How To Get Someone To Trust You With A Lot Of Money

As some of you may know, recently I’ve been slowly moving away from freelancing and more towards the entrepreneurial side of the business.

It’s not that I’m not doing client work anymore, it’s just that I’m starting to get much more selective as to who I’m working with on a freelancing basis.

Here’s the story…

Recently an investor came to me looking to partner in a new business.

After mulling around for a while figuring out if I wanted to do it, I accepted and we started working on our new project. The deal was – I would do the copy while he financed the entire business.

And like any good business owner should do – we are going cheap to test the market…then once we prove it’s a “go” – we’ll be ramping it up both in terms of graphics, sales processes, affiliate programs, and so on and so forth.

So a few days ago we were talking about how we’re going to start ramping it up and I suggested a certain way of doing it…which would cost him roughly $500 or so right off the bat and more as time goes on…and we could have it done by the end of this year.

Now I realize $500 isn’t a fortune, but it’s still a good chunk of money.

Especially when…

It was something he was NOT familiar with, had NEVER seen before…and had no idea if it worked or if I was just guessing!

Yet he said YES to my plan without any questions whatsoever, even though he didn’t even know what it was!

Better yet…even when I asked if he wanted me to explain my reasoning his reply was “that’s not needed, I trust your judgment – as long as YOU think it’s going to be a good ROI…let’s do it” (or something along those lines).

See what I’m getting at yet?

It’s the fact that when you are writing copy, having a business relationship or any other relationship for that matter…one of THE most important aspects of a relationship to cultivate right off the bat is TRUST.

Here’s How I Built It – And How You Can Build It In Your Business

There are dozens of ways to build trust by today I’m going to give you the 3 C’s of trust you can create and nurture to get practically anybody in your life to trust you with almost anything – including your prospects!

Read this over, and see how you can apply them to YOUR business:

1) Credibility – In my relationship with my business partner, I consistently fed him with new (what he usually describes as “brilliant”) marketing ideas we could use in the upcoming weeks once our product goes live. This establishes credibility and demonstrates that I actually know what I’m talking about…plus takes a little pressure off him to come up with the game plan for the business. As you know, there are dozens of different ways to establish credibility.

2) Consistency – This is one most people don’t talk about but it’s incredibly important. People trust those who are consistent with their beliefs and actions. Who would you trust more…a person who came up with a new idea they wanted to use everyday and kept switching the business around, or one that thought of something, acted on that thought, and kept building on it? If someone keeps changing their mind on a subject, it’s usually because they have a lack of confidence which lowers #1.

3) Confidence – The more confidence you have in your skills, the more people trust you. It’s as simple as that. Why did my partner choose me over the dozens of other copywriters he looked at? Because even though I’m young…I’m confident in my skills as a copywriter and marketing specialist and am willing to work for weeks without pay because I know that what I write is going to make money – as long as I am the person coming up with offer, sales copy and marketing process.

As I mentioned earlier – there are dozens of ways to make people trust you. But if you focus on the 3 C’s you’ll have a MUCH easier time building up bullet-proof trust and an outstanding reputation for your business as well as for the business of your clients!

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