How To Make Your Customers Love You Again

In my last post on why I hate clickbank... I talked about why REFUNDS are one of the easiest opportunities to re-capture your customer and make them love you again.

Today… I’m going to reveal a few tricks you can do to make it happen.

First… let’s talk about the reason that customer is ACTUALLY refunding your product.

There are several reasons a customer may be refunding a product including…

#1 – They didn’t like it

#2 – They’re serial refunders

#3 – It wasn’t right for them

There are more including something like them hitting a bad financial streak and literally being forced to get a refund to pay their bills, but those types of things happen so rare – I won’t talk about them.

(If someone refunds your products 2-3x or more – therefore becoming a serial refunder (in my opinion at least)… simply ban their IP address and never let them order your products again)

Now I realize a lot of people have a “no questions asked” type of guarantee, which I personally don’t even like. I think you SHOULD be asking why they’re refunding it… however… you should do so in a VERY friendly, VERY genuine way.

For example… if you’re getting refunds over the phone – you can never use any type of negative tone with a person asking for a refund. What I believe you should do is give them their refund FIRST… tell them they already have it… THEN politely ask why they asked for a refund – letting them know that they absolutely don’t have to answer.

If you’re doing it online… setup a quick “refunds page” with a form asking for any information you need (order number, first/last name, email address, etc.)… and then add a question asking why they’re asking for the refund.

Now that we have that taken care of… let me show you how I believe you should be handling your customers.

They Didn’t Like It

If you come across a person who honestly didn’t like your product… apologize and give them some type of gift certificate or other reward for at least TRYING your product out. Their is a VERY good chance they simply couldn’t connect your product with what they were doing and therefore didn’t THINK it was a good product.

The point here is… be empathetic to their needs and desires and the fact that the product they just purchased didn’t help them move along with their goals. And… give them some type of reward for trying you again.

It Wasn’t Right For Them

Let’s say a person new to copywriting accidentally buys a course that’s designed for intermediate-advanced copywriters. They browse through the course and realize… “damn, I have no idea what this dude is talking about!”.

If that’s the case… do the right thing and help that person out. It’s your choice obviously…

… but maybe you give them a hefty discount off the beginners course

… or you refund them completely on their purchase so they can use that money to buy the beginners course

… or if you’re REALLY good – you can even give them a small amount of your time and help answer any questions they’re having with that course!

I realize that last one would almost never happen… but it does… and when it does – magic happens.

The point of this post was to get you thinking differently. Don’t think of your customers as a dollar sign – think of them as a human being trying to accomplish the hopes and dreams they’ve had since they were a kid. Realize they have a family to support, a reputation to maintain… and an ego to hold on to (just like you do!).

Trust me – with some of these techniques you “may” be losing a few bucks in the short-term… but you’ll have re-gained the trust of what would otherwise be a lost customer!

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