did BEFORE that happened?

I don’t care what niche you’re in, whether you’re a copywriter or an Internet Marketer…if you want to become successful, you NEED to put in the hard work. Don’t fall for the programs offering you a million dollars in 30 days – it’s simply not going to happen. Don’t think you’re going to be a master copywriting in a year, because it’s not going to happen. I don’t care who you are.

Personally, I put in 4 solid years of blood sweat and tears before I was able to leave my job for good and become a full time copywriter and Internet Marketer.

4 years!

That’s 4 years of staying up late when my eyes felt like a lead ball was attached to them so I could study and hone my craft. 4 years of praying every night for some kind of breakthrough, just hoping I’d “get lucky”. 4 years of worrying and wondering whether or not it was really worth the effort.

But now that I’m at this point I can assure you – it’s ALL worth it.

Nobody ever got anywhere without first putting in the hard labor to get there. And if by some chance they did (such as lottery winners), most of the time that success is short-lived anyway.

Now you might be saying “well I know so and so who only worked hard for a month or 2 before hitting it big”.

Sure, it happens – but not that often!

For every 1 person that makes it big within a few weeks or months, there are thousands of people struggling to make things work. They come home from their regular jobs, get a quick bite to eat, say hi to the family and head straight to the computer until they go to sleep.

It sucks, but it’s necessary.

<em><strong>Note: </strong>Please don’t ignore your family in order to become successful. It’s easy to find a balance between work and personal life, you just need to figure out how to do it so it works for you.</em>

So the moral of this story is this…

If you’re not successful yet, keep trying. I don’t care if it takes you 30 years to become successful, just keep trying. Perserverance is the trait of a successful person and I honestly believe that our perserverance is challenged on purpose, just to make sure we want it bad enough.

In the future I’m going to show you a few things I’ve personally done to help myself succeed. I’ll show you all my books I’ve read, the audios I’ve created and studied, the ads I’ve personally handwritten, the courses I’ve spent money I didn’t have on, etc.

Because sometimes it’s just necessary to see things like that. Trust me, I know it’s ripping you apart inside seeing other people being successful when you’ve been working so hard and haven’t gotten to that point yet – but it’s necessary. I’ve been down that road MANY times.

So let me ask you…

Are you successful yet?

If so, are you exactly where you want to be? My guess is…no. Heck, I’m not at that point and probably won’t be for quite some time. I set very high goals myself and won’t stop until I reach them. And when I reach them, I’ll set them higher.

So just keep plugging away everyday and eventually you’ll be where you want to be. Ignore the hypey ads saying you’ll make a million in 30 days, and become unique.

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