How To Out-Market Your Competitors By Losing Money

When I work with most people, they’re obsessed with achieving the maximum ROI on every single page of their website. They always want to achieve a higher value per visitor on every single page.

But sometimes, that strategy can be disastrous.

Most people completely neglect their sales funnel. They don’t realize that by maximizing the amount of customers they get, even if they’re losing money to acquire those customers, they can double… triple… even quadruple their business in short order.

Here’s how…

Let’s say you have a low-end offer. Could be a product, or a service. Most businesses have this.

A better strategy is to acquire as many customers as you can, with the goal being break even or even losing a small amount.

Then, you put these customers through a well-strategized sales funnel which offers them several additional, higher end products or services.

Doing this MORE than makes up for the break even or loss on the front-end.

Trust me.

Do the math.

If you look at the structure of companies in the 8-figure+ range, THIS is the “special sauce” they use.

And I highly recommend it.

Here’s the best part.

Years ago, it was a challenge to get customers to move from one product or service to the next. It took time.

Sometimes it took years.

Now with autoresponders, one-click upsells, and other automated tools… you can do it in seconds.

If you take advantage of this and really know your numbers, you can give yourself an instant advantage over 95% of  the competitors in your industry.

Digging into the key metrics is one of the first things I work on when people become a coaching student of mine.


Because you don’t know how much you can spend on new lead and customer acquisition until you know how much a typical lead or customer is worth.

It’s as simple as that.

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